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Khandallah Open Triples

1 February 2009

Allan Taylor, Peter van Heusden and Peter Williams were undefeated in winning the Khandallah Open Triples. In the final they came back from 5-12 down to beat Helen-Mary Foley, Jan McHardy and Pat Scholes.


Elections for new PNZ Board

2 February 2009

Hi all

You will all have seen and read about the new governing structures for Pétanque New Zealand. Nominations are being called for the five positions for the board members to be responsible for the running of the PNZ for the next 12 months. It is up to every club to give serious consideration as to whom they would like those members to be.

Information about the election process and responsibilities required of the elected board members can be found on the PNZ web site. Nominations close on 28th February and must be on the form available on the PNZ web site.

At every pétanque gathering and tournament members have plenty of advice as to how the association should or should not be run. Well now is the chance for those people to put up their hands and offer to be part of the organisation at the sharp end. It would be a very healthy sign if we had to have an election for every position.

So put on your thinking caps and don't leave it until the last minute.

Happy pétanqueing

Fay Doyle
Pétanque New Zealand
Representative, Southern half of North Island.

Agenda for WPA AGM 2009

6 February 2009

Hello Everyone

The Agenda for the AGM, together with a note, a copy of the previous minutes, and a copy of the WPA Constitution, are attached for your informaton. It is important that all Clubs are well represented. The venue is Silverstream Pétanque Club on Thursday 19 February 2009 at 7:30 pm.

Papers for the WPA Committee Meeting to follow the AGM will follow shortly.

Kind regards

Owen Davie
Secretary, WPA

Hawke's Bay Summer Doubles

8 February 2009

Denise Bavidge and Geoff Greer (Bay View) won the Summer Doubles for the third time by beating the defending champions Sharon Cannon and Murray Porter 13-11 in the final.

Hawke's Bay teams did very well, winning four of the five disvisions.

Full Results

WPA Committee Agenda and Attachments, 19 February 2009

9 February 2009

Hi Petanque Club representatives.

The Committee Agenda to follow the AGM. As you can see, a number of attachments.

Best wishes
Owen Davie
Secretary, WPA

PNZ National Selection squad

9 February 2009

Nine Wellington region players are included in the twenty-four who will take part in the first of the Trans-Tasman selection squad camps at Herne Bay in Auckland (21 & 22 February). The players are:


Claire Bradburn (Silverstream), Roberta Campbell (Bay View), Sharon Cannon (Bay View), Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay), Barbara Lucas-Creagh (Bay View), Laurel Priestley (Herne Bay), Monica Smiler (Park Avenue), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Christine Taylor (Westminster), Claire Wilson (Masterton).


Ian Baker (Herne Bay), Maurice Belz (Bay View), Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay), Simon Faby (Cockle Bay), Pete Hamilton (Wanganui East), Alan Heron (Cockle Bay), David Lippard (Herne Bay), Andre Noel (Kennedy Park), Michael Rocks (Khandallah), Lee Taffard (Napier), Nick Toyne (Wanganui East), Dirk Winnie (Khandallah)

National Senior team to play Australia

10 February 2009

Three Wellington region players have been chosen for the National Senior (over 60) team to play against Australia for the Trans-Tasman Challenge.

The full team is:


Marilyn Bunce (Alexandra), Diane Findlay (Christchurch), Margaret Maher (Northcote), Joan Miller (Masterton), Sue Neilson (Rotorua), Jean Parley (Stanley Bay)


Bob Bridge (West End), Andrew Findlay (Christchurch), Rex Hayes (Kapiti), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Bill Peachy (Hibiscus Coast), Malcolm Pfhalert (Christchurch).

The Trans-Tasman Challenge will be held at the Jets Sports Complex in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 May.

PNZ National Selection squad

10 February 2009

Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East) has replaced Simon Faby in the squad.

WPA Inter-club

14 February 2009

Results from rounds 3 and 4.

Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles

15 February 2009

Twelve teams took part in the seventh Upper Hutt Swiss Doubles. Liz and Michael Rocks were undefeated in heading the field home. Sandy and Shirley MacDonald (Horowhenua) were runners-up with four wins.

Full results

Sante Fe Shutters Open Triples

15 February 2009

Andre Noel, Junior Purcell and Georgio Vakauta won the third Sante Fe Shutters Open Triples in Tauranga.

Partial results

WPA Annual General Meeting

19 February 2009

Brief notes: Claire Bradburn was re-elected as President, Beverley Mason returns as Secretary and Michael Rocks is the new Treasurer. Minutes to come.

President's report to the meeting.

PNZ National Selection squad

24 February 2009

Seven Wellington region players are included in the seventeen who will take part in the second of the Trans-Tasman selection squad camps at Herne Bay in Auckland (14 & 15 March). The players are:


Claire Bradburn (Silverstream), Sharon Cannon (Bay View), Pam Jenkins (Herne Bay), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Joanne Lippard (Herne Bay), Laurel Priestley (Herne Bay), Anne Shields (Epsom), Christine Strichen (Wanganui East), Claire Wilson (Masterton).


Ian Baker (Herne Bay), Maurice Belz (Bay View), Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay), David Lippard (Herne Bay), Andre Noel (Kennedy Park), Michael Rocks (Khandallah), Nick Toyne (Wanganui East), Dirk Winnie (Khandallah)

New Pétanque Rules

24 February 2009


I am sending this to all Clubs, and to all people I have listed as PNZ Umpires.

The FIPJP approved some Rule changes at its meeting in Dakar last November. I have now received the official English version of the amended Rules, and they have been ratified by the PNZ National Council.

The new Rules will take effect here in NZ from 1st March 2009.

The new rules are attached (pdf 72kB). Places where changes have been made are denoted by blue colour text. Note that sometimes this does not mean that the paragraph with the blue text has been changed, but that a previous paragraph has been deleted. Confusing I know, but this is the only version that I have received.

The new Rules will be available on the [PNZ] website shortly, and we will also be doing them in booklet form.

Some of the changes are administrative only e.g. licences no longer have to have the player's signature.

The main changes "on the piste" are:

Regarding the allowing of time-limited games, this is apparently because of the wide use of the Swiss system across Central and Eastern Europe.

There has also been some debate on using this system for the World Championships. This system requires all games to be completed before starting the next round of a competition. To achieve this and to keep control over the time taken up, most organisers run the qualifying rounds to a set time e.g. 1½ hours per game. As there was nothing in the Rules allowing timed games, it was decided to modify the rules to include this possibility.

Clubs - please bring this to attention of your members.

Umpires - please familiarise yourselves with the new rules.

Do contact me with any queries and I'll do my best to answer them.

Barbara Whittington
Pétanque NZ

Australian Trans Tasman Representative teams

25 February 2009

The Australian teams for the Trans Tasman match to be played in Sydney in May are:

Open team


Emilie Caseris (WA), Ariadne Ernest (NSW), Eileen Marie (VIC), Raluca Raicu (SA), Libby Sowter (NSW), Mureille Xavier (NSW)


Pierre Boudan (NSW), Mico Charlot (QLD), Teva Hoatua (NSW), Stephane Langlois (VIC), Eric Leconte (VIC), Pierrot Lubin (VIC)

Coach: Pierre Figon (NSW)

Senior (Over 60) team


Joyce Anderson (WA), Gilberte Chaperon (NSW), Iris Murray (QLD), Valmai Nicol (SA), Rolande Rernard (NSW), Minouche Rousell (NSW)


France Blackburn (NSW), Ray Bradberry (NSW), Joe Joseph (NSW), Henri Niquet (QLD), Robert Prime (NSW), Rene Thibault (NSW)