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World Championship

1 July 2010

FIPJP has announced that the Turkish Federation has stepped in and will be hosting the 2010 World Championship from 7-10 October 2010 in Izmir.

Turkey World Championship logo

Wellington Representative team

1 July 2010

Peter van Heusden has had to withdraw from the Wellington team to play against Auckland for the Chanticleer Cup. A replacement has not yet been announced.

Mondial La Marseillaise à Pétanque

9 July 2010

The numbers, in the NZ context, are staggerring. 13,104 players in 4,368 teams took part in the forty-ninth annual La Marseillaise tournament.

In the Men's competition, last year's finalists Simon Cortès/Alain Godard/Henri Lacroix faced Antoine Dubois/Stéphane Robineau/Dylan Rocher in the final (Note: Dylan is the son of Bruno Rocher who toured with the French team in 2008). Unfortunately, it was not a case of second time lucky as they went down 13-2.

The Women's compettion was won by Fabienne Berdoyes/Ludivine d'Isidoro/and Agnès Lesaine who beat Fabienne Chapus/Patricia Foyot/Muriel Scuderi 13-3.

Wanganui East Melee Fundraiser

11 July 2010

The Wanganui East Pétanque club is staging a Fundraiser Melee on Saturday 7 August to raise funds for Pete the Pieman following the loss of his shop and home due to a fire.

New Rule Interpretation - Terrain Marking

15 July 2010

Hi everyone

While John Degueldre was at the APSBC umpire's course in Thailand, he was made aware that the interpretation of Article 5 that we have been using to mark out our terrains is actually incorrect.

Terrain crowd barrier

The requirement for barriers to be 1 metre from the deadball line was not meant to refer to low boundaries used to stop boules leaving the terrain (or in many of our cases, simply the legacy of using ex-bowling greens so the terrains are sunken, with solid wooden surrounds about 50cm high). The barriers referred to in Article 5 are those which are (usually temporarily) put up to prevent spectators etc from getting too close to the play.

We in NZ were not alone in interpreting this rule incorrectly; several members of the FIPJP Umpires' Commission including Britain's Mike Pegg were mistaken in their interpretation.

The FIPJP Umpires' Commission's position on Article 5 has been clarified as follows:

  1. If the terrain is surrounded by a fence, or wall barrier to prevent spectators from entering the area, this should be 1 metre from the dead ball line.
  2. If the terrain is surrounded by a wooden plank or steel bar or whatever to stop the balls, it is recommended that this be at least 30cm from the dead ball line. (There is nothing written in the rules that such a solid boundary has to be 30cm from the dead ball line - the rule of thumb is to ensure the ball can fully cross the dead ball line.)

So there is nothing wrong with the way our terrains are marked at the moment in terms of solid boundaries being at least 30cm from the deadball line.

However if a Club is looking at re-stringing or remarking, then they could take the new interpretation into account to create bigger pistes.

This may also allow the larger terrains to create pistes that comply with the minimum 15m x 4m requirement for national competitions.

Also note that while the solid boundary only has to be 30cm from the deadball line, if that boundary would prevent a player from freely throwing a boule (for example if their arm would hit it when using a crouching position) it is thus an obstacle for the purposes of Article 7, and the throwing circle would have to be drawn at least 1 metre from it (but not 1 metre from the deadball line).


Barbara Whittington
PNZ Umpire

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

18 July 2010

Windy Hills successfully defended the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy in their away match at Manawatu. Down 1-2 after the first round of games, Windy Hills stormed back to win all the second round games. They picked up two of the final round games to win the match.

Results (Windy Hills names first)
Singles: Susan Norman vs. Steve Frampton 12-13, 13-9, 13-11;
Doubles: Matt Mcrone/Sebastien Merval vs. Cath Hughes/Don Thompson 13-6, 13-1, 13-1;
Triples: Morgan Choveaux/Neil Dykes/Dean Norman vs. Ian Bailey/Rachel Gorniot/Les Little 10-13, 13-11, 3-13.
Score: Windy Hills 6, Manawatu 3

Windy Hills' next defence is at home to Masterton.

Tournament history

Wellington Representative team

21 July 2010

The team to play against Auckland for the Chanticleer Cup is:


Morgan Choveaux (Windy Hills), Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East), Annick Le Guen (Kapiti), Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue), Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East), Dirk Winnie (Park Avenue).


Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East), Doug Hay (Masterton), Helene Hay (Masterton), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Ralph Priddle (Masterton), Shirley Selwyn (Wanganui East).

World Championship team appointments

29 July 2010

John Targett (Christchurch) has been appointed Coach and Lorraine Brock (Kennedy Park) is the Manager/FIPJP Delegate.

The team is: Maurice Belz (Bay View), David Lippard (Herne Bay), Michael Rocks (Khandallah) and Richard Swaney (Herne Bay).

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy Challenge

31 July 2010

Joan Miller pointing around the tree at Waitangi Park

Windy Hills equalled their longest winning run by successfully defending the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy against Masterton.

Results (Windy Hills names first)
Singles: Myles Cowper vs. Doug Hay 8-13, 13-10, 13-12;
Doubles: Morgan Choveaux/Susan Norman vs. Barbara Johnston/Joan Miller 13-11, 3-13, 12-13;
Triples: Matt Mcrone/Sebastien Merval/Dean Norman vs. Helene Hay/Ralph Priddle/Claire Wilson 13-12, 9-13, 13-4.
Score: Windy Hills 5, Masterton 4

Windy Hills' next defence is at home to Hataitai.

Tournament history