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Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles

9 September 2007

Georgio Vakauta (Victoria Park) and Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) won the Hawke's Bay Classic Doubles held at the Napier Pétanque Club. In the final they beat the Wanganui East pairing of Peter Hamilton and Ken Heywood 13-9.

Forty-three teams took part in the competition.

World Championship, Thailand

21 September 2007

Results from the Pattaya website are rather limited at the moment (The event website is no longer available).

The first round of the Shooting competition has been completed. Ron Sandilands scored 17 and finished 35/48. The top four players, Yann Nauta (Tahiti) 52, Jean Claude Bedi (Ivory Coast) 48, Phusa-Ad Thaleungkiat (Thailand, defending Champion) 46, Jannik Schooke (Germany) 44, all qualified for the quarter-finals. Seventeen players scored 30 points or greater to qualify for the repêchage.

(Explanation of the Shooting Competition and previous NZ Results)

New Zealand is in pool E with Australia, Belgium, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. The top four teams qualify for the Championship round.

Results to date are (playing order unknown): 6-13 vs Belgium, 1-13 vs Italy, 10-13 Japan, 13-0 vs Taiwan.

Just In: NZ has qualified in fourth position, despite losing 4-13 to Australia, following Taiwan's last round 13-10 win over Japan. Belgium 5 wins, Italy 4, Australia 3 also qualified.

World Championship, Thailand

22 September 2007

In Round 2, New Zealand was placed in pool V with France II (World Champions), Germany and the Seychelles. The format is barrage.

Germany 13, New Zealand 4
France II 13, Seychelles 2
France II 13, Germany 1
New Zealand 13, Seychelles 11
Germany 13, New Zealand 6

France II and Germany qualify for the top 16, New Zealand and Seychelles are in the Nations Cup.

In the Shooting competition, Pascal Milei (France) 49, Abdessamad Menkari (Morocco) 42, Sylvain Rakotoarivelo (Madagascar) 39, and Han Liquang (China) 35, were the top four players in the repêchage and qualified for the quarter-finals.

In the quarter-finals, Yann Nauta (Tahiti) beat Han Liquang (China) 33-32, Pascal Milei (France) beat Jannik Schooke (Germany) 44-35, Abdessamad Menkari (Morocco) beat Phusa-Ad Thaleungkiat (Thailand, defending Champion) 46-44 and Sylvain Rakotoarivelo (Madagascar) beat Jean Claude Bedi (Ivory Coast) 32-20.

The semi-finals pit Tahiti against France and Madagascar against Morocco.

Wellington-Central, Inter-Region match

22 September 2007

There were two late changes to the Wellington team to play against the Central region. Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue) replaced Tony Chin (Windy Hills) and Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti) replaced Andrew Joe (Windy Hills).

Wellington ended the first day with a 10 point lead. However, with 60 points available tomorrow, it is still either team's match.

Day 1 scores from Khandallah.

World Championship, Thailand

22 September 2007

New Zealand was drawn in Pool 5 for the second round of the Nations Cup along with India, Monaco and Singapore. The format is barrage.

Singapore 4, Monaco 13
India 3, New Zealand 13
Monaco 13, New Zealand 2
Singapore 13, India 2
New Zealand 12, Singapore 13

Qualifiers: Monaco and Singapore.

And so the playing part of the adventure ends. Overall results are: Played 11, Won 3. Rankings are yet to be determined.

In the Championship quarter-finals, France I beat Morocco 13-1, Italy beat Tahiti 13-0, Tunisia beat Germany 13-3 and Madagascar beat France II (defending champions) 13-0. Hosts Thailand had been knocked out in the previous round when they were drawn in the same barrage pool as France II and Italy.

The semi-finals of the shooting competition saw some low scores as nerves no doubt played a big part. Pascal Milei (France) beat Yann Nauta (Tahiti) 35-20 and Sylvain Rakotoarivelo (Madagascar) beat Abdessamad Menkari (Morocco) 36-18.

Sylvain Rakotoarivelo

In the final Sylvain Rakotoarivelo (Madagascar) beat Pascal Milei (France) 52-41.

An excellent day for Madagascar who also knocked out France II.

Wellington-Central, Inter-Region match

23 September 2007

The Wellington-Central match moved further into Wellington city on Day 2 for the Triples games. Wellington needed to win 6 games to secure the match, while Central needed to win 7 to draw and 8 to win the match.

In the first round the games were shared two each. In the second round Wellington won 3 games which meant that they only needed 1 further win in the final round. The race was on amongst the Wellington teams to see who would secure the match winning game. Myles, Graeme and Bernadette pipped the rest to the post.

The final result saw Wellington win 96-66 to retain the Chanticleer Cup.

Day 2 scores from Waitangi Park.

World Championship, Thailand

23 September 2007

In the Championship semi-finals today France I beat Italy 13-3 and Madagascar beat Tunisia 13-3.

France I




In the final, France I beat Madagascar 13-5. Progress scores 0-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 6-4, 8-4, 8-5, 10-5, 13-5.

In the Nations Cup final, Belgium are playing Thailand 1. No results yet.

World Championship, Thailand

24 September 2007

New Zealand equalled its best ever ranking of 17-24 (achieved by the 2002 team of Andrew Mailei, Seti Mailei and Georgio Vakauta in Grenoble). In the Nations Cup, NZ finished with a ranking of 17-24, equal with last year. The best Nations Cup finish was in 2000 (achieved by Andrew Mailei, Leilani Mailei, Seti Mailei and Christian Fouquet in Portugal) of 9-16.

Belgium won the Nations Cup beating Thailand 1 in the final (score unknown). Australia finished in 9-16 position after qualifying for the Top 16 knockout in the Nations Cup.

Jacques Cochonnet Challenge

29 September 2007

The meeting to vote on the new Jacques Cochonnet Challenge rules was held at the conclusion of the first day's play at the Regional Singles. The minutes will be distributed shortly, along with the new rules.

The major change is - matches will no longer be played solely at the holder's terrain. A draw will be held at the start of each round to determine if the challenger plays at home (the challenger's terrain) or away (the holder's terrain).

Since a new round is about to start, a draw to determine the challenge venue was held once the new rules were adopted.

WPA Regional Singles

30 September 2007

Forty-eight players took part in the 2007 Regional Singles at the Kapiti Pétanque Club. Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) won the title for the third time when he defeated Michael Rocks 13-6 in the final.

The Plate was won by Doug Hay (Masterton) who defeated Christine Strichen (Wanganui East) in the final. Rex Hayes (Kapiti) beat Karepa Mataira (Park Avenue) in the Bowl final, and Ernie Chu (Windy Hills) beat Michael Lacoste (Kapiti) in the Bowl Consolation final.

Full results