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PNZ National Triples Championship

5 March 2018

The National Triples Championship is the longest running and most prestigious of the National Championships. In twenty-three previous tournaments, Auckland teams have won 19 titles, Wellington teams have won 2, Hawke’s Bay has won 1, with one title won by a team comprising both Hawke’s Bay and Auckland players.

Twenty-nine teams took part in the National Triples Championship at Manawatu. This year the format was a seven-round Swiss followed by the knockout. The traditional Barrage pools were not held.

The Auckland team of Allan Fletcher, Pam Jenkins and Adelys Taraunu went through the Swiss undefeated. In the afternoon, they continued their run to reach the Championship final. In the final they faced off against the Wellington team of Moises Burgos, Morgan Choveaux and Nico Toyne.

The Aucklanders won the opening exchanges and stretched their lead to 8-2. Wellington fought back to 8-8 and then took the lead before a late rally saw Auckland claw back to 11-12.

In the final end, Moises, Morgan and Nico had a little luck with a displaced cochonnet to pick up the thirteenth point and claim their maiden National Championship title.

Final results

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

7 March 2018

Twenty teams are taking part in the 16th Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles on Sunday, 11 March.

  1. Ian Baine/Wayne Green
  2. Fran Beach/Bernadette Lawton
  3. Ken Benn/Derek Cooper
  4. Geoff Brown/Linda Brown
  5. Moises Burgos/Len Cogger
  6. Ted Burr/Val Clark
  7. Alan Cameron/Marc Khull
  8. John Clarke/Mike Kennedy
  9. Barry Cody/Jack Gazzard
  10. June Cody/Linda Gazzard
  11. David Corley/Noeline Corley
  12. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser
  13. Lorraine Gibbons/Jeanne Zee
  14. Adrienne Gwerder/Michael Rocks
  15. Dave Gwerder/Doc Murray
  16. Eric Herbert/Julian Teni
  17. Bob Horton/Dave Wilmshurst
  18. Graeme Millard/Linda Millard
  19. Bev Plowman/Lynley Watt
  20. Kathy Taylor/Alison Zuppicich

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

13 March 2018

Participants in the Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

Twenty teams took part in the 16th annual Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles at Maidstone Park. Unfortunately, the new pistes weren’t ready, so the two teams on the waiting list missed out this year.

With drawn games possible, only Eric Herbert and Julien Teni had a perfect record after the three morning rounds.

In the first game after lunch they drew with Adrienne Gwerder and Michael Rocks. This set up a final round match with Dave Gwerder and Doc Murray who had also drawn with Adrienne and Michael.

Dave and Doc won 13-7 to clinch first place. Moises Burgos and Len Cogger took second place with 4 wins, while Eric and Julien finished third.

Final results

Oceania Championship - Men’s Singles Final

15 March 2018

The video of the 2017 Oceania Championship Men’s Singles final at Christchurch is on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

17 March 2018

Kapiti’s first defence for 2018 was at home to Silverstream. It was a dominant performance by Kapiti who won 8 of the 9 games to retain the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy.

Kapiti’s next defence is away at Hataitai.

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WPA Regional Seedings

19 March 2018

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from the Regional Triples.

| Regional Seedings | Explanation of the Seeding system |

National Women’s Shooting Compettion Final

24 March 2018

The video of the 2018 National Women’s Shooting Competition final at Manawatu between Sharon Cannon and Christine Strichen is on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

National Men’s Shooting Compettion Final

31 March 2018

The video of the 2018 National Men’s Shooting Competition final at Manawatu between Brian Westerbeek and Adelys Taraunu is on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.