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Tournament Calendar

1 August 2021

With the start of the new season on 1 September, the links from the website have been updated. The Current season link will point to the 2021-22 calendar, Last season will point to the 2020-21 calendar, and Next season will point to the 2022-21 calendar.

The 2019-20 calendar (previously Last season) has been archived.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

5 August 2021

Naenae defence of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy was away at Horowhenua.

Naenae has, once again, successfully defended the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy, this time against Horowhenua. Naenae had a good start winning two of the three first round games. In the second round Naenae came stronger and won all three games, ensuring the trophy. In the last round Naenae won singles and doubles and the triples game was an agreed draw. Final score was 7.5- 1.5.

Naenae next defence is at home to Wanganui East.

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Murrayfield Open Triples

13 August 2021

The video of the Murrayfield Open Triples final is now on YouTube.

Same Club Doubles - Results

18 August 2021

Thirty-two teams took part in the Same Club Doubles at Horowhenua last Saturday (14 August). The format was 5 rounds random draw. Timed games 50 minutes plus one end. Monica and Enoka Smiler won the tournament (5 wins). Marie and Gavin Jones (5 wins) ended up in second place. Ann Hogg and Dave Gatchell (5 wins) ended up third.

Horowhenua was pleased to welcome players from Naenae, Wanganui, Upper Hutt, Silverstream, Palmerston North and Otaki. The weather remained reasonable during the tournament.

Full results:

1. Enoka/Monica Smiler (Naenae)
2. Marie/Gavin Jones (Horowhenua)
3. Dave Gatchell/Ann Hogg (Horowhenua)
4. Claire Wilson/Tony Simpson (Whanganui)
5. Dave Gwerder/Moises Burgos (Upper Hutt)
6. Beryl Cowan/Richard Turfrey (Whanganui)
7= Wendy Lawson/Bill Ray (Whanganui)
7= Flow Madgwick/Wayne Goodman (Whanganui)
9. Claire/Brian Bradburn (Silverstream)
10. Christine Strichen/Yvonne Futcher (Whanganui)
11= Rachel Clarke/Graham Jackson (Silverstream)
11= Val Clarke/Liz Donaldson (Otaki)
13. Susan Gibson/Chris Dunn (Palmerston North)
14. Carleen Fitzgerald/Barbara Nicholls (Horowhenua)
15. Ngaire Eriksen/Susan Robertson (Horowhenua)
16. Jan Haumaha/Judy Tyree (Horowhenua)
17. Lee-Anne Bartrum/Louise Rose (Whanganui)
18. Lorraine Gray/Ian Richards (Silverstream)
19= Janet/Alan Frost (Palmerston North)
19= Patricia/John Galbraith (Horowhenua)
21. Anne Peck/Mary Joblin (Whanganui)
22= Christine Daykin/Judith Smith (Palmerston North)
22= Noeline/David Corley (Palmerston North)
24. Patrina Anderson/Peter Matthews (Silverstream)
25. Marilyn Trembath/Adele Legge (Horowhenua)
26= Val Tollison/Mel Stevens (Horowhenua)
26= Shirley Macdonald/Sue Maguire (Otaki)
26= Tony Trembath/Brian Eastham (Horowhenua)
29= Dan Harawiri/Ruth Bracewell (Silverstream)
29= Janet/Allan Hall (Horowhenua)
29= Sheryl Rogers/Phillip Cole (Horowhenua)
29= Ady Wrenall/Vivienne Oakby (Horowhenua)

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

29 August 2021

Wanganui East did not contest their Jacques Cochonnet challenge and Naenae thus retain the Trophy by default.

Naenae next challenge is at home to Kapiti.

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