Other Tournament Results - 2000

Khandallah Open Doubles

29 April 2000

Tournament Directors: Dean Norman and Michael Rocks.

This tournament was originally intended as an Anzac Day event, but a decision was made to change to the following Saturday due to the commemorative nature of Anzac Day. The weather on Saturday, although cold, was thankfully, much better than on Tuesday.

In a slight change from the usual format for single day tournaments, a series of knockouts were run after the conclusion of pool play. This kept all teams interested until, at least, the penultimate game.

The WPA seeding list was used to rank the top teams and it was nice to see that many of the unseeded teams have so little respect for past performance. The biggest single upset was probably George Brown and Tommy Werry thumping top seed Phil Doyle and John Moss 13-2 in the first round.

Phil and John recovered from the shock to reach the final against Barbara Johnston and Graeme Morris. After two ends it was 1-1 and then Phil and John scored 12 unanswered points over the next five ends to record a rather one-sided result.

Khandallah results were very good. Peter and Tony played to their seeding and it is only a matter of time before they pick up some silverware. Susan and Elizabeth had an excellent tournament - beating the Dykes for the first time and winning their pool.

In the plate, Khandallah was the winner on the day as Derek and Sandra edged out Pam and Ron in the final (13-9). This event has whetted Derek's appetite for competitive play and he is now looking for a partner for the Winter League.

Brenda and Neil had an erratic start to the day, but settled down later on to take out the Bowl final (13-5 over Gerald and Margaret).

In the Mug section Dorothy and Marj, in their first tournament together, overcame their slow start to win the top prize in convincing style (13-2 over Rosina and Vera).

Daphnie and Janet finally put a horror day behind them to beat Rex and Shirley 13-9 to win the Spoon final.

Thanks to all the teams for making it an enjoyable event, particularly the Hataitai club who mixed and matched some of their players to encourage new players to take part in the tournament.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Rocks and Susan Norman who donated the excellent raffle basket (won by Peter Dennett) and Karen Millar for running the sausage sizzle.

2000 Khandallah Open Doubles prize winners Photo credit: R&S Hayes


    Team                               Club  Seed Pool  1   2   3   4   5   6   Div
 1 Phil Doyle & John Moss               HT    1    A   L15 W17 W5  W11 W3  W2    T
 2 Barbara Johnston & Graeme Morris     MA    3    C   W18 W6  W16 W12 W4  L1    T
 3 Peter van Heusden & Tony Millar      KH    4    D   W13 W10 W19 W7  L1  W4    T
 4 Susan Norman & Elizabeth Rocks       KH    -    B   W9  W14 W20 W8  L2  L3    T
 5 Derek Batcheler & Sandra Fitzgibbon  KH    -    A   W11 W15 L1  W17 W8  W6    P
 6 Pam Knox & Ron Knox                  KH    -    C   L2  W12 W18 W16 W7  L5    P
 7 Richard Lawson & Shirley McCauley    HT    -    D   W13 W10 L3  W19 L6  W8*   P
 8 Max Brown & Don Pettett              WE    6    B   W14 W20 W9  L4  L5  L7*   P
 9 Brenda Dykes & Neil Dykes            KH    2    B   W20 L4  L8  W14 W12 W10   B
10 Gerald Bryan & Margaret Fleck        HT    8    D   W19 L3  L7  W13 W11 L9    B
11 Harl Stevens & Noela Stevens         KA    -    A   L5  W15 W17 L1  L10 W12   B
12 Peter Dennett & Alun Hughes          HT    7    C   W16 W18 L6  L2  L9  L11   B
13 Dorothy Gordon & Marj Sellars        KH    -    D   L3  L7  W19 L10 W15 W14   M
14 Rosina Morrison & Vera Nobilo        HT    -    B   L8  W20 L4  L9  W16 L13   M
15 George Brown & Tommy Werry           PA    -    A   W1  L11 L5  L17 L13 W16   M
16 Melissa Beals & Pen Moore            HT    -    C   L12 W18 L2  L6  L14 L15   M
17 Daphnie Hendrie & Janet Partridge    HT    5    A   L1  L11 W15 L5  W19 W18   S
18 Rex Hayes & Shirley Hayes            KA    -    C   L2  L12 L16 L6  W20 L17   S
19 Claire Bradburn & Maggie Brown       SI    -    D   L10 L3  L13 L7  L17 W20   S
20 Marjorie Lekner & Peter Sledmere     HT    -    B   L9  L14 L8  L4  L18 L19   S


Club: HT = Hataitai, KA = Kapiti, KH = Khandallah, MA = Masterton, PA = Park Avenue, SI = Silverstream, WE = Wellington. Division: T = Trophy, P = Plate, B = Bowl, M = Mug, S = Spoon. * = default. Results indicate W/L against numbered opponent.