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WPA Women's Singles Championship

2 May 2010

Eighteen players took part in the 2010 Women's Singles Championship played at Park Avenue.

In the Trophy final Claire Bradburn defeated Margaret Mordecai 13-7, while the Plate was won by Beverley Mason from Alsion Zuppicich. The Bowl was by Fay Doyle from Chris Flyger.

Final results

Australian Trans-Tasman teams

4 May 2010

The Australian teams are:


Alison Birchells, Brett Birchells, Delys Brady, Patrick Dufresne, Jean-Yves Gaulthier, Francois Hitie, Jackie Kelly, Marie-Anne Kerjean, Lyn Maas, Tim Stevenson, Grant Threadgate, Kim Threadgate.


Rolande Bernard, France Blackburn, Irene Callaghan, Gil Chaperon, Roby Chaperon, Terry Dando, Val Gridley, Neil Kelly, Marcel Philogene, Solange Philogene, Rene Thibault, Julie Wright.


8 May 2010

Day one of the Trans-Tasman match saw New Zealand take a commanding lead in both the Open and Senior matches. After five rounds of Doubles, New Zealand leads 48-12.

To win each match a team must reach 55 points. There are 48 points available on Day two in the Triples.


Jacques Cochonnet Trophy

8 May 2010

After Wanganui East took the lead in round one, Otaki fought back to level the scores in round two, but could not gain the final fifth win to retain the Trophy. This is Wanganui East's first win of Jacques Cochonnet on the piste.

Results (Otaki names first)
Singles: Brian Frampton vs. Sandra Carston 2-13, 13-0, 13-2;
Doubles: Barbara Frampton/Margaret Mordecai vs. Dene Futcher/Nico Toyne 10-13, 3-13, 6-13;
Triples: Gary Brunton/Ted Burr/Bob McCarthy vs. Brian Futcher/Yvonne Futcher/Mike O'Donnell 13-7, 13-12, 5-13.
Score: Otaki 4, Wanganui East 5

Wanganui East's first defence is at home to Kapiti.

Tournament history


9 May 2010

Wellington members of the victorious New Zealand Trans Tasman team

New Zealand wrapped up both Open and Senior matches after two rounds of Triples. The final two rounds of Mixed Triples in the afternoon were still played despite New Zealand having an unassailable lead.

With the wins New Zealand now has a 5-3 record in the Open section and a 4-2 record in the Senior section. New Zealand has won the last three matches.


Photo: Wellington members of the victorious New Zealand Trans Tasman team

Front row (left to right): Pete Hamilton, Rex Hayes, Joan Miller, Shirley Selwyn, Graeme Morris. Back row: Barbara Johnston, Christine Strichen, Michael Rocks.

WPA Committee Meeting

17 May 2010

The next WPA Committee meeting will be held at the Kapiti Pétanque club on Thursday, 3 June 2010 starting at 7:00 pm.

The Agenda and sub-comittee reports will be circulated on Monday 24 May. Items for discussion under General Business should be sent to the Secretary by 24 May.

Michael Rocks

Wellington Representative teams

19 May 2010

The two Wellington teams for the Tri-Star Senior tournament to be played 29 & 30 May are:

Wellington Black

Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Rex Hayes, Joan Miller, Margaret Mordecai, Graeme Morris. Coach - Dirk Winnie.

Wellington Gold

Peter Dennett, Pete Hamilton, Doug Hay, Helene Hay, Ralph Priddle, Shirley Selwyn. Coach - Michael Rocks.

Day One, which comprises 3 rounds of Singles and three rounds of Doubles, will be played at Park Avenue. Day Two, which comprises three rounds of Triples, will be played at Khandallah. The start time is 8:00 for 8:30 am, both days.

Spectators are welcome, there is no entry fee.

Women's Doubles

22 May 2010

Twenty-one teams took part in the Women's Doubles played at Otaki. In the Trophy final, Shirley MacDonald and Barbara Nicholls beat Ophir MacDonald and Shona Whale 13-8.

Final Results

Women's Triples

23 May 2010

Ten teams took part in the Women's Triples played at Kapiti. In the Trophy final, Barbara Johnston, Joan Miller and Christine Strichen beat Claire Bradburn, Tangi Rasmussen, Tommy Werry 13-12.

Final Results

World Championship team

24 May 2010

The New Zealand team for the 45th World Championship to be held in Taiwan in late September is: Maurice Belz (Bay View), David Lippard (Herne Bay), Michael Rocks (Khandallah) and Richard Swaney (Herne Bay).

Southern Senior Tri-Star

26 May 2010

The visting teams to play in the Southern Tri-Star this weekend are:


Keith Dixon, Andrew Findlay, Diane Findlay, Pat Jamieson, Reed Jamieson, Janet Wilkinson, Tony Wilkinson. Coach - Chris Taylor.


Maureen Brown, Colin Bunce, Marilyn Bunce, Neville Frost, Mavis Thompson, Neil Welsh. Coach - Mark Richardson.

Southern Senior Tri-Star

29 May 2010

Wellington Black lead the teams after the first day's play in rather miserable weather conditions at Park Avenue.

Progress scores: Wellington Black 21, Wellington Gold 20, Southern 16, Canterbury 15. Results from Day One

Note: There are 18 points available to each team in the Triples to be played at Khandallah on Day Two.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy

29 May 2010

Continuous rain and flooded terrain didn't stop the Wanganui East vs. Kapiti challenge. Kapiti won the first round 2-1 and repeated the score each round to take the match.

Results (Wanganui East names first)
Singles: Sandra Carston vs. Annick Le Guen 7-13, 4-13, 5-13;
Doubles: Brian Futcher/Dene Futcher vs. Fay Doyle/Jan McHardy 9-13, 13-8, 10-13;
Triples: Yvonne Futcher/Mike O'Donnell/Nico Toyne vs. Terry Dawson/Harl Stevens/Alan Taylor 13-11, 5-13, 13-1.
Score: Wanganui East 3, Kapiti 6

Kapiti's first defence is at home to Windy Hills.

Tournament history

Southern Senior Tri-Star

30 May 2010

Wellington Black won both games in the first round of Triples to extend their lead. In the second round they again won both games to clinch the tournament with a round to spare.

Final scores: Wellington Black 36, Wellington Gold 29, Southern 22, Canterbury 21. Results from Day Two