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Sport New Zealand has a number of resources for Umpires that can be found under the Managing Sport - Volunteers and Officials section.

Note: These resources are not Pétanque specific, but are useful resources for all Sports Officials.

Wellington Pétanque Graded Umpires

A list of WPA members who have been awarded a pass in the PNZ Umpire examinations with the year and grade of qualification.

Note: Not all umpires are active. For the list of active Umpires see the PNZ website (under Umpiring).

Anyone interested in becoming an umpire should contact Jack Gazzard (WPA Umpiring Coordinator).

YearNameClubGrade Achieved
2004Barbara WhittingtonPark AvenueNational Umpire
2006Morgan ChoveauxCaversham (now Kapiti)Club Umpire
2007Claire BradburnSilverstreamRegional Umpire
2007Gwen HillKapitiRegional Umpire
2007Myrna LaneMastertonRegional Umpire
2007Jan McHardyKapitiClub Umpire
2007Graeme MorrisMastertonRegional Umpire
2007Tony MudgwayWanganui EastRegional Umpire
2007Ralph PriddleMastertonClub Umpire
2007Michael RocksKhandallahRegional Umpire
2007Glen SelbieWanganui EastRegional Umpire
2007Bryan WellsHorowhenuaClub Umpire
2009Nyra BentleyHorowhenuaClub Umpire
2009Peter BlakeKapitiClub Umpire
2009Terry DawsonKapitiClub Umpire
2009Steve FramptonKapitiClub Umpire
2009Jack GazzardKapitiClub Umpire
2010Steve FramptonKapitiRegional Umpire
2010Jack GazzardKapitiRegional Umpire
2010Bob McCarthy †OtakiRegional Umpire
2010Ralph PriddleMastertonRegional Umpire
2010Bryan WellsHorowhenuaRegional Umpire
2015David CorleyManawatuClub Umpire
2016Doc MurrayUpper HuttClub Umpire
2016Tony SimpsonWanganui EastClub Umpire
2017Barbara WhittingtonNaenaeOceania Confederation Umpire