Discussion Forum

The Discussion forum is now available to all current WPA members. Please note that the Forum is not available outside New Zealand.

Registration Requirements

You must

  1. be a financial member of an affiliated club; and,
  2. have a valid email address.

The registration policy is for a member to use their first name and surname. A nom-de-plume is not permitted as all member activity must be identifiable. Registrations will be checked against the club affiliation list to prevent unauthorised access.

When registering on the forum your user code should be firstname lastname. You may run your two names together or separate them with a space, hyphen or underscore.

Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters and contain a mix of alphabetic characters and digits.

Note: Usercodes that can't be identified or belong to non-financial members will be suspended.

Please read the User Guidelines in the Announcement forum and if you have any questions, please contact the Forum administrator at webmaster@petanque.org.nz.

Club Delegates

Club Delegates will need to contact the Forum Administrator to be granted access to the Club Delegate section.

Access the Forum

Proceed to the Discussion forum.