Training Games

The below games can be added to a training schedule to introduce some variety or to encourage certain behaviours. In general, they are designed to encourage players to shoot. For novice players, or players who rarely shoot a good introduction is 2 Boules.

2 Boules

2 Boules is a modified game of Doubles where each player has two boules and must point with one and shoot with the other. (How to Play 2 Boules Doubles)

Four and Two

Four and Two can be played as either Doubles or Triples.

The standard rules of Pétanque apply with two modifications:

Note: For Singles, the numbers will be Two and One.

Irish Pétanque

In Irish Péanque the boules are thrown first and the cochonnet is thrown last. (How to Play Irish Petanque)


This game was demonstrated by the touring French team in 2008. In France it is typically used as a team warm-up exercise.

Point-Shoot can be played by either two or three players, i.e., a Doubles or Triples team. (How to Play Point-Shoot)

Progressive Petanque

Progressive can be played as either Singles, Doubles or Triples. (How to Play Progressive Pétanque)


Shanghai is a Singles game for three players. (How to Play Shanghai)