WPA Committee Meeting Minues

Held on Saturday, 20 September 2014 at the Horowhenua Pétanque Club


Michael Rocks

Club Delegates

Other Attendees

Jack Gazzard (Umpires), Bob Horton, Colleen Horton, Elaine Murray (Upper Hutt), Liz Rocks (Khandallah)


Val Clark (Otaki), Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)


Michael welcomed all to the meeting.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 24 July 2014 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Jo Maxwell, seconded Trish Smart. Carried.

Matters Arising

  1. Shooting Competition will be held at the Regional Doubles
  2. Closed for Good - the BNZ work day project - we were unsuccessful this time with our request as BNZ received more requests than they could handle.






Treasurer's Report

Still a quiet time of the year. Affiliation fees have been paid by all Clubs and numbers have dropped by 8% on this time last year and 5% on the start of the year. Acceptance moved by Michael Rocks, seconded Colleen Horton. Carried.

Tournament Subcommittee

Player Registration Rules

  1. Players may belong to more than one Club in the WPA region. However, a player may only represent one club when playing in a tournament outside of a particular club environment i.e. any WPA organised interclub events including WPA Championships. However, a player only registers once with the WPA. Therefore the player must ensure they are registered with the WPA through the club they wish to represent.
  2. The club that a player represents is the club that the player has elected to register with and is defined by the list of registered players issued by the Treasurer in September each year.
  3. If a player wishes to change the club he or she represents after 1st September they must apply to the Secretary of the WPA advising the Club they now wish to represent and a statement from the previous Club advising they have no objection. The application will then be approved or declined by the Treasurer and the Tournament sub-committee. If the request is declined the Treasurer and Tournament Sub-committee must advise the player why the application had been refused.

Acceptance of the above moved by Graeme Morris, seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried.

Jacques Cochonnet Rules

Clarification of Article 6 of the Rules is being prepared and will be issued shortly by the Tournament Sub-committee.

Register of Trophies

The Tournament Sub-committee is currently developing a register of all trophies of the WPA so a better track can be held of where the trophies are at all times.


The paper issued around the possible changes to the format and timing of the Interclub tournament had a poor response so it was decided to continue with the status quo for 2015.

Umpires Report

The need for more Umpires was discussed and we are currently awaiting some information from PNZ re umpiring skills courses. A formal plan is to be developed for training umpires.


Plans are also underway to develop a coaching manual that will be suitable for players at all levels.

Complaints Policy

Formally deferred to the next meeting as Kevin is dealing with this.

General Business

  1. Manawatu Club gave advance notice that they support both Men's and Women's Championship.
  2. Manawatu made a request for some funding to cover costs of their celebration for 21st Anniversary of Petanque NZ. Were informed that they need to send information and the request to PNZ direct.

Meeting closed at 4:18 pm.

Colleen Horton