Other Tournament Results - 2005

Kapiti Open Doubles

22 & 23 January 2005

Forty-eight teams from around the North Island took part in the fifth annual Kapiti Open over the weekend. Eight members of the New Zealand team also used the tournament for a final run out before the NZ Open and Oceania Championship over the next two weeks.

Three-time former winners Brian Smith and Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) were undefeated leading up to the final. Down 12-3, they were struggling with the short ends employed by their opponents Sharon Cannon (Khandallah) and Ernie Chu (Kapiti). However, once they regained control of the cochonnet they threw it out to the maximum distance and clawed their way back, eventually triumphing 13-12.

Ian Baker (Herne Bay), one half of last year's winning team, paired with Nikki Winnie (Khandallah) and finished a creditable third equal along with the tournament's surprise team of Dene and Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East).

Olive Shop Cup

Brian Smith/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah) 1;
Sharon Cannon (Khandallah)/Ernie Chu (Kapiti) 2;
Ian Baker (Herne Bay)/Nikki Winnie (Khandallah)/Dene Futcher/Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East) 3 equal;
Denise Bavidge/Geoff Greer (Bay View)/Doug Hay (Khandallah)/Andrew Joe (Hataitai)/Roberta Campbell/Philippa McNiven (Bay View)/Myles Cowper/Oskar de Jong (Kapiti) 5 equal;
Helen Ball/Peter Ball (Napier)/Gerald Bryan/Richard Lawson (Hataitai)/Tony Chin (Khandallah)/Anthony Yee (Park Avenue)/Anne Dawson/Terry Dawson (Kapiti)/Margret Fleck (Kapiti)/Susan Norman (Windy Hills)/Joan Miller/Claire Wilson (Masterton)/Murray Porter (Bay View)/Ron Sandilands (Khandallah)/Enoka Smiler/Monica Smiler (Park Avenue) 9 equal.

Plate A

Michael Rocks/Roy Zeier (Khandallah) 1;
Rex Hayes/Shirley Hayes (Kapiti) 2;
Maurice Belz/Bethne Rouse (Hawke's Bay)/Peter Dennett (Hataitai)/Dean Norman (Windy Hills) 3 equal;
Fiona Browne/Marie Fenton (Napier)/Ken Heywood/Craig Kemp (Wanganui East)/Barbara Johnston/Graeme Morris (Masterton)/Jan McHardy/Pat Scholes (Kapiti) 5 equal;
Kath Alison/Kaye Alison (Kapiti)/Claire Bradburn (Silverstream)/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti)/Gary Brunton/Dick Patston (Otaki)/Danila Carducci (Kapiti)/Elizabeth Rocks (Khandallah)/Peter Evison/Gerard Pinguet (Wellington)/Jan Hooper/Peter Williams (Kapiti)/Chris Precey/Jan Precey (Kapiti)/Bob Wilde/Shirley Wilde (Otaki) 9 equal.

Plate B

John Maxwell/Michael Silver (Bay View) 1;
Ian Baine/Jean Baine (Park Avenue) 2;
Ted Burr/Margaret Mordecai (Otaki)/Margaret Pomana/Kevin Simpson (Wanganui East) 3 equal;
Hunter Donaldson/Barry Sarney (Silverstream)/Fay Doyle/Harl Stevens (Kapiti)/Sue Gurr/Sheryl Parslow (Wanganui East)/Beverley MacKay/Brian MacKay (Kapiti) 5 equal;
Paul Anderson/Tony Mudgway (Wanganui East)/Ngaire Bendikson/Julie McDougall (Kapiti)/Ian Calder/Jacky Renouf/Genevieve Carroll/Bruce McLachlan (Upper Hutt)/Carleen Fitzgerald/Don Scarlett (Horowhenua)/Diane Fletcher/Tommy Werry (Park Avenue)/Dick Henderson/Perry Henderson (Kapiti)/Jeff Jackson/Maree Toyne (Wanganui East) 9 equal.


WBS Open Triples

27 February 2005


Michael Rocks/Brian Smith/Dirk Winnie 1;
Oskar de Jong/Bethne Rouse/Nikki Winnie 2.


Danila Carducci/Elizabeth Rocks/Roy Zeier 1;
Doug Hay/Helene Hay/Peter van Heusden 2.


Ernie Knox/Elva Simonsen/Kelly Simonsen 1;
Brian Futcher/Tony Mudgway/Glen Selbie 2.


Hawke's Bay Autumn Triples Championship

4 May 2005


Ian Baker (Herne Bay)/Sharon Cannon (Bay View)/John Maxwell (Hawke's Bay) 1;
Elizabeth Rocks/Michael Rocks/Nikki Winnie (Khandallah) 2;
Denise Bavidge/Geoff Greer (Bay View)/Bethne Rouse (Hawke's Bay); Maurice Belz (Hawke's Bay)/Roberta Campbell/Philippa McNiven (Bay View) 3 equal.


Dean Norman/Susan Norman (Windy Hills)/Don Pettett (Hataitai) 1;
Fiona Browne/Lee Tafford (Napier)/Laurel Priestley (Herne Bay) 2;
Peter Horgan (Hawke's Bay)/Andrew Joe (Hataitai)/Dirk Winnie (Khandallah); Clem Boer/Harry Gosselman/Sebastian Merval (Herne Bay) 3 equal.


David Bosley/Marie Fenton/Dawn Gardner (Napier) 1;
Dene Futcher/Yvonne Futcher/Ken Heywood (Wanganui East) 2.


Margaret Pamana/Sheryl Parslow/Kevin Simpson (Wanganui East) 1;
Richard Hall/Fay Johnson/Colleen Limacher (Tauranga) 2.


Masterton Midwinter Doubles

5 June 2005


Tony Chin/Anthony Yee (Khandallah) 1;
Elva Simonsen/Kelvin Simonsen (Masterton) 2;
Fiona Browne/Peter Horgan (HBLT), Murray Porter (Bay View)/Ron Sandilands (Cockle Bay) 3 equal.


Christian Fouquet (Herne Bay)/Michael Rocks (Khandallah) 1;
Doug Hay/Ralph Priddle (Masterton) 2;
Danila Carducci (Kapiti)/Roy Zeier (Khandallah), Myles Cowper/Oskar de Jong (Kapiti) 3 equal.


Andrew Joe (Hataitai)/Sebastian Merval (Auckland) 1;
Ian Baker (Herne Bay)/Bernadette Lawton (Kapiti) 2;
Gary Brunton/Jack Wilson (Otaki), Peter Dennett (Hataitai)/Rex Hayes (Kapiti) 3 equal.

Consolation Bowl

Fay Johnson/Robert Wilson (HBLT) 1;
Ian Baine/Jean Baine (Park Avenue) 2;
Sharon Cannon (Bay View)/Laurel Priestley (Herne Bay), Dene Futcher/Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East) 3 equal.


David Hudson/Kevin Stentiford (Ngarawahia) 1;
Margret Fleck (Hataitai)/Nikki Winnie (Khandallah) 2;
Don Pettett/Richard Lawson (Hataitai), Janet King (Masterton)/Peter van Heusden (Khandallah) 3 equal.


Graeme Burnard/Helene Hay (Masterton) 1;
Roger Ball (Masterton)/Jeanne Zee (Upper Hutt) 2;
Fran Beach (Upper Hutt)/Jacqui Hurst (Putaruru), Ernie Knox (Masterton)/Joe Lamb (Otaki) 3 equal.


Horowhenua Pétanque Spring Chickens Tournament

30 October 2005

Jan McHardy and Pat Scholes (Kapiti) 5 wins, 47 points 1;
Kath and Kaye Alison (Kapiti) and Dene and Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East) 4 wins, 35 points, 2 equal.

Bad bounce prize/Patrick Barry and Lindsay McCallam (Kapiti);

Spring Chicken prizes to Tony Mudgway (Wanganui) youngest competitor and Naomi Dement (Horowhenua) oldest competitor.

The most successful Horowhenua team was Shirl and Sandy Macdonald with four wins and 28 points.

There were 52 players on the pistes playing a random draw format of five games. The tournament carried through the spring chicken theme/with prizes of chickens/wine and eggs and a chicken and salad lunch served to all the competitors and workers.

Teams travelled from Wanganui East/Kapiti/Hataitai and Manawatu.

The newly completed third terrain of six pistes/which was laid with generous funding from several trusts including the Oxford Hotel Trust was in use for the first time in competitive play.