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PNZ National Triples Championship

1 March 2015

The National Triples concluded in Christchurch with an epic final between the undefeated National Women's Triples team of Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson (the Girls) facing Ian Baker, Bob Bridge and Ray Pierce (the Boys) in the “Arena”.

In the twelfth end, with the scores tied at 8-8, the Boys gained what appeared to be a winning advantage, holding 4 with one to play. Unfortunately, a stray bounce of the last boule moved the cochonnet to the Girls' boule.

Two ends later the Girls held boule advantage, only for Ian to shoot the cochonnet to save the game. Finally, on the seventeenth end, the Boys again took the upper hand to score 3 and win the match 13-11.

Progress score: (B-G) 0-1, 0-2, 0-4, 1-4, 1-5, 2-5, 5-5, 5-7, 7-7, 8-7, 8-8, 8-9, 8-11, 8-11, 9-11, 10-11, 13-11.

National Triples winners

Final results

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

9 March 2015

Last Tuesday the Upper Hutt City Council dumped two loads of crushed lime on the Maidstone Park terrain and after some frantic shovelling and raking over the next few days, along with a decent downpour on Saturday night, everything was ready for the Swiss Doubles on Sunday.

Twenty teams took part in the thirteenth Swiss Doubles, and with good weather and music from the Marching competition next door, a enjoyable day was had by all.

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles winners

In the final round, the two unbeaten teams Lorraine Gibbons/Jeanne Zee and Beth Miles/Harl Stevens faced off, with the former claiming the trophy 13-9.

Final results

WPA Inter-club

9 March 2015

Results from Day 2 of the Inter-club competition and the draw for the semi-finals on Saturday, 21 March.

Trans Tasman match

13 March 2015

Pyrenees Pétanque club

Members of the NZ Senior team practicising at the Pyrenees Pétanque club (Avoca, Victoria) terrain prior to the Trans Tasman match which starts tomorrow.

Check the Twitter feed for updates during the day.

14 March 2015

NZ leads in both divisions at the end of Day one. The Open team won 5 of 8 Triples and 12 of 18 Doubles games to lead Australia by 39 to 21 match points.

The Senior team won 5 of 8 Triples and 10 of 18 Doubles to lead Australia by 35 to 25 match points.

With 60 points available tomorrow there is still plenty to play for.

Trans Tasman match

15 March 2015

New Zealand won the Open division with a round to spare, the final result was NZ 68, Australia 52. New Zealand has now won the Open 8 years in a row and after 13 events now leads 10-3 overall.

The New Zealand Senior team went into the final round needing to win one of the six games. They managed to win two games and finished with 63 points to 57. New Zealand has now won 8 of the 11 matches played.

Initial Match result | Trans Tasman Summary

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy match

16 March 2015

The last Challenge match of round 20 saw Kapiti attempt to wrestle the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy away from Masterton. Unfortunately their challenge came up short as Masterton won the match 7 games to two. Result

The draw for Round 21 will be made at the next WPA Committee meeting.

WPA Committee Meeting

19 March 2015

The agenda for the next WPA Committee meeting to be held at the Kapiti Pétanque club on Thursday, 9 April.

Champion of Champions - Triples

23 March 2015

Six clubs took part in the Champion of Champions - Triples at Otaki on Sunday. Wanganui East finished ahead of Otaki on tie-break (who-beat-who).

WPA Inter-club

23 March 2015

Kapiti won Division One of the inter-club competition beating Hataitai in the final. Manawatu won the Division Two final against Upper Hutt.

Final results