National Seedings - November 2013

Seeding points updated after the 2013 National Doubles championship.

Note:The change in tournament format has necessitated some assumptions on how seeding points are allocated between the Trophy, Trophy Consolation and Consolante. It is assumed that the Trophy Consolation is equivalent to the Plate and the Consolante is equivalent to the Bowl for seeding point allocation.

National Rankings

The National Seeding system was introduced in 1999 and a player's ranking was based on their total accumulated points over the preceeding six National Championships. The seeding points system was subsequently replaced by Ranking system which was based on a player's average seeding points obtained in the preceeding six National Championships.

To qualify for a national ranking a player must have competed in a minimum of three National Championships* in the last two years. For players who have not competed in three National Championships their names appear on the Supplementary Seeding list

* Seeding points are awarded to players based on their finishing position in the National Singles, Doubles and Triples Championships. The National Women's Triples and the National Senior Doubles Championships are not currently awarded seeding points.

National Rankings - November 2013
  2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 Total
No. of
  T Total S D T Total S D Total
1=Lippard, David2020242448242492423.00
1=Vakauta, Georgio2424202444242492423.00
3Fletcher, Allan242420182260084421.00
4Swaney, Richard2020182240060320.00
5Noel, Andre242420143422184098519.60
6Bridge, Bob141418142052202040106617.67
7Fouquet, Christian22222412366243088517.60
8Purcell, Junior0102434181852317.33
9Lippard, Joanne181822022222262415.50
10Wilson, Claire101010182048181876515.20
11Winnie, Dirk222218624141460415.00
12Rocks, Michael202018422042314.00
13Strichen, Christine10102182040181868513.60
14Hamilton, Peter024222818183664512.80
15Morris, Graeme181818222218123070611.67
16Jenkins, Pam1818221418222258511.60
17Simpson, Tony202022121234311.33
18Peachey, Bill01012222202244411.00
19=Cannon, Sharon1818218222040410.00
19=Pierce, Ray0210128202840410.00
21Cowper, Myles12121241602839.33
22Cuer, Jean-Pascal042620202638.67
23=Frost, Neville181822412123448.50
23=Taylor, Alan202010212223448.50
25Futcher, Yvonne661012224182205068.33
26=Le Guen, Annick2020224883248.00
26=Richardson, Mark22101222883248.00
28Shields, Ann22101020883047.50
29McFadgen, Kevin10101021202237.33
30Lawson, Richard101041221802847.00
31Maher, Margaret222101022883256.40
32=MacDonald, Shirley2262814142446.00
32=Priddle, Ralph141422401836.00
32=Smiler, Enoka2218220222446.00
35=Bradburn, Claire22221014882454.80
35=Findlay, Andrew22210214882454.80
37=Bunce, Marilyn101022221434.67
37=Goodin, Janet10101022142242864.67
37=Miller, Joan101022401434.67
40=Bradburn, Brian2222881234.00
40=Hudson, John02282101234.00
40=Simpson, Nadine0210122241644.00
40=Vakauta, Ruby2210212221644.00
44Mordecai, Margaret44222684122263.67
45=Lyall, Phillip10102226221853.60
45=Selwyn, Shirley10102226221853.60
45=Thomas, Cathryn10102226221853.60
48=Taylor, Chris6622401033.33
48=Turfery, Richard221022142242063.33
50Stephen, Karen66224221243.00
51McCarthy, Bob4422262461662.67
52=Bunce, Colin222222632.00
52=Dixon, Keith222242241052.00
52=Maxted, Angela022224632.00
52=Thompson, Mavis022422632.00

Supplementary Seeding List

The Supplementary Seeding list is for player's who have played less than three National Championships in the preceeding two years.

Supplementary Seeding List - November 2013
  2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 Total
No. of
  T Total S D T Total S D Total
Bartleet, Clive14141414028214.00
Bavidge, Denise18180018118.00
Belz, Maurice0202242042221.00
Bickelmann, Paul0440414.00
Boa, Sheila0220212.00
Bosley, Dave0220212.00
Bray, Grant0220212.00
Brock, Charles181808826213.00
Brown, Phillippa0220212.00
Brown, Richard02222422.00
Campbell, Roberta2200212.00
Case, Francoise0660616.00
Chin, Tony0660616.00
Choveaux, Morgan0220212.00
Clearwater, Les02222422.00
Coulomb, Alain0220212.00
Cvetjan, Branko0022212.00
Davis, Kevin0220212.00
Davis, Max0220212.00
Dennett, Peter02240422.00
Donaldson, Liz0022212.00
Doyle, Fay0220212.00
Dykes, Gordon12121414026213.00
Earnshaw, Sheryl10100010110.00
Findlay, Diane2200212.00
Foley, Helen-Mary10100010110.00
Forrest, Jim0022212.00
Frost, Stefany0220212.00
Futcher, Dene02222181840220.00
George, Kaye02210101226.00
Gill, Lew4400414.00
Gordon-Watkins, Lorne0022212.00
Grant, Dez0202040040220.00
Greer, Geoff18181414032216.00
Greig, John00181818118.00
Gurr, Sue0220212.00
Harry-Young, Roy0022212.00
Hayes, John00101010110.00
Hayes, Rex10100010110.00
Heron, Alan02020020120.00
Heywood, Ken02222422.00
Jegousse, Nick0440414.00
Joe, Andrew18181010028214.00
Johnston, Barbara10102201226.00
Judd, Joan0220212.00
Judd, Raewyn0220212.00
Kendall, Barrie0022212.00
Kendall, Bev00101010110.00
Kitchener, Dave0220212.00
Lacoste, Michael10100010110.00
Lander, Arnold00101010110.00
Le Gal, Romain02222422.00
Le Veau, Mark02222422.00
Long, Val0220212.00
Lucas, Barbara0220212.00
Lyall, Sarah10102201226.00
MacDonald, Sandy02222422.00
MacDonald, Stephanie0022212.00
Maguire, Brett0220212.00
Maher, Catherine0220212.00
Mailei, Seti01818018118.00
Maxted, Miles00224422.00
McCreanor, Katherine0220212.00
McIver, Hector0022212.00
McKenzie, Craig02214141628.00
Montel, Stephane0066616.00
Morton, Ros0660616.00
Neilson, Trevor0022212.00
Nicholls, Barbara2200212.00
Nicholson, Pam0022212.00
Norman, Dean18181010028214.00
Norman, Susan10102201226.00
O'Shea, Pat0022212.00
Parker, Barbara0220212.00
Parkin, Josie02244623.00
Parley, Jean01010010110.00
Peni, Charles0222244044222.00
Penny, Margaret01010010110.00
Porter, Murray18180018118.00
Rapon, Jean-Claude0220212.00
Rasmussen, Tangi02240422.00
Reid, Brenda0022212.00
Ross, Erik0022212.00
Ruta, Niau01818018118.00
Scarlett, Patrick0220212.00
Simms, Anna10102201226.00
Simpson, Aileen00101010110.00
Smiler, Monica2200212.00
Smith, Brian18181010028214.00
Taffard, Lee22220202042221.00
Targett, Graham0066616.00
Targett, John022181820210.00
Targett, Tina022881025.00
Toyne, Nico12120012112.00
Turley, Rena0022212.00
van Heusden, Peter2200212.00
Wallace, Kathleen01010010110.00
Wallace, Keith0022212.00
Wallace, Margaret0022212.00
Werry, Tommy2200212.00
Westerbeek, Brian022181820210.00
Wilson, Merv00101010110.00
Wright, Sara-Jane02020020120.00
Yee, Ants0660616.00