WPA Committee Meeting Minues

Held on Thursday, 16 February 2017 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Kevin McFadgen

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua), Jo Maxwell (Kapiti), David Corley (Manawatu).


Enoka Smiler and Robyn Mann (Park Avenue).

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting held on 24 November 2016 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Kevin, seconded by Jo. Carried

Matters Arising

Carleen asked if the Mana Club was up and running, Claire reported that the person taking responsibility for the club had had an accident so there was nothing happening at the moment. Possibly one or two players would join Silverstream.




Treasurer's Report

Michael spoke to the Financial Statement that was previously distributed.

Acceptance moved by Kevin, seconded by Claire. Carried.

Claire reported that if the usual provider for trophies was not available the prices from another provider would be more expensive.

Tournament Sub-Committee Report

WPA Open Triples

Champion of Champion Triples

The tournament was played at Otaki. The winners were Ron Sandilands, Kevin Bryan and Ken Benn from the Manawatu Club.

Representative Report

The Representative report (198kB) was circulated earlier.

Graeme suggested canvasing players re Open Triples tournament whether it remain as a one day tournament or be a two-day tournament. Graeme will provide Michael with questions to put up on the website.

Kevin moved that the Report be accepted, seconded by David. Carried.

General Business

Re-imbursement of Expenses

A discussion was held re expenses incurred by the Coach/Selector coaching the squad and attending tournaments.

It was moved that in future we reimburse the Coach for mileage to and from coaching venue at 30 cents per kilometre up to a maximum of $100 for up to 5 training days.

Moved Kevin and Claire seconded. Carried.

Process for selection of Regional Coach/Selectors

The position for Coach will be advertised, applicants will be interviewed and a recommendation will be put to the Committee at the April meeting.


No agreement made, deferred to next meeting.

WPA Club Affiliation Requirements

Request from PNZ to change the WPA constitution. PNZ needs to rewrite their constitution before WPA change theirs.

WPA Tournament Conditions

Deferred to next meeting.

WPA Tournament - Host Protocols

Michael suggested that photos be taken during Tournaments and sent to him. These would be used to advertise and promote Pétanque via the website.

Proposed 2017 Meeting dates.

Tournament Director training

There was a request for Tournament Director training. Graeme offered to show Upper Hutt how to run a Tournament.

Michael suggested a date be made to learn how to run a Tournament.

Mana Affiliation

Nothing heard from Mana. However, the WPA does not have a formal process for clubs to join the WPA. Ideas were asked for from the meeting.

Meeting closed at 10:15 pm

Val Clark
Minute Secretary