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PNZ National Doubles Championship

1 November 2014

Forty-four teams are taking part in the National Doubles Championship at Kapiti (1/2 November).

After the first day's six rounds of qualifying games, Andre Noel and Tom Paulo (Vikings) were the only undefeated team. However, the top 16 teams still have an opportunity to win the Championship tomorrow. (Ranking list)

PNZ National Doubles Championship

2 November 2014

National Doubles winners

Andre Noel and Tom Paulo beat their Mt Albert Vikings clubmates Junior Purcell and Georgio Vakauta 13-8 to win the National Doubles Championship at Kapiti.

The Plate was won by Mark Richardson and Brian Westerbeek who beat David and Joanne Lippard.

Nicolas Jegousse and Enoka Smiler were undefeated in winning the Consolante.

Final results

Khandallah 3-Boules Triples

5 November 2014

Eight teams have entered the Khandallah 3 Boules Triples on Saturday, 8 November.

  1. Ian Baine/Jean Baine/Doc Murray (Boulies)
  2. Alan Cameron/Dave Smart/Trish Smart (Belle Ville Triplettes)
  3. John Clark/Eric Herbert/Jeanne Zee (Triple Trick)
  4. Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson/Brian Frampton (Kapiti)
  5. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser/Val Long (Otaki)
  6. Jack Gazzard/Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell (Rhubarb)
  7. Mike Kennedy/Kathy Taylor/Alison Zuppicich (Upper Hutt)
  8. Dean Norman/Susan Norman/Shirley Selwyn (Triples Treat)

Horowhenua Guy Fawkes Doubles

7 November 2014

Due to a lack of entries, the Guy Fawkes Doubles has been cancelled.

Khandallah 3-Boules Triples

8 November 2014

Lew Gill, Dean Norman, and Shirley Selwyn were undefeated in winning the Khandallah 3 Boules Triples.

Khandallah 3 Boules Triples #1 Khandallah 3 Boules Triples #2

Khandallah 3 Boules Triples #3 Khandallah 3 Boules Triples #4

Khandallah 3 Boules Triples #5

Jacques Cochonnet Challenge match

9 November 2014

Masterton travelled to Manawatu for their latest challenge match, where they retained the Trophy with a comfortable 7-2 victory.

Masterton's next defence will be at home to Wanganui East.

Match result | Tournament history

Wanganui East Triples

11 November 2014

Twenty teams have entered the Wanganui East Open Triples this weekend (15/16 November). Bar food will be available at the Club for lunch, also a bakery and cafe are available both days within a 5 minute drive. The cafe is open early both days.

  1. Paul Anderson/Yvonne Futcher/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  2. Ian Bailey/David Corley/Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  3. Maurice Beltz (Napier)/Bob Bridge (Masterton)/Lee Taffard (Napier)
  4. Lee-Anne Bird/Sandra Carston (Wanganui East)/Eddie King (HBLT)
  5. Sharon Cannon/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  6. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper/Paul Husband (Manawatu)
  7. Beryl Cowan (Wanganui East)/Murray Johnston (Masterton)/Bill Ray (Wanganui East)
  8. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)/Nick Jegousse (Upper Hutt)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  9. Steve Frampton (Park Avenue)/Dave Gatchell/Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  10. Dene Futcher/Sheryl Parslow/Maree Toyne (Wanganui East)
  11. Dez Grant (St George)/David Lippard(Herne Bay)/Sarah-Jane Wright (St George)
  12. John Gurr/Joy Gurr/Shirley Smith (Wanganui East)
  13. Ken Heywood (Wanganui East)/John Maxwell (HBLT)/John Bugman (HBLT)
  14. Bruce Jefferies/Tony Mudgway/Glen Selbie (Wanganui East)
  15. Pam Jenkins/Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay)/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)
  16. Barbara Johnston (Masterton)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Joan Millar (Masterton)
  17. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)/Bob McCarthy/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  18. Kevin McFadgen/Sheryl McFadgen/Allan Taylor (Kapiti)
  19. Josie Penton/Margaret Pomana/Kevin Simpson (Wanganui East)
  20. Enoka Smiler/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue)/Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)

Wanganui East Triples

15 November 2014

Myles Cowper/Nicolas Jegousse/Michael Rocks and Maurice Belz/Bob Bridge/Lee Taffard were undefeated after the Saturday qualifying games at the Wanganui East Open Triples.

Ranking list

Wanganui East Open Triples

17 November 2014

Wanganui East Open Triples winners

Dez Grant, David Lippard, and Sarah-Jane Wright beat Myles Cowper, Nicolas Jegousse and Michael Rocks 13-7 to win the Wanganui East Open Triples. Progress score: 3-0, 3-3, 3-6, 3-6, 4-6, 5-6, 7-6, 7-7, 9-7, 12-7, 13-7.

The Plate was won by Sharon Cannon, Shirley Selwyn, and Claire Wilson. The Bowl was won by Barbara Johnston, Annick Le Guen, and Brett Maguire.

Final results

Horowhenua Over 80 Mêlée

21 November 2014

Horowhenua Over 80 Mêlée participants

Twenty players took part in the Horowhenua Over 80 Mêlée, an increase of two over last year.

Final Placings

Joan Finn (Horowhenua), Bob Wilde (Otaki) 3 wins, +23, 1 equal;
Ian Baine (Upper Hutt) 3, +14, 3;
Don Thompson (Manawatu) 3, +13, 4;
Ophir Macdonald (Horowhenua) 2, +18, 5;
Rex Williamson (Kapiti) 2, +12, 6;
Brian Bradburn (Silverstream) 2, +9, 7;
Kathleen Pearce (Otaki) 2, +2, 8;
John Dorne (Horowhenua), Cath Hughes (Manawatu) 2, +6, 9 equal;
Shirley Wilde (Otaki) 1, +2, 11;
Les Little (Manawatu) 1, 0, 12;
Patrick Scarlet (Horowhenua) 1, -3; 13;
June Cave (Horowhenua), Don Fraser (Otaki) 1, -8, 14 equal;
Rose Bendall (Horowhenua) 1, -17, 16;
Beverly Mason (Kapiti) 0, -13, 17;
Barry Sarney (Silverstream) 0, -17, 18;
Jean Baine (Upper Hutt), Carl Mooyman (Horowhenua) 0, -20, 19 equal.

Kapiti Over 70 Mêlée

21 November 2014

Twenty-eight players took part in the Kapiti Over 70 Mêlée (Super Seniors) on Wednesday.

Harl Stevens and Tommy Werry were both undefeated with 5 wins and both had a differential of +36! Harl was declared the winner on count back.

Final placings

  1. Harl Stevens 5 wins, +36
  2. Tommy Werry 5, +36
  3. Alan Cameron 4, +21
  4. Ted Burr 4, + 19
  5. Colleen Horton 4, +16
  6. David Parr 4, +6
  7. Robin Mann 4, +2
  8. Dave Kitchener 3, +27
  9. Jeanne Zee 3wins +12
  10. Lynne Shepherd 3, +11
  11. Barry Cody 3, +1
  12. Cath Hughes 3, -3
  13. Dave Wilmshurst 2, +8
  14. Doc Murray 2, +2
  15. Les Little 2, +1
  16. Jo Maxwell 2, -1
  17. Val Clark 2, -3
  18. Roy Buchan 2, -14
  19. Don Thompson 2, -15
  20. Colleen Hooper 2, -17
  21. Derek Cooper 2, -17
  22. Diane Fletcher 1, -2
  23. Elva Cooper 1, -14
  24. Judie Stewart 1, -18
  25. Stuart Allingham 1, -20
  26. Beth Miles 1, -23
  27. Brian Mackay 1, -26
  28. Bev Mackay 1, -27

Regional Senior Doubles

21 November 2014

Sixteen teams have entered the Regional Senior Doubles at Horowhenua on Wednesday, 26 November.

  1. Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Brian Frampton (Kapiti)/Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  3. Ian Calder/Eddie Campbell (Kapiti)
  4. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper (Manawatu)
  5. David Corley/Noeline Corley (Manawatu)
  6. Owen Davie/Barry Sarney (Silverstream)
  7. Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua)/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  8. Dave Gatchell/Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  9. Linda Gazzard (Kapiti)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  10. Lorraine Gray/Beth Holden (Silverstream)
  11. Peter Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  12. Catherine Maher (Haitaitai)/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  13. Jo Maxwell/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti)
  14. Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle (Masterton)
  15. Bill Ray/Pauline Ray (Wanganui East)
  16. Patrick Scarlet/Tony Trembath (Horowhenua)

PNZ Board Resignation

24 November 2014

Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East) has resigned as PNZ Vice-President.

NZ Representative Teams

24 November 2014

Three Wellington region players have been named in the Open team to take part in the Trans Tasman match at Avoca (Victoria, Australia) next March.


Ian Baker (Herne Bay), Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay), Dez Grant (St. George), Andre Noel (Vikings), Tom Paulo (Vikings), Junior Purcell (Vikings). The Reserve is Mark Richardson (Christchurch) and the Coach is John Greig (Kennedy Park).


Sharon Cannon (Bay View), Annick Le Guen (Kapiti), Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Ruby Vakauta (Vikings), Claire Wilson (Masterton). The Reserves are Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay) and Sarah-Jane Wright (St. George) and the Coach is Michael Rocks (Khandallah).

Tom Paulo, Junior Purcell and Ruby Vakauta will all be making their debut for New Zealand.

The members of the Senior team will be announced after the National Senior Doubles and Selection camp next month.

Upper Hutt Mêlée

24 November 2014

Forty players took part in the Upper Hutt Mêlée yesterday. Leading scores were:

  1. Rona Hurley (Upper Hutt) 5 wins, +21
  2. Claudia Thompson (Manawatu) 4, +27
  3. Jack Gazzard (Kapiti) 4, + 21
  4. Eileen Murray (Upper Hutt) 4, +20

The Pointing Competition won by Jack Gazzard.

Senior Petanque Goodwill Tour to Australia

26 November 2014

Trevor Neilson is arranging a Goodwill tour for senior Petanque players around Victoria & Tasmania next year.

Note that Trevor needs expressions of interest in joining the trip by 1 December.

Barbara Whittington
Pétanque New Zealand

PNZ Board Elections 2015 - Call for Nominations

27 November 2014

In accordance with the provisions of the PNZ Constitution, Stefany Frost is due to retire at the 2015 AGM (to be held on 28th February; a formal Notice will follow shortly). There is also a Board vacancy created by the resignation during the year of Richard Turfrey (who would also have been due to retire). Stefany is standing for re-election.

The closing date for nominations is 19 January 2015.

Barbara Whittington
Pétanque New Zealand

Regional Senior Doubles Championship

29 November 2014

Sixteen teams took part in the Regional Senior Doubles Championship at Horowhenua, a drop of six from last season.

In the Trophy final, Brian Frampton and Shirley MacDonald beat Dave Gatchell and Lew Gill 13-7 to win the Championship title.

The Plate final was won by Jo Maxwell and Lynne Shepherd who beat Linda Gazzard and Shirley Selwyn also by 13-7.

Final results