WPA Committee Meeting Minutes

Held on Thursday, 12 October 2017 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Graeme Millard

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Noeline Corley (Manawatu), Linda Millard (Upper Hutt).


June Cave, Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua).

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 27 July 2017 were taken as read. Acceptance Proposed Val, Seconded Noeline. Carried

Matters Arising

Money has been received by PNZ from WPA for the Oceania Tournament.




Treasurer’s Report

Michael spoke to the statement. Affiliation fees have been received from all clubs except Naenae. Naenae were waiting to see who were still members now that they have new pistes.

Also money has been received for the tournaments that have been held in the past month.

Graeme Morris advised that Claire has ordered the trophies for the Doubles Tournament.

Acceptance Moved Graeme Morris, Seconded David. Carried.

Tournament Sub-Committee Report

Graeme also spoke about Hawke’s Bay joining the WPA and asked delegates to give some thought to this possibility.

General Business

Supporter Shirts

Graeme Millard asked whether there was any interest in having a Wellington Supporters shirt but it was agreed that most supporters supported their club players and there were only 3 Wellington Regional Tournaments against other Regions per year.

Cheque Signatures

Michael pointed out that there was a huge amount of rigmarole to change this and he needed somebody to be readily accessible in Wellington. It was therefore moved that Kevin and Colleen be approached and asked whether they would still like to be signatories. Michael to ask. Moved Graeme Morris seconded Graeme Millard. Carried.

WPA Regional Coaching Co-ordinator

Graeme Morris will approach current coaches to see who would like to take on this role.

WPA Regional Umpiring Co-ordinator

Noeline will email current umpires listed on the website and ask the same question.

Tournament Director Training

Graeme Morris will contact Upper Hutt regarding Tournament Training.

Errors in the Constitution

Graeme Millard pointed out that there were some errors in the Constitution. Michael will update on the website.

Mana Club

Graeme Millard will send an application form to Claire who will then take it to Mana Club.

Meeting closed at 9:20 pm.

Val Clark
Minutes Secretary