WPA Committee Meeting Minutes

Held on Thursday, 8 February 2018 at the Kapiti Pétanque Club


Graeme Millard

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Noeline Corley (Manawatu).

Graeme welcomed all delegates to the meeting which was the first one for the year.


Carleen Fitzgerald, Jan Holloway (Horowhenua).

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 12 October 2017 were taken as read.

There was a correction to the minutes. WPA Regional Coaching Co-Ordinator the name should read Graeme Millard and not Graeme Morris. Accepted.

Matters Arising





Treasurer’s Report

Financial Statement

Michael spoke to the statement. It had been difficult to balance the accounts as some participants had indicated that they had paid by internet but had not. Graeme Morris said that he wrote on all entries how that had been paid.

Account Signatories

Kevin McFadgen and Colleen Horton were happy to remain as signatories. Any change to the signatories would require at least one to either live or work in Wellington.

Coaching Expenses

Travel Expenses for the Representative team Coach had been approved at the AGM for 30c per km, up to $100 per training session with a maximum of 5 per year. The Coach’s daily allowance ($20) would still be paid for Tournaments.

Acceptance Moved Michael, Seconded David. Carried.

Tournament Sub-Committee Report

Inter-club competition

The situation of the bye was discussed and as there was an uneven number of teams that entered it was hard to change the format as it was felt that no club could have two teams in the top section, and all clubs that entered had a team in Section 1. Subsequent teams were in Section 2.

Interclub would be played in the same manner next year at the same time (Saturday, 26 January 2019) with a few tweaks. Look at the number of teams entered and the bye situation if needed. The meeting felt that Graeme Morris had done an excellent job organising this tournament and 90% of players were very happy with the format.

The Women’s Doubles and Triples will be played at Kapiti and the Singles will be played at Horowhenua.

There had been an issue at the Regional Doubles Tournament about the order after the first round. All Tournaments use the same format.

Inter-club report (187kB)

General Business

Regional Coaching

Five clubs had replied to the email. Doc Murray would like to go to the next level of coaching.

PNZ are looking at bringing a top coach from Thailand to NZ early April. Hopefully he will be available to visit Wellington and help with coaches and coaching top players.

Regional Umpire Co-Ordinator

An email had been sent out to umpires but no-one had replied.

PNZ Board

Claire bought to the attention of the meeting that the PNZ Board needed new members as at present there were only two on the Board and both were stepping down at the AGM.

Jacques Cochonnet Draw

Trophy Holder


Jacques Cochonnet Challenge Trophy : Draw for Round 25
25.7Upper HuttHome
25.9Wanganui EastAway

Note: The venue is for the Challenger.

Meeting closed at 9:20 pm.

Val Clark
Minutes Secretary