WPA Committee Meeting Minues

Held on Thursday, 24 July 2014 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Kevin McFadgen

Club Delegates


Carleen Fitzgerald (Horowhenua)


Kevin welcomed all to the meeting and covered some of the achievements of the last couple of years. He asked that a request for umpires be posted on the website and suggested that Clubs should look to their members for any possible umpires. Training would be provided for willing participants.

He also stated that the organisation should be looking for future coaches. Opportunities should be offered to Clubs to have coaches attend their playing days. He also said he looks forward to seeing more members playing in WPA tournaments.

Kevin also spoke of the celebrating of 21 years of the PNZ in late October/early November and asked that Clubs put forward their ideas. They can apply for some money if required to hold celebrations. Requests should be sent to the WPA.

A list of the duties and responsibilities of office holders on the WPA Committee is to be compiled by Kevin.

Kevin is also keen to ensure we have consistency in the running of all tournaments.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 10 April 2014 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Kevin McFadgen, seconded Claire Bradburn agreed by all.

Matters Arising

Item 4 of General Business relating to the Jacques Cochonnet challenges has not yet been dealt with.






Michael suggested that all Clubs check the entry in their local Yellow Pages to ensure the information found there is correct. He discovered some which had very old telephone numbers displayed.

Treasurer's Report

The latest report is available on the forum. Michael also produces a proposed budget for the 2014-2015.

Kevin proposed acceptance of the report and it was seconded by Trish. Carried

Tournament Subcommittee

The committee went through the results of the recent survey which has already been distributed to Clubs. The remits proposed by the Subcommittee were then voted on.

  1. That the following tournaments be played as part of the WPA programme:
    WPA Singles ChampionshipTwo days
    WPA Doubles ChampionshipTwo days
    WPA Triples ChampionshipTwo days
    WPA Open Triples ChampionshipOne day
    WPA Women's Singles ChampionshipOne day
    WPA Open Senior (over 60) ChampionshipOne day
    Wellington women's doubles tournament non-championshipOne day
    Wellington women's Triples tournament non-championshipOne Day
    WPA Champion of Champion SinglesOne day
    WPA Champion of Champion DoublesOne day
    WPA Champion of Champion TriplesOne day

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Kevin. Carried

  2. That the WPA Shooting Championship be played as part of the WPA Singles Championship.

    Reason: The singles championship matches are played more quickly (particularly with the advent of timed games) and the shooting can be scheduled within this time frame.

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Colleen. Carried

  3. Tournament Conditions Section 4 Playing Format is amended to read:
    1. For two day tournaments, qualifying for the trophy/plate will be through 5 random draw games which will be timed 60 minutes. If the match is tied, one further end will be played to decide the winner.

      With less than 24 entries, 8 will qualify, 24 or more and 16 will qualify. After qualifying, the tournament will be divided into groups of 8 except where the last group may be greater or smaller than 8.

      Note: The WPA Tournament Sub-committee reserves the right to alter the tournament format should weather conditions warrant a change.

    2. Day (2): Trophy & Plate:

      Pools of 4 teams (pool system): The 1st and 2nd teams in each pool qualify for the Trophy Elimination Playoff.

      The 3rd and 4th teams in each pool qualify (depending on the number of entries) for the Plate Elimination Playoff.

    3. All non-qualifying teams will be required to compete in the bowl section of the tournament on day two.

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Kevin. Carried.

  4. For one day tournaments (other than champion of champion fixtures) 3 or 4 random drawn games will be played followed by single elimination (knockout). The number of teams to qualify will be advised prior to the commencement of the tournament.

    For Champion of champion fixtures pools may be required as usually there a fewer entries.

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Kevin. Carried.

  5. That the women's doubles and women's triples be awarded championship status and be awarded winner's shirts.


  6. That the following prizes be presented where applicable:

    Proposed by Graeme, Seconded by Kevin. Carried.

  7. That the tournament conditions include a statement that if a team/players withdraws within 48 hours of the start of the tournament no refund of entry fee will be given.


  8. That the tournament condition include a statement that if a team is asked to fill a draw (i.e. no bye) there entry fee may be waived.


  9. That the WPA investigate a method to raise funds for distribution to players representing the WPA when playing away from the WPA area.

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Claire. Carried

  10. The WPA sub-committee is to look at all possible formats to run the 2015 interclub and report back to clubs by the September WPA meeting.

    Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Trish. Carried.

  11. We have a total budget that covers all tournaments run by the WPA and Representative tournaments. We continue to monitor the income and expenditure of individual tournaments as part of good financial management. Should there be any funds remaining at the end of the season they could be shared evenly with the players and coaches required to travel outside the WPA region for Representative tournaments. The Tournament Subcommittee will be responsible for ensuring breakeven.


Umpires Report

No umpire's report received.

General Business

Tournament Subcommittee membership

"That the Tournament Subcommittee comprise Graeme Morris, Claire Wilson and Claire Bradburn." Proposed by Kevin, seconded by Jo Maxwell.

The addition of an extra person will ease the load for all.

BNZ Closed For Good

Michael spoke of the BNZ promotion Closed For Good. This is a campaign in which BNZ staff take one day out to do voluntary work in the community. Michael has put in a request on behalf of the WPA, for assistance to develop a marketing and communication plan.

Meeting closed at 10:05 pm.

The next draw for the Jacques Cochonnet trophy was then held and this is now available on the website.

The next meeting of the WPA Committee will be held at Horowhenua on Saturday, 20 September 2014 after the first day's play of the Regional Singles.

The following meeting will be at Silverstream on November 20 2014 at 7:30pm.

Colleen Horton