Pétanque Wellington - Representative Teams

Obviously we want to win but more importantly we want to improve the overall level of pétanque in our region. We want to give players something that is worth striving for.

The regional team could become a stepping-stone for those who want to take their pétanque to a higher level.

There has to be a level of transparency but also a level of flexibility to recognise potential or cater for particular groups (e.g., females, seniors, juniors etc)

Currently we have fixtures against Hawke's Bay and Christchurch. We have been approached by Auckland and I believe if we talked to the Rotorua/Putaruru/Tauranga region we would be able to organise a fixture also.

Current thinking is based on each of these fixtures being independent of each other.

For Auckland we have a full strength team including any current national players.

For the rest of the provincial games it has been suggested that we exclude those players who are current national players (i.e. 2006 - Michael Rocks, Dirk Winnie, Claire Wilson, Barbara Johnston, Andrew Joe)

We use the current seeding list as the basis for selection. This gives an indication of form and consistency. To be eligible for selection players must have competed and gained seeding points in a regional tournament within the current calendar year.

If we go down to those players on this years updated seeding list we have a pool of 21 players with 8 points or more.

If we exclude the current internationals from selection we have 17 players.

Of that group of players, 10 have indicated they are available for selection, depending on the timing. The players in the top group would have a position as of right and we would consider the under represented groups i.e seniors, juniors, women etc.

If we need a squad of 12 players then we are looking for 2 players outside of the top seeded group.

Of the 10 players who have made themselves available and are ranked highly in the seeding only two are women. If increasing the skills of women is a stated priority then the 2 remaining places would likely go to this group.

In reality there would be a level of subjectivity. Do you choose the next two seeded female players? Do you look at performance in the most recent regional competitions?

Skills, attitudes and behaviours would need to be considered.

This is the job of the selector.

Commitment from the players would be a training/ selection day (at least 1) and tournament day.

The Hawke's Bay match is our immediate concern. As Dirk is not eligible for selection, he has offered to manage the process as described above. He has asked Barbara Johnson to assist him.

We believe this process is uncomplicated and transparent, however there are still issues to consider and it has been suggest that we review this process, once the Hawke's Bay match is completed, to look at a longer term strategy.

This process has been discussed with representatives from the WPA and your feedback is welcomed. Please accept that this process has been designed to be fair to all those who wish to represent their region in their chosen sport.

It would be appreciated if any suggestions or comments in regard to this process are constructive and assist us to improve the game of petanque in our region.

Fay Doyle
Graeme Morris
Myles Cowper
Dirk Winnie

Last Updated on 3/11/2006

A proposal to change the way in which Representative teams are chosen. (Released 19/2/2009)