Pétanque Wellington Regional Awards

The Pétanque Wellington Regional Awards were introduced in 2009 to celebrate the best in Wellington Pétanque, both on and off the piste. The awards provide an opportunity to recognise the hard work of the volunteers in Pétanque, not just the successful players.

The nature of an Awards process means that not everyone can win. The pleasure should be derived from the honour of being nominated, a real achievement in itself.

The qualifying period is from 1 May to 30 April and nominations close in mid May. An Awards panel deliberates on all categories except for Personality of Year, which is judged by public vote.

Award Categories

The categories are:

The separate categories for Coach of the Year and Arbitré of the Year were combined into Official of the Year in 2013.

Nominees may be nominated in more than one category, with the following restrictions:

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