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WPA Women's Doubles

3 September 2013

Women's Doubles winners

Christine Strichen and Claire Wilson won the WPA Women's Doubles.

In the Trophy final, they beat Sharon Cannon and Yvonne Futcher 13-3.

Final results

Photo credit: Bob McCarthy

WPA Women's Triples

3 September 2013

Women's Triples winners

Joan Miller, Susan Norman, and Shirley Selwyn won the WPA Women's Triples.

In the Trophy final, they beat Claire Bradburn, Barbara Nicholls, and Lynne Teddy 13-8.

Final results

Photo credit: Bob McCarthy

Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles

6 September 2013

Twenty-six teams, including two from the South Island, have entered the Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles at the Napier City Pétanque club.

  1. Maurice Belz/Murray Porter
  2. David Bosley/Barbara Lucas
  3. Bob Bridge/Lee Tafford
  4. Colin Bunce/Marilyn Bunce
  5. John Clark/Sheila Clark
  6. Myles Cowper/Michael Rocks
  7. Vicky Cox/Pam Nicholson
  8. Sandy Carston/John Maxwell
  9. Krissy Dinniss/Dene Futcher
  10. Sarah Faulkner/Janet Hackett
  11. Gerard Fleschner/Dennis Gillespie
  12. Pam Fuller/Ian Hay
  13. Yvonne Futcher/Tony Simpson
  14. Dez Grant/Sarah-Jane Wright
  15. Sue Gurr/Robin Johnson
  16. Grant Hackett/Richard Turfrey
  17. Josh Hamilton/Robert Wilson
  18. Pete Hamilton/Shirley Selwyn
  19. Lindsay Hay/Sandra Hay
  20. Alan Heron/Jayne Heron
  21. Ken Heywood/Eddie King
  22. John Hudson/Josie Parkin
  23. Jonothan Kerr/Val Nicholson
  24. Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle
  25. Graeme Morris/Trevor Neilson
  26. Gordon Ogden/Lester Reese

Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles

9 September 2013

Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles winners

The traditional season opening event at the Napier City Pétanque club attracted 26 entries, including four players from Alexandra and six from Auckland and points north.

In the Trophy final Dez Grant and Sarah-Jane Wright comfortably beat Maurice Belz and Murray Porter.

The Plate was won by John Hudson and Josie Parkin from Graeme Morris and Trevor Neilson.

The Bowl was won by Joan Miller and Ralph Priddle from Colin Bunce and Marilyn Bunce.

Final results

Additional photos can be found on the Napier City website (under Gallery)

PNZ National Women's Triples

11 September 2013

Twelve teams, including four from the South Island, have entered the National Women's Triples at the Otaki Pétanque club.

The field includes the six former champions: Yvonne Futcher, Barbara Johnston, Christine Strichen (2010); and Karen Stephen, Tina Targett, Christine Taylor (2011).

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Tangi Rasmussen/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue)
  2. Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra)/Stefany Frost/Sandra Hay (Dunedin City)
  3. Sheryl Earnshaw (Kapiti)/Shirley Fraser/Joan Judd (Otaki)
  4. Yvonne Futcher/Sue Gurr (Wanganui East)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  5. Kay George (St. Kilda)/Janet Goodin/Mavis Thompson (Caversham)
  6. Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay)/Barbara Johnston (Masterton)/Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay)
  7. Clare Loman/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  8. Margaret Maher (Northcote)/Jean Parley (Stanley Bay)/Ann Shields (Epsom)
  9. Shar McGrath/Nadine Simpson/Kathleen Wallace (Caversham)
  10. Joan Miller (Masterton)/Susan Norman (Windy Hills)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  11. Sheryl Parslow/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  12. Karen Stephen/Tina Targett/Christine Taylor (Christchurch)

WPA Regional Singles Championship

13 September 2013

Nineteen entries have so far been received for the Regional Singles Championship (21/22 September at Kapiti). The closing date for entries is Monday, 16 September.

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Steve Frampton (Park Avenue)
  3. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  4. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  5. David Gatchel (Kapiti)
  6. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  7. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  8. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  9. Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)
  10. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  11. Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  12. Graeme Pilcher (Park Avenue)
  13. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  14. Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  15. Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  16. Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)
  17. Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  18. Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  19. Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy challenge draw

13 September 2013

The draw for Round 19 was conducted after the WPA Committee meeting (Thursday, 29 August 2013).

Trophy Holder


Jacques Cochonnet Challenge Trophy : Draw for Round 19
19.2Wanganui EastAway
19.3Park AvenueAway
19.7Upper HuttHome

Note: The venue is for the Challenger.

As the draw was made before the end of round, if Manawatu beat Masterton in the final challenge for Round 18, then Masterton will take the place of Manawatu in match 4. If Masterton beats Manawatu in Round 18 and then subsequently loses a challenge in Round 19, Masterton does not challenge until Round 20. (Jacques Cochonnet Rules - Article 3)

WPA Committee Meeting

14 September 2013

Minutes from the 29 August WPA Committee meeting

PNZ National Women's Triples

16 September 2013

Karen Stephen, Tina Targett, and Christine Taylor won their second National Women's Triples title. In the final, they beat Yvonne Futcher, Sue Gurr, and Annick Le Guen.

Final results

WPA Regional Singles Championship

16 September 2013

The usual last moment surge in entries has 34 players taking part in the Regional Singles championship and three new entries for the Day Two tournament.

  1. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Bob Bridge (Masterton)
  3. Eddie Campbell (Kapiti)
  4. Myles Cowper (Hataitai)
  5. Peter Dennett (Hataitai)
  6. Fay Doyle (Kapiti)
  7. Steve Frampton (Park Avenue)
  8. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  9. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  10. David Gatchell (Horowhenua)
  11. Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  12. Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  13. Rex Hayes (Kapiti)
  14. Nicolas Jegousse (Upper Hutt)
  15. Dave Kitchener (Kapiti)
  16. Richard Lawson (Hataitai)
  17. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  18. Robin Mann (Park Avenue)
  19. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  20. Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)
  21. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  22. Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  23. Graeme Pilcher (Park Avenue)
  24. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  25. Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  26. Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  27. Trish Smart (Manawatu)
  28. Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)
  29. Harl Stevens (Kapiti)
  30. Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  31. Lynne Teddy (Horowhenua)
  32. Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  33. Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  34. Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)

Day Two Tournament entrants

  1. Ian Baine (Upper Hutt)
  2. Jean Baine (Upper Hutt)
  3. Clare Loman (Otaki)

World Junior Championship

17 September 2013

Thirty-two teams from thirty countries took part in the World Junior (under 18) Championship in Montauban, France from 30 August to 1 september.

Thailand, as defending champion, and France, as hosts, entered two teams. The final saw Thailand B retain the title it won in 2011 by beating Madagascar 13-7. The losing semi-finalists were Thailand A and France B.

The Nations Cup (Plate) was won by Switzerland, who beat Luxembourg 13-6 in the final.

Australia were the only Oceania country to take part. They finished in 9-16 place in the Nation's Cup.

The Shooting competition was won by Thanakorn Sangkaew (Thailand) who scored an impressive 56 points in the final against Miguel Trujillo (Spain) who scored 28.

Preparing for the 2013 Women's World Championship

19 September 2013

Prior to the Trans Tasman match, the Wellington players, coaches and selectors were asked to provide some background to the match under the heading Preparing for the Trans Tasman.

With four Wellington region members in the team as players and coach, they were asked once again about their preparation for the 2013 Women's World Championship in Montauben, France. (Responses 3) More »

WPA Regional Singles Championship

21 September 2013

Kapiti terrain during the rain break

Thirty players, from an initial entry of 34, took part in the first day of the Regional Singles Championship at the Kapiti Pétanque club.

Bad weather forced a one hour break in the middle of day. However, all five rounds were completed.

Annick Le Guen, Richard Lawson, Graeme Pilcher and Michael Rocks were the only undefeated players.

Play will resume at 9:00 am tomorrow, weather permitting.

WPA Regional Singles Championship

22 September 2013

Eddie Campbell at the Regional Singles

Kapiti players headed the Regional Singles Championship held at the Kapiti Pétanque club.

Annick Le Guen was unbeaten in winning her first Regional Singles title. In the final she beat clubmate Kevin McFadgen 13-5.

The Plate was won by Graeme Pilcher from Claire Bradburn.

The Day two tournament was won by Tony Simpson from Bob McCarthy.

Final results

WPA Regional Seedings

23 September 2013

The Regional Seedings list has been updated following the Regional Singles. (Explanation)

WPA Champion of Champions - Singles

24 September 2013

Seven clubs are represented in the Champion of Champions - Singles to be played at Horowhenua on Saturday, 28 September at Horowhenua. The start time is 8:30 for 9:00 am.

  1. Brian Bradburn (Silverstream)
  2. Ted Burr (Otaki)
  3. Lew Gill (Horowhenua)
  4. Colin Gooch (Upper Hutt)
  5. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  6. Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)
  7. Trish Smart (Manawatu)

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Match

27 September 2013

Masterton defended a challenge from Manawatu last Saturday, 21 September at Palmerston North. Wet weather and a flooded terrain meant that all games could not be played. Masterton won 5 out of the 7 games played and were declared winners.

Results (Masterton names first)
Singles: Sheila Clark vs. Roger Ball 9-13, 3-13;
Doubles: Ralph Priddle/Brian Smith vs. Paul Husband/Don Thompson 13-5, 13-4;
Triples: Barb Johnston/John Clark/Joan Miller vs. Ian Bailey/Derek Cooper/John McFarlane 13-3, 13-0, 13-6.
Score: Masterton 5, Manawatu 2

Masterton's next defence is at home to Hataitai.

Tournament history

Women's World Championship

27 September 2013

2013 World Championship logo

Forty-eight teams from forty-six countries are taking part in the XIV Women's World Championship at Montauban, France from Friday, 4 to Sunday, 6 October.

France, as host, and Tunisia, as defending champion, have two teams entered.

Oceania is represented by three teams: Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti.

This is the fifth time that New Zealand has taken part in the Championship (Previous results).

Barbara Johnston has taken part in all five world championships. Joanne Lippard, Christine Strichen, and Claire Wilson are all taking part in their second. This will also be the second for Dirk Winnie as coach. He has previously played in one Men's World Championship (2006).

Other players to attend a Women's World Championship are Sharon Cannon (4), Lauriel Priestley (2) and Pam Jenkins (1).

New Zealand has played 27 games for 11 wins (including a bye) and 16 losses. Wins have been recorded against Belarus, Denmark, England, Estonia, Germany (2), Monaco, USA, and Wales (2).

The losses have been against Algeria, Australia, Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany (2), Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand (2), Tunisia, and Turkey. Both losses to Thailand were against the defending World Champion team.

Coverage of the tournament is on the French Federation website (not archived).

Partner Wanted

28 September 2013

Shirley MacDonald from the Horowhenua club is looking for a partner for the Regional Doubles.

WPA Champion of Champions - Singles

28 September 2013

Ted Burr with Trophy

Ted Burr was undefeated in winning the Champion of Champions Singles played at Horowhenua.

Final results

Wellington Representative team

29 September 2013

With the withdrawal of BOP/Central from the proposed Bataille Regional tournament it will now revert to the Tristar for this year.

The Wellington team to travel to Dunedin for this event is: Claire Bradburn (Silverstream), Steve Frampton (Park Avenue), Richard Lawson (Hataitai), Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti), Graeme Morris (Masterton). Coach: Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East).

Graeme Morris (Selector)

PNZ National Singles

30 September 2013

Thirty-six players have entered the National Singles Championship, which will be held this weekend (5/6 October) at the Tauranga Pétanque club (Robins Reserve, Cliff Road, Tauranga). The start time is 8:00 for 8:30 am both days.

The field includes the defending champion, Pete Hamilton (2012), and previous winners Andre Noel (2010) and Georgio Vakauta (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2011).

  1. Bob Bridge (Masterton)
  2. Jean-Pascal Cuer (Herne Bay)
  3. Keith Dixon (Christchurch)
  4. Lorne Gordon-Watkins (Tauranga)
  5. Jim Forrest (Tauranga)
  6. Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay)
  7. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  8. Janet Goodin (Caversham)
  9. Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East)
  10. Ken Heywood (Wanganui East)
  11. John Hudson (Tauranga)
  12. Arnold Lander (Tauranga)
  13. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  14. Sandy MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  15. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  16. Angela Maxted (Kennedy Park)
  17. Miles Maxted (Kennedy Park)
  18. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  19. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  20. Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  21. Trevor Neilson (Rotorua)
  22. Pamela Nicholson (Napier City)
  23. Andre Noel (Vikings)
  24. Josie Parkin (Tauranga)
  25. Bill Peachy (Hibiscus Coast)
  26. Ray Pierce (Vikings)
  27. Junior Purcell (Vikings)
  28. Brenda Reid (Tauranga)
  29. Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  30. Nadine Simpson (Caversham)
  31. Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  32. Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)
  33. Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  34. Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  35. Georgio Vakauta (Vikings)
  36. Ruby Vakauta (Vikings)