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Hawke’s Bay Classic Doubles

1 September 2017

Thirty-five teams are taking part in the twenty-first edition of the Hawke’s Bay Classic Doubles at the Napier City Pétanque club.

  1. Paul Anderson/Sheryl Parslow
  2. Maurice Belz/Morgan Choveaux
  3. Claire Bradburn/Graeme Morris
  4. Stewart Burnett/Gill Lamason
  5. Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen
  6. Robyn Chalmers/Diana Glamuzina
  7. John Church/Mary Church
  8. John Clark/Sheila Clark
  9. Steven Cook/Bernice Devenie
  10. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper
  11. David Corley/Noeline Corley
  12. Myles Cowper/Michael Rocks
  13. Maureen Cresswell/Jill Forsdick
  14. Ingrid Edmondson/Bob Robertson
  15. Jenny Evans/Pam Ward
  16. Marie Fenton/Gerard Flaschner
  17. Pauline Foxall/Peter Foxall
  18. Dave Gatchell/Peter Hamilton
  19. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford
  20. Linda Gazzard/Barbara Nicholls
  21. John Gilbraith/Patricia Gilbraith
  22. Dez Grant/Sarah Jane Wright
  23. Margaret Harkness/Robin Johnson
  24. Ian Hay/Mike Rouse
  25. Barbara Johnston/Murray Johnston
  26. Annick Le Guen/Claire Wilson
  27. Brett Maguire/Alan Taylor
  28. Angela Maxted/Trevor Neilson
  29. John Maxwell/Ginny Robertson
  30. Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle
  31. Alan Moss/Peter Roberts
  32. Pam Nicholson/Gordon Ogden
  33. Murray Porter/Brian Smith
  34. Lee Tafford/Nico Toyne
  35. Georgio Vakauta/Ruby Vakauta

Previous winners

Hawke’s Bay Classic Doubles

6 September 2017

Thirty-five teams took part in the twenty-first edition of the Hawke’s Bay Classic Doubles at the Napier City Pétanque club. Unfortunately, the weather was one of the coldest Spring weeekends for quite a number of years.

In a retro move, Saturday’s qualifying format was five pools of six teams and one pool of five teams, instead of the more common Snake format or Swiss system.

The top two teams in each pool, plus the four best third placed finishers qualified for the Trophy/Plate second round pools of four teams, while the remaining nineteen teams went into the Bowl/Consolation pools.

In the Trophy final, Lee Taffard and Nico Toyne faced Myles Cowper and Michael Rocks. Over the course of the game, the lead changed hands several times before Lee and Nico ran out the winners 13-11.

The Plate was won by Annick Le Guen and Claire Wilson who beat Maurice Belz and Morgan Choveaux 13-11.

Paul Anderson and Sheryl Parslow beat David and Noeline Corley 13-12 to win the Bowl in another close final. The Consolation final was won by Stewart Burnett and Gill Lamason 13-8 from Jenny Evans and Pam Ward.

Khandallah Open Singles

6 September 2017

Thirteen players have entered the Khandallah Open Singles this Saturday (9 September). An extra one or three entries to avoid a Bye would be appreciated.

  1. Ian Baine (Upper Hutt)
  2. Jean Baine (Upper Hutt)
  3. Moises Burgos (Upper Hutt)
  4. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)
  5. Kathy Gatford (Kapiti)
  6. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  7. Vaughan Husband (Manawatu)
  8. Linda Millard (Upper Hutt)
  9. Doc Murray (Upper Hutt)
  10. Vivienne Pender (Hataitai)
  11. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  12. Kathy Taylor (Upper Hutt)
  13. Alison Zuppicich (Upper Hutt)

Khandallah Open Singles

9 September 2017

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather the Khandallah Open Singles has been cancelled. Better luck next year! Players will be contacted to arrange for the return of their entry fees.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

13 September 2017

Silverstream were unable to find a team of six players able to travel to Palmerston North for their challenge match against Manawatu so have defaulted.

Manawatu’s next defence will be away at Kapiti.

Previous history

Kapiti Memorial Melee

18 September 2017

Despite the threat of rain, the day turned out to be a cracker for this time of year. The wind was a trifle chilly, but the sun made regular appearances to make up for it. Prior to the games commencing, a minute’s silence was held for those who are no longer with us.

A total of 52 players took part. There were a few who for various reasons were unable to make it, which meant an adjustment to the completed draws. No problem. Enter the dynamic duo, Brian and Steve Frampton, who assisted Club Captain, Jan McCarthy with a solution.

The day went smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. There were the usual cries of, How did I do that? or I should go home now, and even more common, the mutters of How did she/he do that?, after a beautifully placed boule was shot at successfully.

It was great to see so many new players taking part. Despite their nervousness and self-doubt felt prior to the tournament starting, their skills were excellent.

At the end of the last round, players moved inside the club house to enjoy afternoon tea while the results of the tournaments were announced. In the absence of our current President Graham Hooper who is on holiday, Jo Maxwell, past President, presented the awards.

The first three winners were:

  1. Kevin McFadgen, with 5 wins (+50)
  2. Trish Smart, with 5 wins (+41)
  3. Alan Taylor, with 5 wins (+38)

Report: Marlene Barker

WPA Regional Singles Championship

19 September 2017

Forty Players are taking part in the WPA Regional Singles Championship at the Horowhenua Pétanque club this weekend (23-24 September).

  1. Trish Biddle-Amoroa (Wanganui East)
  2. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  3. Grant Bray (Kapiti)
  4. Kevin Bryan (Manawatu)
  5. Moises Burgos (Upper Hutt)
  6. Alan Cameron (Manawatu)
  7. Sharon Cannon (Wanganui East)
  8. Morgan Choveaux (Hataitai)
  9. Derek Cooper (Manawatu)
  10. David Corley (Manawatu)
  11. Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  12. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)
  13. Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua)
  14. Peter Foxhall (Manawatu)
  15. Steve Frampton (Kapiti)
  16. Dene Futcher (Wanganui East)
  17. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  18. Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)
  19. Kathy Gatford (Kapiti)
  20. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  21. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  22. Ken Heywood (Wanganuui East)
  23. Ann Hogg (Otaki)
  24. Vaughan Husband (Manawatu)
  25. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  26. Shirley MacDonald (Otaki)
  27. Brett Maguire (Kapiti)
  28. Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)
  29. Graeme Millard (Upper Hutt)
  30. Linda Millard (Upper Hutt)
  31. Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  32. Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  33. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  34. Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  35. Enoka Smiler (Naenae)
  36. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)
  37. Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  38. Nico Toyne (Hataitai)
  39. Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  40. Claire Wilson (Wanganui East)

Rex Hayes Memorial Doubles

21 September 2017

It was pleasing to have so many entries from other clubs entered into this tournament, which is testament to Rex’s popularity.

Rex Hayes was a member of Kapiti Pétanque club but was also known and respected by many throughout New Zealand. He was a superb player and willingly provided coaching to others.

Once again the weather held during the tournament, despite the forecast of rain. Four games were played in the morning, followed by a much needed 30 minute break for lunch.

The afternoon’s play was divided into two categories, Trophy and Plate. The standard of play was superb, giving the spectators a real treat. It just shows what experience and hours of training can achieve. After a long, hard fought battle, the eventual winners were:


Linda Gazzard and Alan Taylor 1;
Grant Bray and Annick Le Guen 2.


David Corley and Noeline Corley 1;
Steve Frampton and Lynne Shepherd.

Thanks go to Jack Gazzard, our Umpire; Paul Wedge for the photographs taken throughout the day and for those who volunteered their time in the kitchen to make sure the players were looked after. Jo Maxwell for presenting the awards in Graham Hooper’s absence, and Jan McCarthy, our new Club Captain, for the smooth running of the day.

WPA Regional Singles Championship

30 September 2017

Thirty-eight players took part in the WPA Regional Singles Championship at the Horowhenua Pétanque club last weekend. This was the largest entry since 2010.

The usual five round Snake (random draw) format was played on Saturday. Two players, Graeme Morris and Michael Rocks, went through undefeated.

On Sunday, the top 16 players were in four pools of four with the top two qualifying for the Trophy knockout and the bottom two qualifying for the Trophy Consolation.

The next 16 players took part in the Plate competition, which was similar to the Trophy. The bottom 6 players played a single round-robin.

In the morning round, Graeme kept his unbeaten record while Michael dropped his first game to Trish Biddle-Amoroa.

The top two seeds meet in the final, where Graeme’s unbeaten run was brought to an end.

The other section winners were:

Regional Singles Results

WPA Regional Seedings

30 September 2017

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from the Regional Singles. Michael Rocks has reclaimed top spot following his win in the Regional Singles.

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