Oceania Championship

The Oceania Confederation comprises six countries: Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Vanuatu, and Wallis and Futuna Islands.

Oceania Championships are held every two years and from 2010 onwards will be the qualifying tournament for the subsequent Open World Championships. Duw to the smaller number of participating countries, the Women’s World Championship does not have a limit on entries. Up to three countries from the Oceania Confederation may participate in the Open World Championships.

Note: Wallis and Futuna is ineligible to compete at the World Championships as it is not considered an independent federation but part of the French Federation.

New Zealand at the Oceania Championships
YearHost NationPlacingMedalists
1998AustraliaFourthBronze: Pam Jenkins/Imelda Mailei (Women’s Doubles)
2000TahitiThirdBronze: Denise Bavidge (Women’s Singles)
2002New CaledoniaThirdGold: Barbara Johnston (Women’s Singles)
2005New ZealandFirstGold: Niau Ruta (Men’s Pointing)
Gold: Anita Fletcher (Women’s Pointing)
Gold: Sharon Cannon (Women’s Shooting)
Gold: Niau Ruta/Georgio Vakauta (Men’s Doubles)
Gold: Christian Fouquet/Niau Ruta/Georgio Vakauta (Men’s Triples)
Silver: Georgio Vakauta (Men’s Singles)
Silver: Fiona Browne/Margret Fleck/Barbara Johnston (Women’s Triples)
Bronze: Chris Priestley (Men’s Pointing)
Bronze: Bethne Rouse (Women’s Shooting)
2006AustraliaDid not Compete 
2008TahitiDid not Compete 
2010New CaledoniaThirdGold: Christian Fouquet (Men’s Pointing)
Silver: Barbara Johnston (Women’s Shooting)
Silver: Christian Fouquet (Men’s Shooting)
2012Wallis and FutunaFifthBronze: Bill Peachey (Men’s Pointing)
2016Vanuatu Gold: Georgio Vakauta (Men’s Pointing)
Gold: Claire Bradburn/Margaret Maher/Jean Parley (Women’s Triples)
2017New Zealand Gold: Claire Wilson (Women’s Pointing)
Silver: Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen/Claire Wilson (Women’s Triples)
Bronze: Marilyn Bunce/Annick Le Guen/Kathleen Wallace (Women’s Triples)
Bronze: Sharon Cannon/Christine Strichen (Women’s Doubles)

The next Championship is scheduled for Melbourne, Australia.