Pétanque Wellington - Tournament Host Protocols

These protocols apply to all tournaments organised by the WPA.

WPA tournaments are of necessity played on individual club terrains, and in exchange for the Tournament Hosting payment that the WPA pays the individual club it expects the club to provide facilities to the following minimum standards. The club may, of course, provide extra facilities as it sees fit providing that they do not interfere with the running of the tournament.

Note: It may be necessary to vary the following conditions for certain events/venues. These shall be the subject of negotiation between the hosting club and the tournament organisers. In no case are these conditions intended to prevent a club from hosting events appropriate to its facilities.


Normally the organisation of the tournament, including playing dates and times, format, prizes etc will be handled completely by the WPA.


Whenever possible the WPA will give at least 4 weeks notice of the requirement of the use of the terrain and of the estimated number of pistes that will be required.


The agreement of a member club to host a WPA tournament indicates acceptance of these conditions.


The hosting club will ensure that the terrain is available for Regional play on the due date and that any local club play will not interfere with the Regional competition.


  1. The available terrain must be large enough to accommodate a sufficient number of pistes appropriate to the tournament as determined by the Tournament Organiser.
  2. The terrain must be clearly marked to ensure that individual pistes can be easily identified.
  3. String dividing lines must be secured down so that players can safely use the terrain without the danger of tripping, etc.

Facilities to be provided

  1. Separate male and female toilets.
  2. Either permanent or temporary shelter to be available in case of inclement weather.
  3. Tables for registration, result sheets and display of trophies.
  4. Drinking water.
  5. Seating.
  6. Scoreboards for all semifinals and finals.

Selection of venues for the various tournaments run by the WPA will take into account the appropriate facilities being provided by the host club.

Tournament Hosting Payments

Tournament Hosting Amounts are set each year at the WPA Annual General Meeting.

The amounts for 2017-18 are:

Last Updated: 12 May 2018