WPA Committee Meeting Minutes

Held on Sunday, 2 August 2020 at the Kapiti Pétanque Club.


Claire Bradburn

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Carleen Fitzgerald, Barbara Nicholls (Horowhenua); Helen-Mary Foley, Annick Le Guen, Brett Maguire, Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti); Noeline Corley, Judith Smith (Manawatu); Dave Gwerder, Doc Murray (Upper Hutt).


Myles Cowper, Margaret Fleck (Hataitai).

As the new President, Claire took the chair and thanked Kevin for stepping up when Graeme Millard left the North Island for the South Island late last year.

Claire pointed out how the WPA was run very positively and we ran very successful tournaments which were well patronised. Claire would like feedback from all club regarding Meetings.

Noeline pointed out that some of the meetings were not well patronised and that more positivity was needed.

Graeme Morris pointed out that we needed more younger people because nobody wanted to do the administration work.

Tournament Workshops

Judith said that she had a folder for running tournaments. Michael suggested running a session for Tournaments.

It was agreed that there would be two sessions:

Barbara will notify all clubs.

Claire wants somebody to back up the President, Treasurer and Secretary and would all clubs talks to their members.

Coaching Plan and Budget

Graeme spoke to his Regional Coaching Plan which was circulated at the AGM.

It was moved Graeme/seconded David that the plan be accepted. Carried

David suggested that if there was any more surplus from the Kant coaching that it be used for club coaching.

Michael suggested that more detail be given regarding coaching at clubs.

Graeme said that the coaching sessions were first designed for rep players but more and more people were turning up to improve their ability, and also more people wanted to become coaches.

Kevin suggested that the WPA had an obligation to improve the playing ability of players and maybe more would enter tournaments. We should have more faith in Graeme's ability to coach.


Michael spoke about Graeme's comment at the AGM that the WPA needed umpires. Michael suggested that a WPA Tournament hosted by a club that the club should provide an umpire, a scorer and somebody to run the tournament. We need to go to members for umpires and people to run tournaments.

Brett asked that umpires be paid a reimbursement for expenses and this expense has been allowed for but umpires need to be trained. Graeme pointed out that Ralph Priddle was willing to umpire at tournaments if he got reimbursement.

Michael suggested that if there was any player bad mouthing or abusing an umpire the player should be banned for a number of months.

Carleen mentioned that Dave Gatchell would be willing to umpire at a WPA Tournament.

General Business


David asked about a Tear Drop Flag. Claire showed what the WPA Flag could look like and with a spike and weight the cost was $300. Some changes were suggested and it was Moved by Clair/seconded Barbara that we purchase a flag. Carried


Moved by Claire/seconded Graeme that we return to the previous position i.e. winner get a cup, trophies going down in size to different places in the tournament. The cost of the trophies come out of the funds that members pay to play in tournaments.

There was some discussion around whether we had trophies and medals or glasses but everybody has a different view and even if we asked the winners what they would prefer there would be no consensus.


Kevin thanked Noeline for her work in the Association.

Committee meetings will be held by Zoom and Claire will sort this out for the next meeting.

Next meeting to be held via Zoom on Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 7:30pm

Meeting closed at 1.05pm

Val Clark
Minute Secretary