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Hawke's Bay Autumn Triples

1 May 2013

Fifteen teams from around the North Island took part in the nineth Hawke's Bay Autumn Triples held at the HBLT club. Results

Regional Women's Singles Championship

1 May 2013

Twenty players have entered the Regional Women's Singles to be held at the Kapiti Pétanque club (Paraparaumu Domain, Aorangi Road, Paraparaumu) on Saturday 4 May. The start time is 8:30 for 9:00 am.

  1. Kath Alison (Kapiti)
  2. Rangi Ankins (Horowhenua)
  3. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)
  4. Fay Doyle (Kapiti)
  5. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  6. Carol Lacoste (Kapiti)
  7. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  8. Clare Loman (Otaki)
  9. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  10. Bev Mackay (Kapiti)
  11. Robin Mann (Park Avenue)
  12. Beverly Mason (Kapiti)
  13. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  14. Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  15. Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)
  16. Kathy Taylor (Upper Hutt)
  17. Lynne Teddy (Horowhenua)
  18. Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)
  19. Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  20. Alison Zuppicich (Upper Hutt)

1 May 2013

Jo Maxwell (Kapiti) has replaced Carol Lacoste.

Preparing for the Trans Tasman

4 May 2013

A record number of WPA members are involved with the 2013 Trans Tasman match in Newcastle (18/19 May) as either players, coaches or selectors. They have been asked to provide some background to the match under the heading Preparing for the Trans Tasman.

It is hoped that their responses will add some interest to the match. Responses will be published as they come in. (Response count: 15)

Regional Women's Singles Championship

5 May 2013

Twenty players took part in the Regional Women's Singles held at Kapiti. In the Trophy final Annick Le Guen defeated Chrsitine Strichen 13-4.

Claire Bradburn won the Plate and Clare Loman the Bowl. (Results)

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Match

8 May 2013

Masterton successfully defended the Jacques Cochonnet away at Silverstream.

Results (Masterton names first)
Singles: Graeme Morris vs. Barry Chandler 5-13, 13-4, 13-3;
Doubles: Barbara Johnston/Anna Simms vs. Owen Davie/Tim Lovell-Smith 13-1, 13-2, 13-9;
Triples: Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle/Brian Smith vs. Barbara Bateman/Brian Bradburn/John Hall 13-4, 13-1, 13-1.
Score: Masterton 8, Silverstream 1

Masterton's next challenge is at home to Otaki.

Tournament history

Murrayfield Open Triples

8 May 2013

Sixteen teams have so far entered the Murrayfield Open Triples on Sunday 12 May. The closing date for entry is Friday 10 May.

  1. Rangi Ankins/Shirley MacDonald/Sandy MacDonald (Horowhenua)
  2. Ian Bailey/Cath Hughes/Les Little (Manawatu)
  3. Max Brown/Rex Hayes/Harl Stevens (Kapiti)
  4. Ted Burr/Joan Judd/Bob Wilde (Otaki)
  5. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper/Pat Macfarlane (Manawatu)
  6. Myles Cowper (Windy Hills)/Margaret Fleck (Hataitai)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  7. Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson/Brian Frampton (Kapiti)
  8. Carleen Fitzgerald/Jan Hayward/Shona Whale (Horowhenua)
  9. Diane Fletcher/Steve Frampton/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  10. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser/Clare Loman (Otaki)
  11. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)/Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)
  12. David Gatchell/Lew Gill/Lynne Teddy (Horowhenua)
  13. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford/Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  14. Pete Hamilton/Shirley Selwyn/Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East)
  15. Paul Husband/Trish Smart/Don Thompson (Manawatu)
  16. Carol Lacoste/Beth Miles/Judith Williamson (Kapiti)

9 May 2013

John Macfarlane replaces Paul Husband.

PNZ Annual General Meeting

10 May 2013

The minutes (69kB) and President's Report (218kB) from the Annual General Meeting, held at Park Avenue (Sat 13 April 2013).

Murrayfield Open Triples

12 May 2013

Sixteen teams took part in the Murrayfield Open Triples at Otaki. Two teams were undefeated after the five rounds: Yvonne Futcher/Annick Le Guen/Tony Simpson had a points differential of +50, while David Gatchell/Lew Gill/Lynne Teddy had a points differential of +40.


2013 Murrayfield Triples winners 2013 Murrayfield Triples runners-up

2013 Murrayfield Triples 2013 Murrayfield Triples

Trans Tasman

12 May 2013

Claire Bradburn has withdrawn from the NZ Senior Women's team. An replacement has not yet been announced.

Trans Tasman Australia teams

12 May 2013

The Australia teams to play against New Zealand in the Trans Tasman match at Lake Macquarie City Pétanque club, Teralba, New South Wales (18/19 May 2013).

Open Women

Ariadne Ernest, Kate Mangan, Eileen Marie, Elisa Papotto, Josie Petrolo, Libby Sowter

Open Men

Eric Doublet, Francois Hitie, Michael Lacase, Stephane Langlois, Pierrot Lubin, Tim Stevenson

The Open Coach is Warren Sowter

Senior Women

Joyce Anderson, Helen Bayet, Kim Douglas, Arlette Figon, Glenis Head, Valmai Nicoll

Senior Men

Jean Paul Boudan, Terry Dando, Mike Mulvihill, John Rowe, Grant Threadgate, David Ward

The Senior Coach is Jean Francois Veyssiere.

Wanganui East Mêlée

19 May 2013

Sixty Players from Horowhenua, Kapiti, Manawatu, Otaki, Upper Hutt, and Wanganui East took part in the Wanganui East Mêlée. The weather was kind, as the rain held off until the last round.

Leading scores were:

  1. Gary Brunton (Otaki) 5 wins, +44 point differential
  2. Mike Kennedy (Upper Hutt) 5, +41
  3. Dene Futcher, Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East) 5, +32

Trans Tasman

22 May 2013

Janet Goodin from the Caversham club replaced Claire Bradburn in the Senior Women's team.

WPA Regional Awards Nominations

22 May 2013

Nominations have closed for the 2012-13 WPA Regional Awards. The category winners will be announced at the WPA Annual General Meeting. (Nominees)

Voting for the Personality of the Year closes on 9 June 2013.

Trans Tasman

22 May 2013

New Zealand won the Open and Senior matches for the sixth consecutive year. Australia was successful in the Junior match.


2013 NZ Junior team

Australia 29, New Zealand 9


2013 NZ Open team

Australia 42, New Zealand 78


2013 NZ Senior team

Australia 58, New Zealand 62

Hopefully, more details will emerge in the next few days.

Lake Macquarie City Pétanque club terrain

31 May 2012

Partial results from Day One.

Pétanque on NZ TV

23 May 2013

Prior to the Trans Tasman, Tv One's Seven Sharp had a preview of the match.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Match

25 May 2013

After eight games the match between Masterton and Otaki was all tied up at 4-4. In the final Doubles game, Masterton prevailled 13-12 to retain the Jacques Cochonnet Challenge Trophy for another month.

Results (Masterton names first)
Singles: Joan Miller vs. Bob McCarthy 13-4, 10-13, 13-8;
Doubles: Barbara Johnston/Brian Smith vs. Clare Loman/Shirley Fraser 11-13, 13-3, 13-12;
Triples: John Clark/Niall Singer/Claire Wilson vs. Gary Brunton/Ted Burr/Joan Judd 9-13, 13-5, 9-13.
Score: Masterton 5, Otaki 4

Masterton's next challenge is at home to Wanganui East.

Tournament history

Masterton Midwinter Doubles

28 May 2013

Twenty teams have entered the Masterton Midwinter doubles at the A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville. The start time is 8:30 for 9:00 am.

  1. Paul Anderson/Sue Gurr (Wanganui East)
  2. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)
  3. Bob Bridge (Masterton)/Lee Taffard (HBLT)
  4. Sharon Cannon (Wanganui East)/Murray Porter (Bay View)
  5. John Clark/Sheila Clark (Masterton)
  6. Myles Cowper (Windy Hills)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  7. Peter Dennett (Hataitai)/Cliff Wood
  8. Krissy Dinniss/Brian Futcher (Wanganui East)
  9. Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Hataitai)
  10. Pete Hamilton/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East)
  11. Dene Futcher/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)
  12. Ken Heywood (Wanganui East)/Eddie King (Napier)
  13. Bruce Jeffrey/Tony Mudgway (Wanganui East)
  14. Andrew Joe (Windy Hills)/Brian Smith (Masterton)
  15. Robin Johnson/John Maxwell (HBLT)
  16. Richard Lawson (Hataitai)/Alan Taylor (Kapiti)
  17. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)/Christine Strichen (Wanganui East)
  18. Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton)
  19. Elva Simonsen/Kelvin Simonsen
  20. Gael Singer/Niall Singer (Masterton)