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WPA Singles - Entries

04 September 2020

Thirty-two players are taking part in the Regional Singles Championship at Horowhenua next weekend (12-13 September).

  1. Trish Biddle-Amoroa - Wanganui East
  2. Claire Bradburn - Silverstream
  3. Sharon Cannon - Khandallah
  4. Rachel Clarke - Silverstream
  5. David Corley - Manawatu
  6. Noeline Corley - Manawatu
  7. Ngaire Eriksen - Horowhenua
  8. Steve Frampton - Kapiti
  9. John Galbraith - Horowhenua
  10. Patricia Galbraith - Horowhenua
  11. Dave Gatchell - Horowhenua
  12. Kathy Gatford - Kapiti
  13. Tony Gatford - Kapiti
  14. Susan Gibson - Manawatu
  15. Dave Gwerder - Upper Hutt
  16. Jan Haumaha - Horowhenua
  17. Ann Hogg - Horowhenua
  18. Vaughan Husband - Manawatu
  19. Annick Le Guen - Kapiti
  20. Shirley Madgwick - Wanganui East
  21. Michelle Maxwell - Kapiti
  22. Kevin McFadgen - Kapiti
  23. Graeme Morris - Masterton
  24. Murray Porter - Khandallah
  25. Michael Rocks - Khandallah
  26. Enoka Smiler - Naenae
  27. Christine Strichen - Wanganui East
  28. Lee Taffard - Hataitai
  29. Alan Taylor - Kapiti
  30. Richard Turfrey - Wanganui East
  31. Mary Willmer - Silverstream
  32. Claire Wilson - Wanganui East

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

6 September 2020

Kapiti seventh defence of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy was at home to Otaki.

Kapiti had a good start winning two of the three first round games. In the second round Kapiti won all three games ensuring once more the trophy. Kapiti won two more games in the last round to win the challenge 7-2.

Kapiti next defence is at home to Manawatu.

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WPA Regional Singles Championship - Results

16 September 2020

The Regional Singles Championship and the Regional Pointing Competition took place at Horowhenua last weekend (11th - 13th).

The Trophy final featured Christine Strichen and Lee Taffard. Lee won the final and claimed his first Regional Singles Championship.

The Trophy Consolation was won by Claire Wilson over Vaughan Husband.

The Plate was won by Michelle Maxwell over Alan Taylor.

The Bowl was won by Dave Corley over Noeline Corley.

Finally, the Pointing Competition was won by Claire Wilson over Rachel Clarke 15-11.

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Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

23 September 2020

Kapiti eighth defence of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy was at home to Manawatu.

Kapiti had a perfect start winning the first three round games. In the second round Kapiti won all three games again ensuring the trophy. Kapiti won two more games in the last round to win the challenge 8-1.

Kapiti next defence is away at Silverstream.

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Khandallah 4-Boules Singles

28 September 2020

Participants in the Khandallah 4-Boules Singles

Seventeen players took part in the Khandallah 4-Boules Singles. The format was a 6-round Swiss of 45 minute games with no extra ends and ties were permissable.

In keeping with the experimental nature of the event, the prize pool was split into two parts. Part one was a random draw each round which saw one player win $10. The other prize pool was split so that every game winner won $1. If a player won all 6 games then their prize money was doubled.

Did the incentive make a difference? Probably not, but everyone had a lot of fun, the weather behaved and all players won some of their entry fee back.

Dave Gwerder (Upper Hutt) won all 6 games to win the inaugural Khandallah 4-Boules Singles.

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Wellington Team for Tri-Star

29 September 2020

Below is the team selected to play in the Tri-Star in Ashburton 28th and 29th November.

Claire Bradburn
Yvonne Futcher
Michelle Maxwell
Kevin McFadgen
Tony Simpson
Alan Taylor
Debby Butler (Reserve)

WPA Women's Doubles and Triples - Results

30 September 2020

The WPA Women's Doubles and Triples took place last weekend (26th-27th Sep) at Manawatu.
The Doubles trophy final featured Claire Wilson and Christine Strichen vs Ann Hogg and Carleen Fitzgerald. Claire and Christine won the final 13-6.
The Plate was won by Noeline Corley and Donna Hunt 13-4 over Susan Gibson and Julie Satherley.

The Triples trophy final featured Claire Bradburn, Rachel Clarke and Ngaire Erickson vs Sharon Cannon, Michelle Maxwell and Debby Butler. Claire, Rachel and Ngaire won the final 13-8.
The Plate was won by Beryl Cowan, Margaret Pomana and Shirley Madgwick 13-10 over Noeline Corley, Christine Daykin and Judith Smith.

Final results