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Club of the Month

October 2014

Kapiti Pétanque is the featured club for the month of October.

PNZ National Singles Championship

1 October 2014

Thirty-two players have entered the National Singles to be played in Christchurch this weekend (4/5 October).

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Bob Bridge (Masterton)
  3. Richard Browne (Ashburton)
  4. Colin Bunce (Alexandra)
  5. Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)
  6. Les Clearwater (Christchurch)
  7. Robert Cumming (Tauranga)
  8. Keith Dixon (Christchurch)
  9. Bruno Falco (Christchurch)
  10. Emile Ferrand (Christchurch)
  11. Andrew Findlay (Christchurch)
  12. Neville Frost (Dunedin)
  13. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  14. John Hudson (Tauranga)
  15. Phillip Lyall (Dunedin)
  16. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  17. Margaret Maher (Northcote)
  18. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  19. Warren McConnell (Dunedin)
  20. Craig McKenzie (Christchurch)
  21. Stephane Montel (Christchurch)
  22. Margaret Mordacai (Otaki)
  23. Josie Parkin (Tauranga)
  24. Margaret Penny (Vikings)
  25. Ray Pierce (Vikings)
  26. Mark Richardson (Christchurch)
  27. Karen Stephen (Christchurch)
  28. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)
  29. Christine Taylor (Christchurch)
  30. John Taylor (Northcote)
  31. Mavis Thompson (Timaru)
  32. Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  33. Brian Westerbeek (Christchurch)
  34. Claire Wilson (Masterton)

Registrations for the Representative Process

4 October 2014

The below players have been accepted into the assessment camps for National Representation 2015.

Open Men

Ian Baker (Herne Bay), Bob Bridge (Masterton), Richard Browne (Ashburton), Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay), Dez Grant (St. George), David Lippard (Herne Bay), Andre Noel (Vikings), Tom Paulo (Vikings), Bill Peachey (Vikings), Junior Purcell (Vikings), Mark Richardson (Christchurch), Georgio Vakauta (Vikings).

Open Women

Sharon Cannon (Bay View), Annick Le Guen (Kapiti), Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay), Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Claire Wilson (Masterton).

Senior Men

Clive Bartleet (Vikings), Brian Bradburn (Silverstream), Charles Brock (Kennedy Park), Colin Bunce (Alexandra), Alain Coulomb (Herne Bay), Keith Dixon (Christchurch), Neville Frost (Dunedin City), John Hudson (Tauranga), Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Ray Pierce (Vikings), Brian Smith (Masterton), John Taylor (Northcote).

Senior Women

Maryon Beer (Cromwell), Claire Bradburn (Silverstream), Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra), Kay George (St.Kilda), Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua), Margaret Maher (Northcote), Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East), Margaret Penny (Vikings), Ann Shields (Epsom), Christine Taylor (Christchurch), Mavis Thompson (Timaru T&C).

Stefany Frost
Pétanque New Zealand

Tweleve Wellington Region players are in the mix for the 2015 Trans Tasman match (names in bold). The Open Men and Women will have a selection camp following the National Doubles Championship at Kapiti.

The Senior Men and Women will have their selection camp following the National Senior Doubles in Auckland in December.

PNZ National Singles Championship

4 October 2014

Thirty-four players took part in the National Singles at Christchurch Pétanque club in Hagley Park.

Bob Bridge (Masterton) was the only undefeated player after the first day's six rounds of qualifing games. (Ranking list)

5 October 2014

National Singles finalists

In the Championship final, Stephane Montel (Christchurch) beat Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua) 13-11. Final Results

Stephane becomes the second Christchurch player to win the National Singles after Steve Thwaites in 2004.

Jacques Cochonnet Challenge match

9 October 2014

Masterton had a convincing win in their first defence of the Jacques Cochonnet Challenge Trophy at home to Horowhenua. Final score Masterton 9, Horowhenua 0.

Masterton's next defence will be at home to Silverstream.

Match result | Tournament history

WPA Regional Doubles Championship

14 October 2014

Twenty-eight teams have entered the Regional Doubles to be played at Kapiti this weekend (18/19 October).

  1. Ian Bailey/Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  2. Ian Baine/Doc Murray (Upper Hutt)
  3. Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  4. Grant Bray (Kapiti)/Dirk Winnie (Hataitai)
  5. Eddie Campbell/Brett Maguire (Kapiti)
  6. Tony Chin/Ants Yee (Windy Hills)
  7. Morgan Choveaux (Khandallah)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  8. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper (Manawatu)
  9. David Corley/Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  10. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  11. Diane Fletcher/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  12. Brian Frampton (Kapiti)/Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  13. Steve Frampton/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue)
  14. Dave Gatchell/Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  15. Tony Gatford/Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  16. Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell (Kapiti)
  17. Peter Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  18. Nicolas Jegousse (Upper Hutt)/Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)
  19. Andrew Joe/Dean Norman (Windy Hills)
  20. Marc Khull/Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  21. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  22. Catherine Maher (Hataitai)/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti)
  23. Robin Mann/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)
  24. Kevin McFadgen/Sheryl McFadgen (Kapiti)
  25. Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle (Masterton)
  26. Susan Norman (Windy Hills)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  27. Sheryl Parslow/Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  28. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)

PNZ National Rankings

14 October 2014

The PNZ National Ramkings have been updated following the National Singles Championship in Christchurch.

Charles Peni and Georgio Vakauta retain the top spot. Bob Bridge (Masterton) has climbed to sixth and is the top ranked Senior player. Claire Wilson (Masterton) is now the top ranked Women player at eleven.

National Rankings - October 2014

WPA Regional Shooting Championship

15 October 2014

Fourteen players have entered the Regional Shooting Championship to be held in conjunction with the Regional Doubles at Kapiti this weekend.

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)
  3. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  4. Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  5. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  6. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  7. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  8. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  9. Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  10. Doc Murray (Upper Hutt)
  11. Dean Norman (Windy Hills)
  12. Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  13. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  14. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)

WPA Regional Shooting Championship

18 October 2014

Michael Rocks and Christine Strichen were the top two qualifiers after the two rounds of qualifying.

WPA Regional Doubles Championship

18 October 2014

Peter Hamilton/Graeme Morris and Grant Bray/Dirk Winnie were the only two undefeated teams after the five rounds of qualifying play.

WPA Regional Shooting Championship

19 October 2014

A head-to-head shootoff between the top two qualifiers was held during the lunch break of the Regional Doubles. Michael Rocks retained the Regional title by defeating Christine Strichen 25-13. (Results)

WPA Regional Doubles Championship

19 October 2014

Twenty-eight teams took part in the Regional Doubles at Kapiti over the weekend. The forecast rain stayed away and play was only briefly affected by a few showers.

The curse of the Saturday top qualifiers affected Pete Hamilton and Graeme Morris as they stumbled in the second round and dropped down to the Plate section. Grant Bray and Dirk Winnie remained unbeaten through to the quarter-finals, where they looked on course to progress through to the semi-final before squandering an 11-1 lead against Susan Norman and Shirley Selwyn.

On Saturday, Nicolas Jegousse and Enoka Smiler recorded an 8-7 win over defending champions Myles Cowper and Michael Rocks in the qualifying rounds. However, the result was reversed in the final as Cowper and Rocks won 13-5 to record back-to-back title wins, the first time this has happened since 2009.

The Plate final was won by Pete Hamilton and Graeme Morris, 13-11 winners over Morgan Choveaux and Annick Le Guen.

The Bowl section was won by Brian and Claire Bradburn. The Bowl Consolation was won by Ian Bailey and Don Thompson .

WPA Regional Doubles Championship results

Regional Doubles Champions

Regional Doubles Runners-up

Regional Doubles Plate winners: Graeme Morris & Peter Hamilton

Regional Doubles Plate runners-up

Regional Doubles Bowl winners

Regional Doubles Bowl Consolation winners

Photo credits: Tony Gatford.

Champion of Champions - Doubles

20 October 2014

Eight clubs have entered the Champion of Champions Doubles on Saturday, 25 October at Silverstream. The start time is 8:00 for 8:30 am.

  1. David Gatchell/Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  2. Annick Le Guen/Brett Maguire (Kapiti)
  3. Christine Daykin/Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  4. Bob McCarthy/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  5. Simon Grant/Robin Mann (Park Avenue)
  6. Owen Davie/John Hall (Silverstream)
  7. Eric Herbert/Jeanne Zee (Upper Hutt)
  8. Bill Ray/Pauline Ray (Wanganui East)

WPA Regional Seedings

22 October 2014

The Regional Seeding points have been updated using the results from Regional Doubles. Michael Rocks now has sole top spot, while Annick Le Guen is joined by Myles Cowper in second place. Nicolas Jegousse and Graeme Morris round out the top five.

Regional Seedings | Explanation of the Seeding system

Champion of Champions - Doubles

26 October 2014

Eight clubs were represented in the Champion of Champions Doubles played at the Silverstream Pétanque club yesterday.

Annick Le Guen and Brett Maquire (Kapiti) won the Champion of Champions Doubles on tie-break from Simon Grant and Robin Mann (Park Avenue).

Final results

Twilight Pétanque

27 October 2014

Weather permitting, Twilight Pétanque starts 6:00 pm Tuesday, 4 November at Khandallah (Woodmancote Road, Wellington).

Jacques Cochonnet Challenge match

27 October 2014

On a rain soaked and soggy terrain, Masterton won five of the first six games against Silverstream. Having secured the Trophy they promptly lost the last three games to finish the match 5-4.

Masterton's next defence will be away to Manawatu.

Match result | Tournament history