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Otaki Easter Mêlée

2 April 2013

Easter Saturday was cloudy and warm in Otaki where we held our first Easter Melee. It was a resounding success with an almost full field of sixty entries. (We can only accommodate sixty-four).

After 5 timed games the eventual winner was Trish Smart (Horowhenua) with five wins, +37, closely followed by Lew Gill (Horowhenua) with 5 wins, +33. Shirley Fraser (Otaki) and John Macfarlane (Manawatu) finished equal third with 5 wins, +31.

Alas there were no major prizes won on the scratchies that were handed out on the lucky pistes but I think all the easter eggs were enjoyed.

Bob McCarthy

Foxton Beach Pétanque terrain

2 April 2013

Foxton Beach Pétanque terrain

The Foxton Beach Motor Camp pétanque terrain was built by the Horowhenua District Council under guidance from Bryan Wells.

The Council have now sold the Motor Camp and permission is needed to use the pistes. The terrain is proving popular with European visitors.

Photo credit: Rex Hayes

WPA Champion of Champions - Triples

3 April 2013

Six clubs have entered the Champions of Champions - Triples to be played at Otaki on Saturday 6 April.

  1. Horowhenua: Lew Gill/Sandy MacDonald/Lynne Teddy
  2. Kapiti: Peter Blake/Max Brown/Eddie Campbell
  3. Manawatu: Derek Cooper/Paul Husband/Don Thompson
  4. Otaki: Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser/Clare Loman
  5. Silverstream: Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn/John Hall
  6. Wanganui East: Paul Anderson/Yvonne Futcher/Tony Simpson

WPA Shooting competition

3 April 2013

Ten players have entered the inaugural Regional Shooting Championship to be held at Kapiti on Sunday 7 April.

  1. Paul Anderson (Wanganui East)
  2. Don Fraser (Otaki)
  3. Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East)
  4. Nick Jegousse (Upper Hutt)
  5. Annick Le Guen (Kapiti)
  6. Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  7. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  8. Dean Norman (Windy Hills)
  9. Michael Rocks (Khandallah)
  10. Tony Simpson (Wanganui East)

PNZ National Triples

3 April 2013

Twenty-eight teams have entered the National Triples Championship to be held at Park Avenue (Sat 13/Sun 14 April).

  1. Sheila Boa/Katherine McCreanor/Barbara Parker
  2. Brian Bradburn/Les Clearwater/Peter Dennett
  3. Claire Bradburn/Margaret Maher/Anne Shields
  4. Bob Bridge/Dez Grant/Alan Heron
  5. Phillippa Brown/Raewyn Judd/Mavis Thompson
  6. Richard Browne/Joan Judd/Val Long
  7. Colin Bunce/Keith Dixon/Kevin McFadgen
  8. Marilyn Bunce/Shirley MacDonald/Margaret Mordecai
  9. Sharon Cannon/Barbara Johnston/Tina Targett
  10. Tony Chin/Dirk Winnie/Anthony Yee
  11. Morgan Choveaux/Enoka Smiler/Ruby Vakauta
  12. Myles Cowper/Nick Jegousse/Michael Rocks
  13. Jean Pascal Cuer/Craig McKenzie/John Targett
  14. Gordon Dykes/Pam Jenkins/Andre Noel
  15. Andrew Findlay/Peter Hamilton/Ralph Priddle
  16. Allan Fletcher/Charles Peni/Richard Swaney
  17. Christian Fouquet/Bill Peachey/Mark Richardson
  18. Neville Frost/Bob McCarthy/Graeme Morris
  19. Stefany Frost/Kay George/Janet Goodin
  20. Yvonne Futcher/Karen Stephen/Chris Taylor
  21. Tony Gatford/Dave Kitchener/Brett Maguire
  22. Andrew Joe/Dean Norman/Brian Smith
  23. Richard Lawson/Susan Norman/Shirley Selwyn
  24. Annick Le Guen/Tony Simpson/Alan Taylor
  25. Joanne Lippard/Christine Strichen/Claire Wilson
  26. David Lippard/Junior Purcell/Georgio Vakauta
  27. Phillip Lyall/Sarah Lyall/Cathryn Thomas
  28. Joan Miller/Anna Simms/Richard Turfrey

Approved Synthetic Cochonnets

4 April 2013

Interestingly, the FIPJP list of approved Boules and Cochonnet issued in February 2013 only lists the VMS brand of synthetic cochonnet. It also explicitly states that cochonnets must not be able to be picked up by a magnet.

Previous posts: 24 Jan 2013 | 21 Feb 2013

Regional Shooting Championship

7 April 2013

Michael Rocks (Khandallah) won the Regional Shooting Championship by four points from Dean Norman (Windy Hills).

Fourteen players from six clubs took part in the inaugural event at Kapiti. Final results

Champion of Champions Triples

8 April 2013

CoC Triples - Wanganui & Silverstream teams

The six teams played a round robin and as it worked out the only two teams with 4 wins played each other in the round 5, a virtual final.

Silverstream and Wanganui East had a tight game with Silverstream in the lead at 8/7. Then they left the gate open and Wanganui took a 5 then a 1 to finish the game.

Final results

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Match

9 April 2013

Masterton successfully defended the Jacques Cochonnet against Hataitai.

Results (Masterton names first)
Singles: Brian Smith vs. Margret Smith 13-5, 13-12, 13-8;
Doubles: Barbara Johnston/Claire Wilson vs. Peter Dennett/Richard Lawson 13-6, 8-13, 13-0;
Triples: Joan Miller/Graeme Morris/Ralph Priddle vs. Erica Drake/Catherine Maher/Christophe Vesse 13-8, 6-13, 5-13.
Score: Masterton 6, Hataitai 3

Masterton's next challenge is at away to Silverstream.

Tournament history

WPA Regional Seedings

9 April 2013

The Regional Seedings list has been updated following the Regional Triples. (Explanation)

National Shooting Champions

14 April 2013

2013 Women's Shooting champion 2013 Men's Shooting champion

Christine Strichen (Wanganui East) and Georgio Vakauta (Vikings) retained their National Shooting titles at Park Avenue.

Final Results

PNZ National Triples Championships

14 April 2013

Twenty-eight teams took part in the National Triples Championship at Park Avenue. After a five round Swiss qualifier on Saturday, the top eight teams played off for the Trophy and Plate on Sunday. The remaining twenty teams played a four round Swiss Consolante.

In an all-Auckland Trophy final, David Lippard, Junior Rurcell and Georgio Vakauta prevailled 13-9 over Allan Fletcher, Charles Peni and Richard Swaney.

Final Results

2013 National Triples Champions 2013 National Triples runners-up

Regional Representation Programme

21 April 2013

At the February WPA meeting two papers were received from Kevin McFadgen and Graeme Morris regarding the Regional Representative programme.

The two papers have now been merged and placed on the Discussion forum under Representation.

Feedback is welcome and can be submitted from both individuals and clubs.

Note: Access to the forum is limited to current WPA members only.

WPA Committee Meeting

22 April 2013

The draft minutes for the 11 April Meeting are now available.

WPA Regional Awards

26 April 2013

Nominations for the fifth annual WPA Regional awards are now open. (Details on the Awards and Nomination forms)

WPA Inter-club competition

30 April 2013

The final day results from the Inter-club competition are now available.