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Kapiti Open Doubles

4 February 2016

The video of Kapiti Open Doubles final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

National Women's Triples

5 February 2016

Ten teams have entered the National Women's Triples at Kapiti this weekend (6/7 February).

  1. Maryon Beer/Sandra Hay (Alexandra)/Alice McGuigan (Christchurch)
  2. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Ann Hogg (Otaki)/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue)
  3. Sharon Cannon (Bay View)/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  4. Noeline Corley/Christine Daykin/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  5. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)/Shirley MacDonald (Otaki)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  6. Kathy Gatford/Jo Maxwell/Judith Williamson (Kapiti)
  7. Linda Gazzard/Sheryl McFadgen (Kapiti)/Barbara Nicholls (Otaki)
  8. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Ruby Vakauta (Vikings)/Sarah-Jane Wright (St George)
  9. Margaret Maher (Northcote)/Jean Parley (Stanley Bay)/Margaret Penny (Herne Bay)
  10. Karen Stephen/Tina Targett/Chris Taylor (Christchurch)

PNZ National Women's Triples

7 February 2016

The National Women's Triples was held at Kapiti over Waitangi weekend. With only ten entries a round-robin was held with the top 4 teams going into the Trophy Elimination, the next 4 into the Trophy Consolation and the remaining two playing off for the Consolante.

The 31° temperature on Saturday saw one team pull out due to illness after four rounds. A bye was awarded for the later rounds, but the original played results still stood.

The defending champions Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson dropped one game to top the round-robin.

National Women's Triples winners: Christine, Sharon, Claire

In the Trophy final, Sharon, Christine and Claire beat Claire Bradburn, Ann Hogg and Monica Smiler 13-8.

The Trophy Consolation was won by Maryon Beer, Sandra Hay and Alice McGuigan who beat Kathy Gatford, Jo Maxwell and Judith Williamson 13-4.

Final results

New Zealand International Open

14 February 2016

The video of New Zealand International Open Triples final is now on the Wellington Pétanque YouTube channel.

WPA Regional Triples Championship

16 February 2016

Fourteen teams have entered the WPA Regional Triples Championship at Manawatu this weekend (20/21 February).

  1. Roger Ball/David Corley/Marc Khull (Manawatu)
  2. Grant Bray/Brett Maguire (Kapiti)/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  3. Alan Cameron/Christine Daykin/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  4. Eddie Campbell/Morgan Choveaux (Kapiti)/Nico Toyne (Wanganui East)
  5. Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  6. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper/Paul Husband (Manawatu)
  7. Noeline Corley (Manawatu)/Sheryl Parslow/Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  8. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  9. Steve Frampton (Hataitai)/Shirley MacDonald (Otaki)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  10. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)/Barb Johnston (Masterton)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  11. Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)/Lew Gill (Wanganui East)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  12. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford/Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  13. Kevin McFadgen/Sheryl McFadgen (Kapiti)/Barbara Nicholls (Otaki)
  14. John Palleson/Marilyn Trembath/Tony Trembath (Horowhenua)

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

17 February 2016

Hataitai's first defence for the year was away to Upper Hutt. Hataitai won the Singles 3-0, Upper Hutt won the Triples 3-0.

So it all came down to the Doubles. Hataitai won the Doubles 2-1 to retain the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy for another month. Result

Hataitai's next defence is away to Wanganui East.

WPA Regional Triples Championship

20 February 2016

Thirteen teams are competing in the Regional Triples Championship at Manawatu. After the first round of qualifying games, Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson were the only undefeated team. (Qualifying rankings)

WPA Regional Triples Championship

21 February 2016

The curse of the undefeated top qualifier from Saturday struck again on Sunday morning as Sharon, Christine and Claire's undefeated run came to an end and they dropped down to the Plate.

In the Trophy final Steve Frampton, Graeme Morris and Shirley MacDonald faced off against Myles Cowper, Pete Hamilton and Michael Rocks.

In the morning round, the two teams had met to determine top spot in Pool B, with Steve, Graeme and Shirley coming off second-best.

In the final, Steve, Graeme and Shirley took the early lead, only for the scores to be tied. They jumped ahead to lead 7-3 only to be clawed back to 7-6.

Myles, Pete and Michael finally took the lead and reached 10-7 only to immediately surrender it again at 10-11. A tense last end saw Myles, Pete and Michael pick up a three to claim the match and Regional Championship title.

The Plate was won by Sharon, Christine and Claire from the Manawatu trio of Alan Cameron, Christine Daykin and Trish Smart.

The five teams in the Bowl played a round-robin with Noeline Corley, Sheryl Parslow and Richard Turfrey going through undefeated.

Final results

WBS Open Triples

23 February 2016

Twelve teams have entered the 19th WBS Open Triples this weekend (27/28 February) at Masterton.

  1. Paul Anderson (Spida)/Sheryl Parslow/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  2. Denise Bavidge/Geoff Greer (Bay View)/Gordon Ogden (St George)
  3. Maurice Belz (Bay View)/Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  4. Sandy Caigou/Gail Singer/Niall Singer (Masterton)
  5. Sharon Cannon/Murray Porter (Bay View)/Brian Smith (Masterton)
  6. Diane Fletcher (Park Avenue)/Barbara Nicholls (Otaki)/Graeme Pilcher (Silverstream)
  7. Steve Frampton (Kapiti)/Shirley MacDonald (Otaki)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  8. Yvonne Futcher/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  9. Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)/Lew Gill/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  10. Dez Grant (St George)/Lee Tafford (Napier)/Sarah-Jane Wright (St George)
  11. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Dirk Winnie (Hataitai)
  12. Barb Johnston/Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle (Masterton)

Previous winners | 2015 WBS Open Triples final on YouTube

WPA Regional Seedings

25 February 2016

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from the Regional Triples. Michael Rocks has taken over top spot following Nick Jegousse's “retirement” from Pétanque.

Regional Seedings | Explanation of the Seeding system

WBS Open Triples

27 February 2016

Dave Gatchell, Lew Gill and Shirley Selwyn were the only undefeated team after the first day of qualifying at the WBS Open Triples in Masterton. (Qualifying)

WBS Open Triples

28 February 2016

Once again the curse of the undefeated top qualifier from Saturday struck as Dave Gatchell, Lew Gill and Shirley Selwyn dropped into the Plate.

No team was able to dominate the Round 2 pools with the knockout positions all being decided on the last round of games.

In the Trophy final, the new combination of Maurice Belz, Myles Cowper and Michael Rocks beat the defending champions Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter and Brian Smith 13-10.

The Plate final was won by Yvonne Futcher, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson 13-8 from Dave Gatchell, Lew Gill and Shirley Selwyn.

Diane Fletcher, Barbara Nicholls and Graeme Pilcher beat Dez Grant, Lee Tafford and Sarah-Jane Wright 13-7 to win the Bowl.

Final results

PNZ National Triples Championship

29 February 2016

Twenty teams have entered the PNZ National Triples Championship at Manawatu this weekend (5/6 March).

  1. Paul Anderson/Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)/Ann Hogg (Otaki)
  2. Roger Ball/David Corley/Marc Khull (Manawatu)
  3. Clive Bartleet (Vikings)/Paul Dalebroux (Stanley Bay)/Tumua Faitale (Panmure Pioneers)
  4. David Beer/Maryon Beer/Colin Bunce (Alexandra)
  5. Maurice Belz (Bay View)/Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Michael Rocks (Bay View)
  6. Bob Bridge/Ann Shields/Ros Morton (Herne Bay)
  7. Richard Browne (Ashburton)/Neville Frost (Dunedin CIty)/Brian Westerbeek (Christchurch)
  8. Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)/Shirley MacDonald (Otaki)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  9. Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  10. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper/Paul Husband (Manawatu)
  11. Allan Fletcher/Pam Jenkins/Richard Swaney (Herne Bay)
  12. Steve Frampton (Haitaitai)/Brett Maguire (Kapiti)/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  13. Dave Gatchell (Horowhenua)/Lew Gill/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  14. Kathy Gatford (Kapiti)/Barbara Nicholls (Hataitai)/Allan Taylor (Kapiti)
  15. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)/Dianna Glamuzina/Glen Glamuzina (Herne Bay)
  16. Kay George (St Kilda)/John Targett (Christchurch)/Mervyn Wilson (St Kilda)
  17. Dez Grant (St George)/Lee Tafford (Napier)/Sarah-Jane Wright (St George)
  18. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  19. Cathryn Lyall/Phillip Lyall/Kathleen Wallace (Dunedin City)
  20. Karen Stephen/Tina Targett/Christine Taylor (Christchurch)

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

29 February 2016

Twenty teams have entered the Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles (Sunday, 13 March).

The field is now full and any further entries will be placed on the waiting list.

  1. Roger Ball/Tom van Bodegraven
  2. Jean Boughan/Betty Jackson
  3. Moises Burgos/Michael Rocks
  4. Ted Burr/Val Clark
  5. Alan Cameron/Marc Khull
  6. Len Cogger/Bob Horton
  7. Erica Drake/Christopher Vesse
  8. Glenys Feist/Judith Wood
  9. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser
  10. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford
  11. Jack Gazzard/Lynne Shepherd
  12. Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell
  13. Lorraine Gibbons/Jeanne Zee
  14. Eric Herbert/Julian Teni
  15. Ann Hogg/Val Long
  16. Colleen Horton/Wayne Green
  17. Mike Kennedy/Alison Zuppich
  18. Doc Murray/Dave Wilmshurst
  19. Bev Plowman/Lynley Watt
  20. David Smart/Trish Smart