WPA Annual General Meeting 2017

Held on Saturday, 17 June 2017 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club at 3:00 pm


The President, Kevin McFadgen, welcomed all members to the meeting.

Club Delegates


June Cody, Jack Gazzard, Linda Gazzard, Gwen Hill (Kapiti); Liz Rocks (Khandallah); David Corley, Linda Husband, Vaughan Husband (Manawatu); Simon Grant (Park Avenue); Brian Bradburn (Silverstream); Paul Bonsey, Bob Horton, Colleen Horton, Linda Millard, Doc Murray (Upper Hutt).


Myles Cowper, Margret Fleck (Hataitai); June Cave (Horowhenua); Sheryl McFadgen (Kapiti); Lorraine Bray, Owen Davey (Silverstream).

Confirmation of minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 18 June 2016 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed Kevin, seconded by Val. Carried.

Matters Arising

No matters arising.

President's report

The President's report was taken as read.

Kevin thanked Michael for standing in for Secretary as well as doing the Treasurer’s job and for the strong financial position the WPA was in.

He also thanked Val for writing up the minutes of the Committee meetings. He also thanked Graeme, Clare Bradburn and Claire Wilson who ran the Tournaments. He also thanked Jack, who was giving up his position as Umpire Co-ordinator.

Kevin also pointed out that there had been quite a number of players who now play for NZ and the work that Graeme had put in towards the coaching of the players. Congratulations was extended to those players.

He also thanked the clubs who had supported him over the previous 5 years.

Acceptance proposed Kevin, seconded Doc. Carried.

Financial Report

Michael spoke to the Financial Report that had been distributed to the clubs previously.

Acceptance proposed Kevin, seconded Noeline. Carried.

Tournament Subcommittee Report

Graeme spoke to the report (197kB). Acceptance proposed Graeme, seconded David. Carried.

Election of Officers


No nominations were received prior to the meeting. Graeme Millard (Doc Murray/Colleen Horton) was nominated from the floor. Appointed with acclamation.


No nominations were received prior to the meeting. Noeline asked if Val was prepared to do the Minutes again which was agreed. Noeline Corley was nominated by David Corley, seconded by Val Clark. Appointed.


No nominations were received prior to the meeting. Michael Rocks (Kevin McFadgen/Jack Gazzard) was nominated from the floor. As there were no other nominations, Michael was appointed.

Affiliation Fees

That affiliation fees for 2017-18 year be:

Payment of affiliation fees to be as follows:

  1. To be paid on Club membership as at 31 August 2017 by 15 September (in time for the Regional Singles).
  2. To be paid for new members as at 31 January 2018 by 16 February 2018 (in time for the Regional Triples).

Acceptance proposed Michael, seconded David. Carried.

WPA Regional Coach

Reimbursement of Expenses up to $500. Acceptance proposed Kevin, seconded Claire. Carried.

Tournament Entry Fees & Expense Payments

A motion was put that there be an increase in all fees for Tournament Players in the coming year, moved by Kevin seconded by Michael. The motion was defeated.

Claire moved that all Entry Fees for Tournaments remain the same including payments for hall and terrain hire, representative squad training, non-playing umpires and Regional Coach. Seconded Val. Carried.

Return of Savings to Clubs

The WPA will return $300 to each affiliated club. Acceptance proposed Kevin, seconded Liz. Carried.

Life Membership

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour the WPA can bestow on an individual. It is conferred on those who have made an exceptional contribution to the existence and advancement of the organisation.

The WPA Committee has great pleasure in proposing Gwen Hill (Kapiti) and Jack Gazzard (Kapiti) for Life Membership.

Gwen Hill started the umpiring programme in the Wellington Region and was Umpire Coordinator for many years and helped train umpires.

Jack umpired at every Regional Tournament over the last few years. He will continue to umpire tournaments but will not be the Regional Umpire Coordinator.

Gwen was nominated by Kevin, seconded Claire. Carried.

Jack was nominated by Kevin, seconded Claire. Carried.

Kevin then presented Gwen and Jack with a gift and Certificate.

General Business

Mana Petanque club

Claire asked how Mana could affiliate to WPA. She will coordinate with the Secretary. They have already affiliated to PNZ.


Claire has resigned from her position of the Tournament Subcommittee and has enjoyed her time organising tournaments and will assist a new member in the beginning. Kevin thanked Clare for all her work running Tournaments.

Future Meetings

David Corley wondered whether committee members could have Skype meetings. Claire said that the PNZ had tried that but it had not been successful.


Doc farewelled Kevin and thanked him for his work over the last 5 years.

Oceania Donation

Graeme asked whether WPA could allocate $1000 to PNZ to help run the Oceania Tournament in October. Members were asked to go back to their club for their views and it will be discussed at the first Committee meeting.


Graeme suggested that some of the surplus money be allocated to promote Pétanque.

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy

Hataitai want to play in the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy tournament and will join at the end of the round. A draw for venue was held and their challenge will be Away.

Meeting closed at 4:20 p.m.

Val Clark
Minutes Secretary