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Champion of Champions - Doubles

1 November 2012

Yvonne Futcher and Tony Simpson were undefeated in winning the Champion of Champions Doubles held at the Wanganui East Club.

Final Results

PNZ National Doubles

5 November 2012

Christian Fouquet and David Lippard won the National Doubles Championship beating Maurice Belz and Charles Peni in the Trophy final at Herne Bay. Partial results

Horowhenua Guy Fawkes Doubles

6 November 2012

Eddie Campbell and Rex Hayes won the annual Guy Fawkes Doubles at Horowhenua Results

Wellington Regional Representative teams

8 November 2012

The Wellington teams to play in the Open Tri-Star competition are:

Wellington Black

Claire Bradburn (Siverstream), Myles Cowper (Windy Hills), Annick Le Guen (Kapiti), Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East).

Wellington Gold

Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Richard Lawson (Hataitai), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Dirk Winnie (Park Avenue).

The Tri-Star will be played at Park Avenue on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge Match

12 November 2012

Hataitai were unable to field a team in their challenge against Masterton and defaulted the match. Masterton's next match will be at home against Park Avenue in the New Year.

Tournament history

PNZ National Representative process

13 November 2012

Fifteen Wellington region players are among the thirty-seven who have put their names forward for the 2012-13 representative process.

Open Men

Bob Bridge (Masterton), Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay), Bill Peachey (Hibiscus Coast), Mark Richardson (Christchurch), Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East).

Open Women

Sharon Cannon (Bay View), Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East), Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay), Karen Stephen (Christchurch), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Tina Targett (Christchurch), Christine Taylor (Christchurch), Claire Wilson (Masterton).

Senior Men

Clive Bartleet (Vikings), Colin Bunce (Alexandra), Alain Coulomb (Hibiscus Coast), Keith Dixon (Christchurch), Andrew Findlay (Christchurch), Neville Frost (Caversham), Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East), Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Ray Pierce (Herne Bay), Ralph Priddle (Masterton), Jean-Claude Rapon (Herne Bay).

Senior Women

Claire Bradburn (Silverstream), Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra), Janet Goodin (Caversham), Sue Gurr (Wanganui East), Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua), Margaret Maher (Northcote), Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Margaret Penny (Northcote), Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East), Ann Shields (Epsom).

For more details on the national representative process see the PNZ website.

PNZ Selection Process re-opened for Men's section

13 November 2012

As at the closing date for registrations (31st October), PNZ had received only 5 registrations for the Open Men's section.

This is not enough to make up a Men's team for the 2013 Trans Tasman Challenge, or a full-strength team for the 2013 Oceania Championships.

It is critical that New Zealand attends the 2013 Oceania Championships, as qualifying for the 2014 World Championships will be held there. We do not know the format for this qualifying yet, and we do not want to compromise our position in any way. If we don't go to Oceania, it is highly unlikely that we will get to the Worlds.

The 2014 Worlds will probably be held in Tahiti, so it would be doubly a pity not to be sending a team to this event when it is being held almost in our “backyard”.

PNZ therefore proposes to re-open registration for the national representation selection process, for the Open Men's section only, until 30th November 2012.

We hope some players who may have been in two minds about joining the process may be encouraged to enter in light of the above circumstances, so that we are able to field full teams for the 2013 internationals. If you know of anyone in this position, please talk to them!

Eligible players can download a registration form from the website, or email (No longer available)

Barbara Whittington
Pétanque New Zealand

7 December 2012

Dez Grant and Alan Heron (both from the St George club in Auckland) have enrolled in the Open Men's selection process.

2013 PNZ Triples: Change of date

14 November 2012

PNZ has just been informed that the 2013 Oceania Championships are going to be held on 4th-7th April.

This clashes with the PNZ National Triples (and AGM), currently scheduled for 6th/7th April.

It is vital that New Zealand goes to Oceania, because it is the qualifying event for the 2014 Worlds.

Obviously Oceania will involve our top players, who we are also keen to have competing in our premier National Championship.

The Board has therefore made the decision to change the date for the Triples to 13th/14th April. The venue remains as Park Avenue Petanque.

Barbara Whittington
Pétanque New Zealand

WPA Regional Senior Doubles

17 November 2012

Thirty-one teams have entered the Regional Senior Doubles to be played at Otaki on Wednesday 21 November.

  1. Kath Alison/Kaye Alison (Kapiti)
  2. Rangi Ankins (Horowhenua)/Clare Loman (Otaki)
  3. Peter Bailey/Frances Johns (Horowhenua)
  4. Ian Baine/Jean Baine (Upper Hutt)
  5. Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream))
  6. Ted Burr/Bob McCarthy (Otaki)
  7. Ian Calder/Rex Hayes (Kapiti)
  8. Derek Cooper/Elva Cooper (Manawatu)
  9. Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson (Kapiti))
  10. Fay Doyle/Harl Stevens (Kapiti)
  11. Carleen Fitzgerald/Shona Whale (Horowhenua)
  12. Diane Fletcher/Robin (Mann (Park Avenue)
  13. Barbara Frampton/Brian Frampton (Kapiti)
  14. Don Fraser/Shirley Fraser (Otaki)
  15. Kathy Gatford/Tony Gatford (Kapiti)
  16. Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell (Kapiti)
  17. Simon Grant/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)
  18. Lorraine Gray (Silverstream)/Tangi Rasmussen (Park Avenue)
  19. Peter Hamilton (Wanganui East)/Graeme Morris (Masterton)
  20. Perry Henderson/Lynne Shepherd (Kapiti)
  21. Joan Judd/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)
  22. Sandy MacDonald/Lynne Teddy (Horowhenua)
  23. Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua)/Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East))
  24. John Macfarlane/Pat Macfarlane (Manawatu)
  25. Marty Magee/Kathleen Pearse (Otaki)
  26. Joan Miller/Ralph Priddle (Masterton)
  27. Doc Murray/Dave Wilmhurst (Upper Hutt)
  28. Sheryl Parslow/Sue Gurr (Wanganui East)
  29. Josie Penton/Louise Sligo (Wanganui East)
  30. Marilyn Trembath/Tony Trembath (Horowhenua)
  31. Bob Wilde/Shirley Wilde (Otaki)

18 November 2012

Beverley Mason/Judith Williamson (Kapiti) are the thirty-second team in the Senior Doubles. Dave Kitchener/Lindsay McCallum (Kapiti) have replaced Perry Henderson/Lynne Shepherd.

Wanganui East Open Triples

20 November 2012

Maurice Belz, Bob Bridge, and Lee Taffard won the sixth annual Wanganui East Open Triples over the weekend. Fourteen teams took part. Final results

WPA Regional Senior Doubles

22 November 2012

Joan Miller and Ralph Priddle won their third Regional Senior Doubles championship. In the Trophy final they beat Ian Baine and Jean Baine 13-8. Final results

Southern Open Tri-Star

25 November 2012

Wellington teams occupied the top two positions at the end of the Tri-Star competition at Park Avenue. Third place was claimed by Southern with Canterbury in fourth spot.

Match result | Match history

Khandallah 3-Boules Triples

27 November 2012

Ten teams have entered the Khandallah 3-Boules Triples to be held on Sunday 2 December.

  1. Ian Baine/Jean Baine/Doc Murray (The Hutt Hopefuls)
  2. John Clarke/JP Hammond/Jeanne Zee (Menage a trois)
  3. Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson/Alan Taylor (3 Stooges)
  4. Peter Dennett/Richard Lawson/Catherine Maher
  5. Erica Drake/Mike Kennedy/Christophe Vesse (Hut tai tai)
  6. Diane Fletcher/Barbara Nicholls/David Parr (IB2D)
  7. Jack Gazzard/Linda Gazzard/Jo Maxwell (Rhubarb)
  8. Bob Horton/Colleen Horton/Dave Wilmshurst (Hopefuls)
  9. Elizabeth Rocks/Michael Rocks/Roy Zeier (Triple Sec)
  10. Barbara Frampton/Brian Frampton/Steve Frampton (2 Poms & a Kiwi)