2007 Wellington versus Central - Manager's Report

The match between the Wellington and Central Districts was played to the same format and using the same venues as the Auckland Challenge played earlier this year.

This is an ideal opportunity for smaller clubs to host this match as only 10 pistes are required. Using Waitangi Park is an added bonus due to its uniqueness, with trees in the middle of the terrain and its location.

The Wellington Team was largely the same team that successfully defeated Auckland as little had changed in regional rankings, however there were a number of players who became eligible for this match and therefore needed to be considered for selection.

Wellington Team

Ernie Chu, Myles Cowper, Rex Hayes, Bernadette Lawton, Sebastien Merval, Joan Miller, Graeme Morris (Team captain), Dean Norman, Susan Norman, Ralph Priddle, Enoka Smiler, Ants Yee

Tony Chin (Withdrew Personal Circumstances), Andrew Joe (Withdrew Illness)

My special thanks to Enoka and Bernadette who were called in at late notice.

Day One

In the pre match talk I indicated that I thought that this challenge would be more difficult than the Auckland match and so it transpired. The Central Team were motivated and enthusiastic. Many of the combinations had previously played with each other and this gave them a slight advantage going into the match.

This showed in the first round where we lost four of the six doubles matches.

At the end of the first day's play Wellington were ahead by only 10 points with some of our more highly ranked players being beaten by Central.

Day One Score: Central 46, Wellington 56

Day Two

Waitangi Park was again kind to the Wellington Team. This is not an easy terrain to play on as evidenced by some of the pointing. However, as the day progressed the teams became more accurate and Wellington started to draw ahead having an edge in most triples games.

The final score at the end of play was a resounding 30 point victory.
Central 66, Wellington 96

This challenge was particularly enjoyable because of the spirit in which it was played. The competition was intense (15 games went to 13 — 10 or closer) but the mood was convivial.

The feedback that I have received since the challenge from both Central and Wellington has again been overwhelmingly positive.

I believe we have a good concept and it only needs minor adjustments to make it even better.


The success of this tournament is due to a number of factors. The format and the venues are the technical aspects. The success is due in no small part to the people that lend their support to it.

Central Team, in particular Trevor Neilson for his organization, feedback and leadership. The team for the way they gelled and put up a very strong challenge.

Gwen Hill and Claire Bradburn for taking on the arbiter role in this tournament. A daunting task with the Director of Umpiring playing.

Our President Fay Doyle who has been supportive of getting this tournament underway and supported the team throughout.

The Khandallah Club, in particular Michael Rocks who contributes in so many quiet ways.

Susan Norman for acting as the team secretary, covering for my technological ineptitude and communicating arrangements to the team.

Graeme Morris, the team captain, who provides a listening ear and support to me throughout the tournament.

All the supporters who turned out over the two days. The team is aware of your support and appreciates the effort you make.

The Wellington Team, I am proud of the way that you have conducted yourself over both of the tournaments. As selector/coach you put your head on the line. There will always be people who believe that they should be in the team in the place of others. I will stand by the players I have selected and will support them throughout. Thank you for responding in such a positive way and getting the points on the board. The success rate of team over the last two matches ranges from 50% - 75%. This shows that everybody is making a contribution to the success of the team.

Having said that there is no room for complacency as there are many players who have made themselves available for future matches and are keen to represent their province. I believe it will become more and more competitive as time goes on.

The team to play in the next match against Hawkes Bay, while separate from this inter-regional tournament, will be selected using the same criteria, factoring in the results of the regional singles and doubles.

This match is to be played at Masterton on December 9. I am not sure how many players will be required but it is likely to be less than the 12 people in the current regional team. The team will be announced in the week following the Regional Doubles.

Dirk Winnie