WPA Committee Meeting Minues

Held on Thursday, 19 November 2015 at the Kapiti Pétanque Club


Kevin McFadgen

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Eileen Murray (Upper Hutt).


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Given by Kevin McFadgen.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 12 September 2015 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Kevin, seconded Doc. Carried

Matters Arising





Treasurer's Report

Michael spoke to the Financial Statement. Delay in producing this month’s report due to the difficulties in reconciling the tournament entry fees. There have been late, under and over payments. Receipting entry fees by Internet Banking has helped.

Concern was raised over the process for managing Representation expenditure. Chanticleer catering has increased from $140 (2011), $250 (2013) to $380 (2015). Expenditure was carried out without prior approval at the meeting.

Only the Chanticleer match lunches are paid for by the WPA. This was done in response to Auckland providing lunch when it was held there. The Haines Cup and Tri-Star match lunches are paid by the players.

Graeme Morris was tasked with writing a proposal on the Representation process

Acceptance moved by Kevin. Seconded by Michael. Carried.

Tournament Subcommittee Report

Graeme and Claire spoke to the report (186kB).

Acceptance moved by Kevin. Seconded by Claire. Carried.

Representation Report

Graeme gave a verbal report.

Canterbury will not be attending the Tri-Star at Otaki this year. An approach was made to Bay of Plenty to replace Canterbury without success. A third Wellington team will be added from members of the Representative squad.

Canterbury will be approached to see if they wish to continue with the Tri-Star.

General Business

Future Meeting dates

Kevin distributed a list of proposed meeting dates for 2016.

Jacques Cochonnet Rule change

Article 2: Replace The draw to find the order of challenger will be made at a general meeting of the WPA with [The] draw for a round to be made in an appropriate time and place other than a general meeting of the WPA clubs.

Moved Graeme, seconded Claire.

After a brief discussion the motion was withdrawn.

WPA tournament - tie-breaking process

At the AGM it was agreed that for pools the WPA would use Wins, followed by winner of individual game, followed by Points Differential as the tie-break process. However, at both the Regional Singles and Doubles for the Day 2 pools, Points Differential was used ahead of winner of individual game. This affected the subsequent draw for the knockout round.

Graeme has spoken to Brian Frampton about this. Graeme was asked to put a one page tournament guideline together that can be given to the tournament director for WPA events.

Note that there is now a difference between the WPA tournament guidelines and the just published PNZ Guidelines for Regional Tournaments.

Letter to the French Embassy

Margret proposed that a letter be sent to the French Embassy regarding the recent attack in Paris.

WPA Senior Doubles cut-off date

The tournament entry form had the wording All players must be the minimum qualifying age of 60 yrs as at the first of the Month.

The cut-off date for the WPA Regional Senior Doubles be the day before the tournament starts.

Moved by Claire, seconded by Graeme.

Champion of Champions Doubles

Carleen expressed concern at the length of time for the Champion of Champions Doubles at Silverstream. The format was a single pool of 8 clubs with untimed games. The recommendation from the meeting was that pools be used whenever more than 6 clubs enter the Champion of Champions.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at Silverstream on Thursday, 18 February.

The meeting finished at 8:47 pm. After the meeting the draw for the Round 22 of Jacques Cochonnet was held.

Jacques Cochonnet Draw

Trophy Holder


Jacques Cochonnet Challenge Trophy : Draw for Round 22
22.1Upper HuttHome
22.2Wanganui EastHome
22.9Park AvenueHome

Note: The venue is for the Challenger.

Michael Rocks
Acting Secretary