International Tournament Results


Since 2003 New Zealand has played an annual match against Australia. In 2005 a Senior (over 60) section was added.

From time to time a Junior match has been played.

The match venue alternates between the two countries, odd numbered years are held in Australia and even numbered years are held in New Zealand.

Match Summary

Oceania Championship

A biennial tournament that rotates among the member Federations of the Oceania Confederation.

New Zealand hosted the Championship in 2005 and is scheduled to host the 2017 Championship.

New Zealand's attendance has been sporadic.

New Zealand at the Oceania Championship

World Championship

New Zealand first attended the World Championship in 1995. World Championships were originally annual, but became biennial following the the cancellation of the 2007 event.

Since 2010 the Open World Championship has been restricted to 48 countries. To attend, New Zealand must qualify through the Oceania Championship.

The 2014 Open World Championship was scheduled for Tahiti but was cancelled due to the Ebola crisis.

The Women's World Championship was introduced in 1998, with New Zealand first attending in 2006. The Women's World Championship is now held in alternate years to the Open World Championship.

A Junior (under 18) World Championship has been held since 1997. It is held prior to the Women's World Championship. New Zealand has not yet attended.

Initially the National Triples Championship winner was invited to attend the Open World Championship. This practice was discontinued in 2004 (apart from 2007) when the National Selection process was introduced.

New Zealand at the World Championship

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