Other Regional Tournaments 2004-05

WPA Women's Doubles

2 October 2004

Played at Park Avenue

The inaugural WPA Women's Doubles and Triples tournament were held at the Park Avenue Petanque club over the weekend.

Although pétanque is a mixed sport in New Zealand, the two women's only events were primarily held to encourage more women into entering tournaments in the Wellington region.

Next year the biennial Oceania Championship will be held in NZ with separate Men's and Women's competitions. By staging a series of women only tournaments, it is hoped that the Wellington players will gain an advantage when the first selection camp is held next month in Rotorua.

Final Results

(all teams played 5 games, teams listed in tie-break order)

Barbara Johnston (Masterton)/Elizabeth Rocks (Khandallah); Sharon Cannon (Khandallah)/Bethne Rouse (Hawke's Bay); Danila Carducci (Kapiti)/Margret Fleck (Hataitai) 4 wins, 1-3;
Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue)/Susan Norman (Windy Hills); Diane Fletcher/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue), Linda Eathorne/Mary Hulls (Khandallah); Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton); Claire Bradburn/Beverley Walker (Silverstream); Catherine Maher/Maureen Wood (Hataitai) 3 wins, 4-9;
Maggie Brown/Joyce Castle (Silverstream); Fay Doyle/Jan Precey (Kapiti); Fran Beach/Alison Zuppicich (Upper Hutt); Elaine Hunt/Kathy Taylor (Upper Hutt); Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti); Nyra Bentley/Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua) 2 wins, 10-15;
Jean Baine/Anne Cook (Park Avenue); Anne Dawson/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti); Anne Barnao/Shirley Peard (Horowhenua) 1 win, 16-18.


WPA Women's Triples

3 October 2004

Played at Park Avenue

Barbara Johnston/Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton); Sharon Cannon/Elizabeth Rocks (Khandallah)/Bethne Rouse (Hawke's Bay); Fay Doyle/Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti) 4 wins, 1-3;
Claire Bradburn/Beverley Walker (Silverstream)/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue); Jean Baine/Anne Cook/Christina Lansdell (Park Avenue); Diane Fletcher/Avril Mannion/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue) 3 wins, 4-6;
Catherine Maher/Shirley McCauley/Maureen Wood (Hataitai); Linda Eathorne/Mary Hulls/Davina Routley (Khandallah); Doreen Anderson/Robin Mann/Jackie Stonehouse (Park Avenue); Fran Beach (Upper Hutt)/Anne Dawson/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti) 2 wins, 7-10;
Diane Brunton/Margaret Mordecai/Francis Wilson (Otaki) 1 win, 11;
Jean Lambert/Lola Patson/Shirley Wilde (Otaki) 0 wins, 12.


WPA Open Triples

20 & 21 November 2004

Played at Park Avenue


Michael Rocks/Brian Smith/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) 1;
Tony Chin (Khandallah)/Gordon Dykes (Windy Hills)/Anthony Yee (Park Avenue) 2;
Elizabeth Rocks/Peter Van Heusden/Nikki Winnie (Khandallah); Barbara Johnston/Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton) 3 equal.


Denise Bavidge/Sharon Cannon/Geoff Greer (Bay View) 1;
Terry Dawson/Rex Hayes (Kapiti)/Peter Dennett (Hataitai) 2;
Ernie Chu (Kapiti)/Andrew Joe (Hataitai)/Roy Zeier (Khandallah); Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Enoka Smiler/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue) 3 equal.


Oskar de Jong (Kapiti)/Doug Hay/Helene Hay (Khandallah) 1;
Dean Norman/Susan Norman/Marcus Smith (Windy Hills) 2;
Lorraine Gibbons/Graeme Morris/Jeanne Zee (Masterton); Graeme Burnard/Alison Priddle/Ralph Priddle (Masterton) 3 equal.

Bowl Consolation

Roger Ball/Tina Pynacker/Tom van Bodegraven (Masterton) 1;
Fay Doyle/Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti) 2;
Anne Dawson/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti)/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki); Ian Baine/Jean Baine/Christina Lansdell (Park Avenue) 3 equal.


Champion of Champions Singles

20 February 2005

Played at Khandallah Pétanque club

Players listed in tie-break order (all played 5 games)

  1. Clive Williams (Park Avenue) 4
  2. Bruce McLachlan (Upper Hutt) 4
  3. Terry Dawson (Kapiti) 3
  4. Gerald Bryan (Hataitai)2
  5. Claire Bradburn (Silverstream) 2
  6. Margaret Mordecai (Otaki) 0


Champion of Champions Doubles

5 March 2005

Played at Hataitai Pétanque club

Teams listed in tie-break order (all played 5 games)

  1. Gerald Bryan/Peter Dennett (Hataitai) 4
  2. Barbara Johnston/Graeme Morris (Masterton) 4
  3. Danila Carducci/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti) 3
  4. Avril Mannion/Graeme Pilcher (Park Avenue) 1
  5. Gloria Packer/Tony Packer (Silverstream) 1


Champion of Champions Triples

13 March 2005

Played at Silverstream Pétanque club

Teams listed in tie-break order (all played 4 games)

  1. Barbara Johnston/Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton) 3
  2. Gerald Bryan/Peter Dennett/John Moss (Hataitai) 3
  3. Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson/Oskar de Jong (Kapiti) 2
  4. Claire Bradburn/Hunter Donaldson/Beverley Walker (Silverstream)1
  5. Christina Lansdell/Ken Lansdell/Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue) 1