Other Tournament Results - Honours Board

Tournament winners for Open events around the region and other regular events that are frequented by Wellington players.

Events are listed in chronological order for the calendar year.

Note: If the year is underlinked then it is a link to the results in the Tournaments Archive.

Park Avenue New Year Open Doubles

Played at the Park Avenue Pétanque club in early January

Year Winner
2008Anne Dawson, Terry Dawson
2009Yvonne Futcher, Michael Rocks
2010Barbara Johnston, Murray Johnston
2011Fay Doyle, Harl Stevens


Khandallah Open Mixed Doubles

Played at the Khandallah Pétanque club in early January

Year Winner
2010Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2011Kath Alison, Kaye Alison
2012Kath Alison, Kaye Alison
2013Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2014Jack Gazzard, Linda Gazzard
2015Christophe Vesse, Jeanne Zee
2016Kath Alison, Michael Rocks
2017Barbara Nicholls, Brian Smith
2018Kevin McFadgen, Sheryl McFadgen
2019Paul Bonsey, Lynley Watt
2020Linda Gazzard, Michael Rocks


Kapiti Open Doubles

Played at the Kapiti Pétanque club over Wellington Anniversary weekend.

Year Winner
2001Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2002Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2003Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2004Ian Baker, Michael Emerson
2005Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2006Danila Carducci, Myles Cowper
2007David Lippard, Dirk Winnie
2008Michael Rocks, Roy Zeier
2009Myles Cowper, Pete Hamilton
2010Maurice Belz, Ron Sandilands
2011Maurice Belz, Sharon Cannon
2012Gordon Dykes, Neil Dykes
2013Sharon Cannon, Pete Hamilton
2014Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2015Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2016Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2017Maurice Belz, Sharon Cannon
2018Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2019Murray Porter, Brian Smith


Hawke’s Bay Summer Doubles

Played at the Bay View Pétanque club in early February.

Year Winner
2000Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2001Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2002Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2003Murray Porter, Ron Sandilands
2004Michael Rocks, Roy Zeier
2005Sharon Cannon, Bethne Rouse
2006Barbara Johnston, Graeme Morris
2007Christian Gross, Heide Loebers
2008Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter
2009Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2010Pete Hamilton, Richard Turfrey
2011Maurice Belz, Lee Taffard


Santa Fé Shutters Open Triples

Played at the Tauranga BOP Pétanque club in mid February.

Year Winner
2007Dez Grant, Alan Heron, Charlie Leighton
2008Christian Fouquet, Joanne Lippard, Andre Noel
2009Andre Noel, Junior Purcell, Georgio Vakauta


Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

The tournament date was switched to mid February due to frequent poor weather in November.

Year Winner
2002-03Ernie Chu, Ants Yee
2003-04Neil Dykes, Marcus Smith
2004-05Graeme Burnard, Janet King
2005-06Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2006-07Christine Strichen, Richard Turfrey
2007-08Peter Dennett, Maureen Wood
2008-09Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2009-10Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2010-11Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2011-12Yvonne Futcher, Tony Simpson
2012-13Erica Drake, Christophe Vesse
2013-14Colleen Horton, Michael Rocks
2014-15Lorraine Gibbons, Jeanne Zee
2015-16Moises Burgos, Michael Rocks
2016-17Moises Burgos, Michael Rocks
2017-18Dave Gwerder, Doc Murray
2018-19Mike Kennedy, Michael Rocks


WBS Open Triples

Played at the Masterton Pétanque club in late February.

Year Winner
1998Evan Green, Solange Pinguet, Brian Smith
1999Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer, Murray Porter
2000Graeme Burnard, Claire Wilson, Garry Wilson
2001Gordon Dykes, Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks
2002Gordon Dykes, Neil Dykes, Michael Rocks
2003Danila Carducci, Tony Miller, Peter van Heusden
2004Ernie Chu, Rex Hayes, Andrew Joe
2005Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2006Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2007Morgan Choveaux, Enoka Smiler, Monica Smiler
2008Maurice Belz, Sebastien Merval, Lee Taffard
2009Myles Cowper, Sebastien Merval, Lee Taffard
2010Michael Rocks, Richard Turfrey, Peter van Heusden
2011Morgan Choveaux, Shirley Selwyn, Nico Toyne
2012Myles Cowper, Gordon Dykes, Michael Rocks
2013Myles Cowper, Nicolas Jegousse, Michael Rocks
2014Maurice Belz, Bob Bridge, Lee Taffard
2015Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter, Brian Smith
2016Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2017Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2018Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2019Moises Burgos, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks


Rotorua Open Doubles (Anazac Doubles)

Played at Rotorua Pétanque club in early March.

Year Winner
1997Jean Peni, Niau Ruta
1998Andrew Mailei, Seti Mailei
1999Christian Fouquet, Georgio Vakauta
2000Christian Fouquet, Chris Priestley
2001Niau Ruta, Tiki Ruta
2002Christian Fouquet, Andre Noel
2003Allan Fletcher, Georgio Vakauta
2004Charles Peni, Aussie Samuel
2005Christian Fouquet, Andre Noel
2006David Lippard, Dirk Winnie
2007Georgio Vakauta, Jean-Ives Vakauta
2008Clem Boer, Sharon Cannon
2009Christian Fouquet, Andre Noel
2010Charles Peni, Aussie Samuel


Hawke’s Bay Autumn Triples

Played at HBLT Pétanque club in late April.

Year Winner
2005Ian Baker, Sharon Cannon, John Maxwell
2006Georgio Vakauta, Ruby Vakauta, Robert Wilson
2007Maurice Belz, Sebastien Merval, Graeme Morris
2008Ian Baker, John Maxwell, Lee Taffard
2009Peter Horgan, Georgio Vakauta, Dirk Winnie
2010Peter Horgan, Georgio Vakauta, Dirk Winnie
2011Christian Fouquet, Andre Noel, Lee Taffard
2012Gordon Dykes, Simon Hurley, Lee Taffard
2013Yvonne Futcher, Barbara Johnston, Murray Johnston
2014Geoff Greer, Murray Porter, Michael Rocks
2015Murray Porter, Michael Rocks, Lee Taffard
2016Dave Gatchell, Pete Hamilton, Peter Horgan
2017Maurice Beltz, Morgan Choveaux, Nico Toyne
2018Maurice Belz, Dave Gatchell, Bethne Rouse
2019Moises Burgos, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks


Murrayfield Open Triples

Played at Otaki Pétanque club

Year Winner
2008Ken Heywood, Shirley Selwyn, Nico Toyne
2010Sandy MacDonald, Shirley MacDonald, Shirley Peard
2012Myles Cowper, Margret Fleck, Michael Rocks
2013Yvonne Futcher, Annick Le Guen, Tony Simpson
2014Pete Hamilton, Shirley Selwyn, Richard Turfrey
2015Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter, Brian Smith
2016Lee-Ann Bird, Dene Futcher, Sue Gurr
2017Dave Gatchell, Ann Hogg, Sheryl Parslow
2018Maurice Belz, Sharon Cannon, Lee Taffard
2019Linda Gazzard, Barbara Nichols, Alan Taylor


Masterton Midwinter Doubles

Played at Wairarapa A&P Showgrounds, Clareville, at Queen's Birthday weekend

Year Winner
2000Brian Smith, Dirk Winnie
2001Christian Fouquet, Georgio Vakauta
2002Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2003Danilla Carducci, Margret Fleck
2004Patrick Dufresne, Karen Leconte
2005Tony Chin, Ants Yee
2006Ian Baker, Michael Rocks
2007Christian Fouquet, Brian Smith
2008Joan Miller, Claire Wilson
2009Andrew Joe, Brian Smith
2010Maurice Belz, Dirk Winnie
2011Joan Miller, Claire Wilson
2012Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2013Richard Lawson, Alan Taylor
2014Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2015Dez Grant, Sarah-Jane Wright
2016Dez Grant, Sarah-Jane Wright


Horowhenua Midwinter Triples

Played at Horowhenua Pétanqe club

Year Winner
2007Anne Dawson, Terry Dawson, Steve Marshall
2009Andrew Joe, Graeme Morris, Dean Norman
2010Brent Longhurst, Bryan Wells, Peter Williams
2011Rex Hayes, Annick Le Guen, Alan Taylor
2012Barbara Johnston, Christine Strichen, Claire Wilson
2013Pete Hamilton, Shirley Selwyn, Richard Turfrey
2014Sheryl Parslow, Christine Strichen, Claire Wilson


Hawke’s Bay Classic Doubles

Played at the Napier City Pétanque club in early September.

Year Winner
1997Kerry Grant, Murray Porter
1998Bethne Rouse, Kevin Rouse
1999Barbara Johnston, Graeme Morris
2000Barry Hickman, Ron Sandilands
2001Bethne Rouse, Kevin Rouse
2002Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2003Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2004Denise Bavidge, Geoff Greer
2005Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter
2006Simon Hurley, Lee Taffard
2007Georgio Vakauta, Dirk Winnie
2008Claire Bradburn, Monica Smiler
2009Maurice Belz, Ron Sandilands
2010Maurice Belz, Ron Sandilands
2011David Lippard, Michael Rocks
2012Allan Fletcher, Pam Jenkins
2013Dez Grant, Sarah-Jane Wright
2014Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2015Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen
2016Murray Porter, Brian Smith
2017Lee Taffard, Nico Toyne
2018Junior Puleitu, Georgio Vakauta
2019Lee Taffard, Nico Toyne


Wanganui East Open Triples

Played at the Wanganui East Pétanque club in late November.

Year Winner
2007David Lippard, Joanne Lippard, Dirk Winnie
2008Ian Baker, Andre Noel, Georgio Vakauta
2009Maurice Belz, Jared Handford, Dirk Winnie
2010Ian Baker, Andre Noel, Georgio Vakauta
2011Ian Baker, Andre Noel, Georgio Vakauta
2012Maurice Belz, Bob Bridge, Lee Taffard
2013Myles Cowper, Nicolas Jegousse, Michael Rocks
2014Dez Grant, David Lippard, Sarah-Jane Wright
2015Christian Fouquet, Nicolas Jegousse, Michael Rocks
2016Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2017Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper, Michael Rocks
2018David Lippard, Joanne Lippard, Andre Noel
2019David Lippard, Andre Noel, Nico Toyne