Preparation and Practice


By now, you should have determined who your team members are and what role you will each play in the team.

If you are playing in an established team, then part of your preparation will involve a review of how you have performed in the past. This will form the basis of your plan to improve on your last performance.

If you have not played together as a team, then your initial discussions with your team mates will be geared to working out the little things that will make you compatible.


Everyone who wishes to improve at their chosen sport must practice! There is no magic involved in success, it is the result of hard work and dedication.

The number of training sessions indicated in the table is the minimum number that you should be aiming for each week. At least one session per week for the first month should involve the whole team. This number should be increased during March.

Your practice should include both Shooting and Pointing. While a pointer predominantly points and a Shooter predominantly shoots, you need to be prepared to perform the opposite role.

Always have a goal when you start playing or practicing - firstly, play to win and second to ensure that 80% of your boules finish where you want them to. Play for the percentages: a no-concentation throw could cost you the game. Any boule thrown without a purpose is wasted.