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PNZ National Senior Doubles Championship

4 December 2020

Thirty-five teams are taking part in the National Senior Doubles Championship at the Horowhenua Pétanque club this weekend.

The defending champions Dave Gatchell (2019) and Lee Taffard (2017-19) are seeded third and hope to become the fourth team to defend their title after Doug Hay/Helene Hay (2007-08), Bob Bridge/Bill Peachey (2009-10) and Clive Bartleet/Bob Bridge (2012-13).

The field includes eight other former champions: Ian Baker (2014), Bob Bridge (2009-10-12-13), Bethne Gardner (2018), Barry Hunt (2018), Graeme Morris (2011-16), Margaret Penny (2016), Ray Pierce (2015), Mervyn Wilson (2017).

The teams are listed in seeding order based on the new Senior ranking points, which includes the results from the last two Senior Doubles along with the Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Triples. The * indicates a provisional component if a player has played three National Championships in the last two years.

  1. Sharon Cannon (Bay View)/Richard Swaney (Herne Bay) 30.88
  2. Denise Bavidge (Bay View)/Geoff Greer (Bay View) 29.00
  3. Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)/Lee Taffard (Bay View) 27.33
  4. Bethne Gardner (Bay View)/Barry Hunt (Bay View) 22.66
  5. Paul Dalebroux (Herne Bay)/Leslie Haines (Herne Bay) 19.03
  6. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Bob Bridge (Herne Bay) 19.00
  7. Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East) 17.86*
  8. Diana Glamuzina (Northcote)/Glen Glamuzina (Northcote) 17.04
  9. Paul Tamagushiku (Christchurch)/Mervyn Wilson (Dunedin City) 15.22
  10. Jay Newton (Hibiscus Coast)/Ray Pierce (Hibiscus Coast) 15.10
  11. Alain Coulomb (Tauranga BOP)/Arnold Lander (Tauranga BOP) 14.67*
  12. Kathy Gatford (Kapiti)/Tony Gatford (Kapiti) 14.12
  13. Jacques Calvo (Tauranga BOP)/Maryan Kennedy (Tauranga BOP) 14.00*
  14. Enoka Smiler (Naenae)/Monica Smiler (Naenae) 13.33
  15. Angela Maxted (Herne Bay)/Ann Shields (Herne Bay) 12.40
  16. Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua)/Ann Hogg (Horowhenua) 12.00*
  17. Ian Baker (Herne Bay)/Barbara Parnell (Herne Bay) 10.86
  18. Robyn Chalmers (Herne Bay)/Charles Deane (Hibiscus Coast) 10.00
  19. Charles Brock (Kennedy Park)/Bruce Inglis (Tauranga BOP) 9.00*
  20. Lydia Davis (Herne Bay)/Rafick Koleejan (Herne Bay) 7.89
  21. David Corley (Manawatu)/Alan Frost (Manawatu) 6.00
  22. Murray Porter (Bay View)/Brian Smith (Bay View) 5.50*
  23. John Galbraith (Horowhenua)/Patricia Galbraith (Horowhenua) 4.00
  24. Adrienne Gwerder (Upper Hutt)/David Gwerder (Upper Hutt) 4.00*
  25. Christine Daykin (Manawatu)/Shirley Madgwick (Wanganui East) 4.00*
  26. Noeline Corley (Manawatu)/Judith Smith (Manawatu) 4.00
  27. Allan Cameron (Manawatu)/Ngaire Erikson (Horowhenua) 4.00*
  28. Adele Legge (Horowhenua)/Marilyn Trembath (Horowhenua) 4.00*
  29. Andrea Coles (Tauranga BOP)/John Rowley (Tauranga BOP) 4.00*
  30. Betty Geiser (Tauranga BOP)/Sue Calvo (Tauranga BOP) 4.00*
  31. Graeme Morris (Masterton)/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti) 4.00*
  32. Janet Frost (Manawatu)/Susan Gibson (Manawatu) 2.00
  33. Virginia Kirk-Smith (Herne Bay)/Margaret Penny (Herne Bay) 2.00*
  34. Jan Haumaha (Horowhenua)/Barbara Nicholls (Horowhenua) 2.00*
  35. Mary Joblin (Wanganui East)/Anne Peck (Wanganui East) 0.00

WPA Senior Doubles - Results

4 December 2020

24 teams took part in the WPA Senior Doubles held at Horowhenua on 18 November. The Trophy final featured last year winners Margaret Pomana/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East) and Jan Haumaha/Judy Tyree (Horowhenua). Jan and Judy won the final.

The Plate was won by Carolyn Graham/Shirley Macdonald (Otaki) over Bill Ray/Loise Rose (Wanganui East).

The Bowl was won by David Noeline/Noeline Corley (Manawatu) over Janet Hall/Alan Hall (Horowhenua).

Final results


25 December 2020

Video of the Regional Shooting Competition final and the Regional Doubles Championship final are now on YouTube.

Wellington Open Triples

25 December 2020

The eighteenth Wellington Open Triples was held at Otaki for the fifth time. Twenty teams took part (four less than last year).

The Trophy final featured the two undefeated teams: Moises Burgos/Nico Oeschger/Lee Taffard and Murray Porter/Michael Rocks/Brian Smith.

This year, the final had an extra 15 minutes added to the time limit that was used during the day rather than being untimed. Reactions to the change were mixed.

Murray, Michael and Brian won 11-9 to win the title for the third consecutive time.

The Plate was a three-round random draw with Vaughan Husband, Richard Turfrey and Alan Taylor winning their three games to claim first place.

Final results