Inter-club Competition


The Obut Cup competition (or Winter League) became the de facto inter-club competition in Wellington. In the winter of 2003, a formal Inter-club competition, modelled on the Auckland inter-club event, was trialled. Subsequently the event was moved to the summer to take advantage of the better weather.

The competition is for teams of six players who each play a match of Singles, Doubles and Triples against the similarly ranked player(s) in the opposing team.

Initially, the playing format was a single round-robin with the tournament winner being the club which gains the most points over the course of the competition. Since 2008, the clubs have been allocated to zones (played on a round-robin basis) followed by a knockout competition between the zones.

In 2017-18, the format was changed to four player teams and the event was held in a single day.

Honours Board

The link in the Year column will take you to the full match result for that year.

Year Champion Club
2018-19 Kapiti
2017-18 Horowhenua
2016 Kapiti
2015 Kapiti
2014 Kapiti
2013 Masterton
2012 Masterton
2011 Park Avenue
2010 Park Avenue
2009 Park Avenue
2008 Otaki
2006-07 Kapiti
2005-06 Khandallah
2004-05 Khandallah
2003 Khandallah