Winter Competition 2009

The format of the 2009 competition is for four rounds of doubles.

The dates and venues are:
Round 1 - Sunday 7 June - Venue is Kapiti
Round 2 - Sunday 28 June - Venue is Park Avenue
Round 3 - Sunday 19 July - Venue Park Avenue
Round 4 - Sunday 9 August - Venue Kapiti

Note:There is no reserve day. If bad weather does not allow any of the rounds to be played they will not be rescheduled.


  1. 4 Rounds
  2. 5 games per round - the first round will be a random draw and from then on it will be on a ranking basis. For round 4 the top 6 teams will play each other and then the next 6 etc. If players change partners each round their individual rankings at the time of the draw for the next round will be averaged i.e. the 4th ranked player playing with the 7th ranked player will have a ranking of 5.5. Note: it will not always be possible to prevent players being drawn to play against other club members.
  3. Each individual player earns points on the following basis:
  4. Points are accumulated by individual players over the 4 rounds.
  5. Byes to be counted as a 13-7 win. A default is a win to the non defaulting team.

Registration & Entry

  1. Registration Fee: $10.00 per player
  2. Registration entitles a team/players entry to 1, 2, 3 or all 4 rounds.
  3. Teams/players do not have to play in every round.
  4. Teams do not have to have the same partners for each round. The only condition is that both players in a team are registered.

Tournament Eligibility

All players must be current members of a club affiliated to the Wellington Petanque Association.

Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament will be played to the F.I.P.J.P. Rules as adopted by the Pétanque New Zealand.
  2. Points Differential: Both positive and negative points will be used to calculate the points differential.
  3. Absence of a team or player(s): If any team or players are absent from the terrain 15 minutes after the commencement of the tournament, one point will be awarded to their opponents. After the 15 minutes one point will be forfeited for every 5 minutes of their continued absence. Any team not present 60 minutes after the commencement of the tournament will be considered to have lost the game.
  4. The replacement of a player in a registered team is only permitted before the tournament commences.


Round 1

(All teams played 5 games)

5 wins

Michael Rocks/Peter van Heusden (Khandallah)

4 wins

Ted Burr/Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Margret Fleck/Maureen Wood (Hataitai), Michael Lacoste/Alan Taylor (Kapiti).

3 wins

Ian Baine/Tangi Rasmussen (Park Avenue), Nerida Begley/Peter Williams (Kapiti), Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Graeme Morris (Masterton), Peter Dennett (Hataitai)/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah), Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Hataitai), Rex Hayes/Shirley Hayes (Kapiti), Barb Johnston/Murray Johnston (Masterton), Joan Judd/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki).

2 wins

Grant Bray (Kapiti)/Nick Jegousse (Park Avenue), Max Brown/Patrick Scarlett (Kapiti), Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson (Kapiti), Robin Mann/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue).

1 win

Fay Doyle/Harl Stevens (Kapiti), Helen-Mary Foley/Beverley Mason (Kapiti), Jack Gazzard/Linda Gazzard (Kapiti), Bob Horton/Colleen Horton (Upper Hutt), Marty Magee/Kathleen Pearse (Otaki), Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti).

Round 2

The second round of the Winter Doubles was cancelled due to the weather forecast.

Round 3

(All teams played 5 games)

5 wins

Peter Dennett (Hataitai)/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah), Michael Rocks/Peter van Heusden (Khandallah)

4 wins

Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Hataitai), Rex Hayes/Shirley Hayes (Kapiti), Barb Johnston/Murray Johnston (Masterton), Tangi Rasmussen/Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue)

3 wins

Kath Alison/Kaye Alison (Kapiti), Jason Andersen/Myles Cowper (Windy Hills), Ted Burr/Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Doug Hay/Helene Hay (Masterton), Joan Judd/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti), Michael Lacoste/Alan Taylor (Kapiti), Graeme Morris (Masterton)/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue)

2 wins

Ian Baine/Robin Mann (Park Avenue), Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson (Kapiti), Pete Haworth/Sue Haworth (Masterton), Catherine Maher/Maureen Wood (Hataitai), Graeme Pilcher/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)

1 win

Owen Davie/John Hall (Silverstream), Helen-Mary Foley/Peter Williams (Kapiti), Jack Gazzard/Linda Gazzard (Kapiti), Maureen Jones/Tim Lovell-Smith (Silverstream), Marty Magee/Kathleen Pearse (Otaki)

0 wins

Fay Doyle/Harl Stevens (Kapiti), Bob Horton/Colleen Horton (Upper Hutt)

Round 4

The final round was played in pools. Teams are listed in tiebreak order.

Pool 1

Barb Johnston/Murray Johnston (Masterton) 5/5; Michael Rocks/Peter van Heusden (Khandallah), Michael Lacoste/Alan Taylor (Kapiti) 3; Ted Burr/Bob McCarthy (Otaki) 2; Erica Drake/Christophe Vesse (Hataitai), Rex Hayes/Shirley Hayes (Kapiti) 1.

Pool 2

Nikki Merval (Windy Hills)/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) 5/5; Joan Judd/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson (Kapiti), Margret Fleck/Maureen Wood (Hataitai), Marty Magee/Kathleen Pearse (Otaki), Graeme Pilcher/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue) 2.

Pool 3

Jason Andersen/Myles Cowper (Windy Hills), Pete Haworth/Sue Haworth (Masterton) 4/5; Pete Hamilton/Graeme Morris (Masterton), Kath Alison/Kaye Alison (Kapiti) 3; Beverley Mason/Peter Williams (Kapiti) 1; Jack Gazzard/Linda Gazzard (Kapiti) 0.

Pool 4

Brian Bradburn/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream) 4/4; Bob Horton/Colleen Horton (Upper Hutt), Fay Doyle/Harl Stevens (Kapiti) 2; Owen Davie/Barry Sarney (Silverstream), Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti)/Catherine Maher (Hataitai) 1.