Draft Pétanque New Zealand Coaching Certification (2007)

Level Target Group Purpose Pre requisites Assessment Time (hours)
PNZ Stage 1 Beginner coaches An introduction to basic coaching concepts For club coaches the completion of a workshop run by either the national or regional coach Passed as competent enough to take basic or novice coaching One day workshop on all aspects of coaching.
PNZ Stage 2 Coaches seeking more knowledge in an introductory context How to plan, implement and evaluate a developmental series of coaching sessions Petanque New Zealand Level 1 accreditation Experience and/or basic novice coaching to the satisfaction of the Regional or National coaching coordinator 12 hours workshop
PNZ Stage 3 Experienced coaches working with performance players The application of sports science to improve performance and examination of personal coaching approach and methods Written and visual PNZ or CIEP examinations Workbook and practical assessment Carry out 3-4 day theory & practical course under National or International coaching coordinator
PNZ Stage 4 Coaches of elite, regional or nation teams To further advance existing high performance coaching skills and knowledge Further Pétanque NZ course experience skills based on CIEP criteria Pass of Stages 1 - 3 Individual.