Oceania Championship 2002

Held at the Mont Dore terrain, Boulari, New Caledonia.

New Zealand recorded it best ever result in an international competition by placing third in the Oceania Championship.

Barbara Johnston (Masterton) won the Women's Singles to earn New Zealand's first ever gold medal. In the previous championships in Australia and Tahiti, New Zealand won bronze in the Women's Doubles and Singles respectively.

In the Men's competition, the Triples team of Gordon Dykes, Neil Dykes and Michael Rocks (all Khandallah) were pipped for the bronze medal by Tahiti B.

Other highlights were: Neil Dykes, quarter-finalist in the Men's Singles, and all three Women's teams (Barbara Johnston/Jane Gilbert, Maria Stentiford/Claire Wilson, and Sue Neilson/Elizabeth Rocks) making the quarter-finals in the Doubles.

The next Oceania championship will be hosted by New Zealand in 2004.

Team Members


Jane Gilbert (Rotorua), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Sue Neilson (Rotorua), Elizabeth Rocks (Khandallah), Maria Stentiford (Ngarawahia), Claire Wilson (Masterton).


Gordon Dykes (Khandallah), Neil Dykes (Khandallah), Andy Gilbert (Rotorua), Michael Rocks (Khandallah), Ken Stentiford (Ngarawahia), Kevin Stentiford (Ngarawahia).


Graeme Morris (Masterton)

Assistant Manager

Trvor Neilson (Rotorua)


Women's Singles

  1. B Johnston (NZ)
  2. P Taruoura (Tahiti)
  3. Y Courtot (New Caledonia)
  4. N Roopinia (Tahiti)

Men's Singles

  1. K Tuafatabao (New Caledonia)
  2. M Rua (New Caledonia)
  3. L Haavahia (Tahiti)
  4. C Outhey (New Caledonia)

Women's Doubles

  1. J Taaviri/P Taruoura (Tahiti)
  2. M Douepere/C Imankerjo (New Caledonia)
  3. M Tavita/T Uedre (New Caledonia)
  4. C Deligny/C Turi (New Caledonia)

Men's Doubles

  1. R Barny/K Tuafatabao (New Caledonia)
  2. E Teapehu/P Tetua (Tahiti)
  3. J Manea/R Tumg (Tahiti)
  4. W Waheo/J Mandaoue (New Caledonia)

Women's Triples

  1. J Taaviri/P Taruoura/D Taiemoearo (Tahiti)
  2. N Roopinia/V Villerme/M Puairau (Tahiti)
  3. S Bourez/J Raufea/Y Toluafe (New Caledonia)
  4. R Bernard/M Xavier/S Basso (Australia)

Men's Triples

  1. T Tavita/F Torope/J-P Hellouin (New Caledonia)
  2. R Tumg/J Manea/P Tetua (Tahiti)
  3. E Teapehu/L Haavahia/A Picard (Tahiti)
  4. G Dykes/N Dykes/M Rocks (New Zealand)

Women's Shooting

  1. M Puairua (Tahiti)
  2. T Uedre (New Caledonia)
  3. R Bernard (Australia)

Men's Shooting

  1. A Leroy (New Caledonia)
  2. L Leroy (New Caledonia)
  3. C Outhey (New Caledonia)
Medal Count
New Caledonia44412
New Zealand1001