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Club of the Month

February 2015

Otaki Pétanque is the featured club for the month of February.

Message from Yvonne

1 February 2015

Yvonne at the Kapiti Open Doubles

Things are on the mend and I am now back at work full-time. I have also started playing competitive pétanque again.

In particular, I would like to thank Stefany and Neville Frost, and Jan and Bob McCarthy for their help and support.

I look forward to seeing you on the terrain in the future.

Thank you all for your support and Best Wishes.

Best Regards

PNZ National Women's Triples Championship

7 February 2015

Seven teams have entered the National Women's Triples at the Stanley Bay Pétanque club (7/8 February).

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park)/Ruby Vakuata (Vikings)
  2. Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)/Francoise Case (Herne Bay)/Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  3. Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  4. Anne Clayworth/Julie Leadbetter/Claire Matthews (Northcote)
  5. Ella Harris (Northcote)/Eilleen Lippard (Kennedy Park)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  6. Catherine Maher (Hataitai)/Margaret Maher (Northcote)/Jean Parley (Stanley Bay)
  7. Ros Morton (Herne Bay)/Margaret Penny (Vikings)/Ann Shields (Herne Bay)

PNZ National Women's Triples Championship

7 February 2015

National Women's Triples, Stanley Bay

Due to the small number of entries, the qualifying round was changed from a Swiss to a single round-robin.

Six of the seven rounds were played on Saturday.

At the end of play, Sharon, Christine and Claire lead with 4 wins (+34) from Marilyn, Francoise and Shirley (4, +1).

8 February 2015

Day two had the top four qualifiers from Round one competing in another round-robin.

National Women's Triples Finalists

Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson won the revenge game against Ella Harris, Eilleen Lippard and Sheryl Parslow to top the pool.

Fittingly, these two teams played for the third time (la Belle) in the Trophy final.

A five on the first end gave Sharon, Christine and Claire a decisive start and they carried on to win 13-2.

The bottom three qualifiers from Round one went into the Trophy Consolation. This was won by Catherine Maher, Margaret Maher and Jean Parley.

Final Results

PNZ Annual General Meeting

9 February 2015

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Pétanque Association (Inc) will be held at 5:00 pm on Saturday, 28 February 2015, at the Christchurch Pétanque Club.

Business to be transacted will include:

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy match

10 February 2015

Masterton hosted Upper Hutt in their second Jacques Cochonnet Challenge defence of the year. Result

WPA Regional Triples Championship

13 February 2015

Sixteen teams have entered the Regional Triples Championship this weekend (14/15 February) at Park Avenue.

  1. Ian Baine/Jean Baine/Len Cogger (Upper Hutt)
  2. Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Graeme Pilcher (Masterton)
  3. Grant Bray/Tony Gatford/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  4. Alan Cameron/David Smart/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  5. Eddie Campbell/Brian Frampton (Kapiti)/Steve Frampton (Park Avenue)
  6. John Clark/Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle (Masterton)
  7. David Corley/Noeline Corley/Marc Khull (Manawatu)
  8. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Nick Jegousse (Upper Hutt)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  9. Erica Drake/Catherine Maher/Peter van Heusden (Hataitai)
  10. Yvonne Futcher/Tony Simpson/Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  11. Dave Gatchell/Lew Gill (Horowhenua)/Peter Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  12. Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti)
  13. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  14. Kevin McFadgen/Sheryl McFadgen/Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  15. Graeme Morris (Masterton)/Susan Norman (Windy Hills)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  16. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)/Dirk Winnie (Hataitai)

Park Avenue Photographs Wanted

13 February 2015

After nineteen years the Park Avenue Pétanque club is being moved on from their home at the Park Avenue Bowling Bowling to make way for a new Regional Bowling Centre.

To mark their time in Treadwell Street a photographic record is being compiled. If you have photographs from events at Park Avenue, particularly from the early days, please bring them along at the weekend.

If you have digital copies, please send them to Michael Rocks.

The photographs will be displayed in the clubrooms during the weekend.

WPA Regional Triples Championship

14 February 2015

Graeme Morris, Susan Norman and Shirley Selwyn were the only undefeated team after the qualifying round at the Regional Triples.

Park Avenue: Thanks for the Memories cake

The Thanks for the Memories cake was cut by Ian and Jean Baine, foundation members of the Park Avenue Pétanque club, prior to the start of play.

Saturday qualifying rankings

WPA Regional Triples Championship

15 February 2015

Graeme Morris, Susan Norman and Shirley Selwyn remained unbeaten through the morning's second round pool play. In the semi-final they played Christine Strichen, Claire Wilson and Dirk Winnie and after an epic battle prevailled 13-12.

The other semi-final pitted the Wanganui East team of Yvonne Futcher, Tony Simpson and Richard Turfrey against Myles Cowper, Nicolas Jegousse and Michael Rocks. The latter won the match 13-6.

In the Trophy final, Myles, Nicolas and Michael ended Graeme, Susan and Shirley's unbeaten run winning the match 13-4.

Nick Jegousse finally has a winner's medal this season after being runner up in both the Singles and Doubles. Myles Cowper now has two winners' medals for the season (Doubles and Triples). Michael Rocks wins all three Regional Championships in the same season for the second time.

Final results

WBS Open Triples

18 February 2015

Fifteen teams have entered the WBS Open Triples this weekend (21/22 February) at Masterton.

  1. Paul Anderson/Sue Gurr/Sheryl Parslow
  2. Denise Bavidge/Geoff Greer/Pete Hamilton
  3. Maurice Belz/Simon Hurley/Lee Tafford
  4. Miriam Broad/Gael Singer/Niall Singer
  5. Sharon Cannon/Murray Porter/Brian Smith
  6. Sandy Carston/Ken Heywood/Eddie King
  7. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper/Paul Husband
  8. Myles Cowper/Nick Jegousse/Michael Rocks
  9. Yvonne Futcher/Tony Simpson/Richard Turfrey
  10. Dave Gatchell/Lew Gill/Shirley Selwyn
  11. John Hudson/Graeme Morris/Trevor Neilson,
  12. Barb Johnston/Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle
  13. Annick Le Guen/Shirley MacDonald/Dirk Winnie
  14. Margaret Mordecai/Christine Strichen/Claire Wilson
  15. Gerrand Seelan/Anna Simms/Lorne Gordon-Watkins

WBS Open Triples

22 February 2015

WBS Open Triples winners

It has been fifteen years since a Masterton club player has won the WBS Open Triples and with club members involved in both teams in the final, that drought was guaranteed to be broken.

Sharon Cannon, Murray Porter and Brian Smith went through undefeated in reaching the final. Their opponents John Hudson, Graeme Morris and Trevor Neilson lost a few games but won the important ones to make it through.

John, Graeme and Trevor gained an early lead but were hauled back in before eventually succumbing 13-8.

Full results

PNZ National Triples Championship

23 February 2015

Eighteen teams have entered the twenty-first PNZ National Triples Championship this weekend (28 February/1 March) in Christchurch.

This is the first time that the National Triples have been held in the South Island.

  1. Ian Baker (Herne Bay)/Bob Bridge (Bayview)/Ramon Pierce (Vikings)
  2. David Beer (Cromwell)/Sandra Hay/Lindsay Hay (Alexandra)
  3. Dion Biggs/Shannon Crequer/Emily Hickman (Ashburton)
  4. Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  5. Richard Browne (Ashburton)/Neville Frost (Dunedin City)/Warren McConnell (Dunedin City)
  6. Colin Bunce/Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)/Keith Dixon (Christchurch)
  7. Sharon Cannon (Bay View)/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  8. Alain Carpentier/Goulven Robinet/Nicolas Xavier (Christchurch)
  9. Les Clearwater/Andrew Findlay/Art Vernon (Christchurch)
  10. Bruno Falco/Emile Ferrand/Stephane Montel (Christchurch)
  11. Kay George (St Kilda)/Roy Harry-Young (Caversham)/Mervyn Wilson (St Kilda)
  12. John Greig (Kennedy Park)/Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Murray Porter (Bayview)
  13. Cathryn Lyall/Phillip Lyall/Kathleen Wallace (Dunedin City)
  14. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park)/Ruby Vakauta (Vikings)
  15. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  16. Mark Richardson/John Targett/Brian Westerbeek (Christchurch)
  17. Robbie Sihamau/Janet Goodin (Caversham)/Mavis Thompson (Timaru)
  18. Karen Stephen/Tina Targett/Christine Taylor (Christchurch)

PNZ Annual General Meeting

23 February 2015

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Christchurch Pétanque on Saturday, 28 February starting at 5:30 pm.

The Agenda includes a remit to levy participants in future National Championships $5 to help raise funds for hosting the 2017 Oceania Championship.

President's Report

WPA Regional Seedings

24 February 2015

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from the Regional Triples.

Regional Seedings | Explanation of the Seeding system

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

26 February 2015

Entry to the Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles on Sunday, 8 March has closed as all twenty places have been taken.

  1. Marlene Abbot/Jean Boughen (Upper Hutt)
  2. Alan Cameron/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  3. John Clarke/Alison Zuppecich (Upper Hutt)
  4. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper (Manawatu)
  5. David Corley/Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  6. Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Haitaiti)
  7. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  8. Jack Gazzard/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti)
  9. Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell (Kapiti)
  10. Lorraine Gibbons (Kapiti)/Jeanne Zee (Upper Hutt)
  11. Colin Gooch/Elaine Hunt (Upper Hutt)
  12. Eric Herbert/Mike Kennedy (Upper Hutt)
  13. Rona Hurley/Bob Joyce (Upper Hutt)
  14. Beth Miles/Harl Stevens (Kapiti)
  15. Doc Murray/Kathy Taylor (Upper Hutt)
  16. Bev Plowman/Lynley Watt (Upper Hutt)
  17. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)/Lois Rowe (Upper Hutt)
  18. Julian Teni/Marie Teni (Upper Hutt)
  19. Claudia Thompson/Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  20. Judith Williamson/Rex Williamson (Kapiti)

Pétanque Badges

26 February 2015

Pétanque badges Pétanque badges from the collection of Rex and Shirley Hayes.

National Shooting Competition

27 February 2015

Fifteen men and nine women took part in the qualifying round of the National Shooting competition held in conjunction with the National Triples at Christchurch.

In the final tomorrow, two South Island players, Stephane Montel (Christchurch) and Richard Browne (Ashburton) will be in the Men's final. The Women's final will feature two North Island players, Sharon Cannon (Bay View) and Claire Bradburn (Silverstream).

28 February 2015

Stephane Montel (Christchurch) won the Men's Shooting competition and Sharon Cannon (Bay View) won the Women's competition.

PNZ National Triples Championship

28 February 2015

Sharon Cannon, Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson were the only undefeated team after the first day's play in Christchurch. Qualifying rankings

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy match

28 February 2015

Masterton narrowly beat Hataitai in their latest Jacques Cochonnet Challenge defence. Down 1-2 after the first round, Masterton levelled the scores in the second round before taking out the match 5-4. Result