Wellington versus Auckland - Coach's Report

In the weekend Wellington played Auckland for the Chanticleer Cup. Unfortunately the result did not go our way. We began very well winning the first two rounds to give us an eight point lead. Over the next two rounds Auckland clawed this back to be level going into the last round of the day. A poor result in this round left us with a 10 point deficit after Day One.

Day Two was triples day. Last year at Auckland the match was lost with a round to spare. This year we were determined not to let the same situation occur. We had our backs against the wall but through some very good play and heaps of determination we managed to split the first three rounds forcing a fourth and final round to be played.

We could only afford to let one game slip and even then that would force a draw. The weather was absolutely abysmal and not conducive to good petanque. We only managed one win in this round and one game was called off by the arbitre before it was finished.

A win to Auckland by 19 points.

As is often the case the results do not tell the whole story. I was incredibly proud to be coaching this team. They have trained well both as a team and individually. While we came up short of a winning result we can hold our heads up high with the professional and dignified manner we conducted ourselves both on and off the terrain as representatives of the Wellington Pétanque Association.

The tournament was a success in many other ways and due in no small part to an informal support group that worked tirelessly over the weekend. I want to thank the host club, Park Avenue and their members for the work behind the scenes, those who provided transport and food, supporters who stood in the cold and rain, and our arbitres who carried out their duties efficiently and inconspicuously.

If I have inadvertently left anyone out, please accept my sincere thanks.

Dirk Winnie
Wellington Representative Team