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WBS Open Triples

1 March 2017

Eleven teams entered the twentieth annual WBS Open Triples held at the Masterton Pétanque club. Due to the small number of entries the usual random draw followed by pools and a knockout was replaced by a single round-robin, with the top two team playing off for the title.

At the end of Saturday, the defending champions Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper and Michael Rocks led with 6 wins. Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter and Brian Smith were in second place on 5 wins, although they had already had the bye.

On Sunday, both of the top teams dropped a game before they faced off in the last round. As they had both already qualified for the final, this game was a bit academic. The 3 M’s winning 11-6.

The final was different matter entirely. Racing out to a 10-0 the 3M’s looked in complete control. Sharon, Murray and Brian fought back to 11-11 and then the scores inched forward to 12-12. The 3M’s prevailled in the final end to retain the WBS Open Triples title.

In the Plate final, Kevin Bryan, Alan Cameron and Vaughan Husband beat Marc Khull, Trevor Neilson and Barbara Nicholls 13-10.

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Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

9 March 2017

Wanganui East’s first defence of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy was at home to Kapiti. Down 3-0 after the first round, Kapiti won the second round 2-1 to close the gap. In the final round, Wanganui East won the Doubles 13-11 to retain the Trophy 5-4.

Wanganui East’s next defence will be at home to Silverstream.

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PNZ National Women’s Triples Championship

11 March 2017

Nicola, Claire and Pam
National Women’s Triples Champions

Ten teams took part in the PNZ National Women’s Triples Championship held at the Herne Bay Pétanque club in Auckland.

In a change from last year’s format the Women’s Triples was held on a single day, the day before the National Triples. Previously, it had been a two day tournament held at Waitangi Weekend.

The day started with a four round Swiss, followed by a knockout for each group of four teams.

Nicola Brock, Pam Jenkins and Claire Matthews were the only undefeated team after the Swiss and continued through to the final where they faced the second placed team from the Swiss, Karen Stephen, Tina Targett and Christine Taylor.

After an even opening few ends, Nicola, Pam and Claire took the lead and eventually ran out 13-6 winners.

The Trophy Consolation final was won by Robyn Chalmers, Ann Clayworth and Diana Glamuzina who beat two-time defending champions Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson.

Final results

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

23 March 2017

Eighteen teams have entered the rescheduled Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles this Saturday (25 March). Hopefully, the weather will be kinder this time.

  1. Ian Baine/Jean Baine (Upper Hutt)
  2. Fran Beach/Kathy Taylor (Upper Hutt)
  3. Ken Benn/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  4. Paul Bonsey/Wayne Green (Upper Hutt)
  5. Moises Burgos (Upper Hutt)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  6. Alan Cameron/Marc Khull (Manawatu)
  7. Len Cogger/Bob Horton (Upper Hutt)
  8. David Corley/Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  9. Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Hataitai)
  10. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser (Otaki)
  11. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  12. Colin Gooch/Doc Murray (Upper Hutt)
  13. Dave Gwerder/Adrienne Gwerder (Upper Hutt)
  14. Eric Herbert/Julian Teni (Upper Hutt)
  15. Elaine Hunt/Jeanne Zee (Upper Hutt)
  16. Mike Kennedy/Lois Rowe (Upper Hutt)
  17. Val Long/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  18. Bev Plowman/Lynley Watt (Upper Hutt)

WPA Regional Triples

25 March 2017

The video of the 2017 WPA Regional Triples final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

25 March 2017

Participants in the Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

Eighteen teams took part in the Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles at Maidstone Park. The weather, although overcast and cool, stayed fine for the duration of the tournament.

Moises Burgos and Michael Rocks retained the title with four wins and a draw from their five games.

Erica Drake and Christophe Vesse took second place on tie-break from Len Cogger and Bob Horton. Both teams finished with 4 wins.

Final results

WBS Open Triples

26 March 2017

The video of the 2017 WBS Open Triples final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

WPA Regional Seedings

26 March 2017

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from the Regional Triples.

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PNZ National Women’s Triples Championship

26 March 2017

The video of the 2017 PNZ National Women’s Triples Championship final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

PNZ National Triples Championship

28 March 2017

The video of the 2017 PNZ National Triples Championship final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

29 March 2017

Wanganui East have retained the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy without throwing a boule after challenger Silverstream defaulted the match.

As this was the last match in Round 23, a new draw will be held at the WPA Committee Meeting on Thursday, 13 April.

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Hawke’s Bay Autumn Triples

31 March 2017

Fourteen teams are taking part in the Hawke’s Bay Autumn Triples this weekend.

  1. Paul Anderson/Robin Johnson/Tony Mudgway
  2. Maurice Beltz/Morgan Choveaux/Nico Toyne
  3. Stuart Bernett/Margaret Harkness/Ian Hay
  4. Dave Bosley/Barbara Lucas/Richard Turfrey
  5. Sharon Cannon/Dez Grant/Sarah-Jane Wright
  6. Stephen Cootz/Pam Nicholson/Val Nicolson
  7. David Corley/Noeline Corley/Barbara Nichols
  8. Vicky Cox/Eddie King/Robert Wilson
  9. Yvonne Futcher/Brett Maquire/Tony Simpson
  10. Bethne Gardner/Barry Hunt/Daniel Rouse
  11. Dave Gatchell/Peter Hamilton/Annick Le Guen
  12. Rom Gianni/Maxime/Lee Tafford
  13. Geoff Greer/Murray Porter/Michael Rocks
  14. John O’Halloran/Carole Rowsell/Mark Thompson