WPA Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 13 July 2013
at the Park Avenue Pétanque Club at 3:00 pm


The Chairman welcomed all members to the meeting.

Club Delegates


Beverley Mason (Kapiti), Kaye Alison (Kapiti), Fay Doyle (Kapiti), Bob Horton (Upper Hutt), Doc Murray (Upper Hutt), Tony Simpson (Wanganui East), Richard Lawson (Hataitai), Jan McCarthy (Otaki), Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Michael Peacock (Park Avenue), Robin Mann (Park Avenue), Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue), Brian Bradburn (Silverstream).


Apology received from Horowhenua Club, Elizabeth Rocks and Dirk Winnie.

Confirmation of minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 14 July 2012, as circulated, were taken as read. Acceptance moved Kevin McFadgen/Graeme Morris. Carried.

Matters Arising

The question of representative grants is to be discussed at the next WPA meeting.

President's report

This report was circulated prior to the meeting and is available on the website. Kevin highlighted some points. He personally thanked the Secretary and Treasurer for their efforts during the year. He also stated that we need to get more Clubs involved in deciding the direction and running of the Association.

Kevin moved that his report be accepted. Seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried

Financial report

Financial statements were circulated to Clubs prior to the meeting.

Michael Rocks provided an explanation of each part of the report. He then moved that the report be accepted and this was seconded by Michael Peacock. Carried.

Tournament Sub-Committee Report

This report was circulated prior to the meeting and is available on the website. Graeme Morris then presented the report and Kevin McFadgen moved that it be accepted. This was seconded by Margaret Mordecai. Carried

Umpire’s Report

No report was received.

Setting of Affiliation Fees

Michael Rocks moved that the affiliation fees for 2013/2014 be set at $2.00 per member. He stated that the Association is in a good financial position and the affiliation fees are only for the administration of the Association. Seconded by Doc Murray however this motion was defeated. Graeme Morris spoke against the fees at $2.00 as the money collected could be used for the promotion and development of the sport.

Michael then put a second motion that the fee be $5.00 per person for 2013/2014 discounted by $3.00 for this year. Seconded by Doc Murray. This motion was also defeated in a show of hands.

Kevin McFadgen then moved that the affiliation fees be set at $5.00 per person for 2013/2014. This was seconded by Graeme Morris and was carried.

Michael then stated that invoices would be sent to all Clubs and the fees should be paid by 31 August 2013. He also reminded everyone that although it is possible to belong to multiple clubs, members can only be licensed to one Club, and that Club should pay the affiliation fee.

Election of Officers

As no other nominations were received the following were elected:


Kevin McFadgen nominated by Michael Rocks/Khandallah Club.


Colleen Horton nominated by Michael Rocks/Khandallah Club.


Michael Rocks nominated by Colleen Horton/Upper Hutt Club.

General Business

Amendment to the Constitution

Section 13.1: Wording to be changed from “no later than the third Thursday of March in each year” to “no later than three months from the end of the financial year”. Moved by Kevin McFadgen, seconded by Kath Alison.

Amendment to the Motion

Section 20.2: The Financial year was changed from “January to December” to “May to April” in 2010, but the Constitution was not formally amended to reflect the change. This should now be done.

Moved by Michael Rocks, seconded by Kath Alison. Carried.

Change to Regional Championships

Regional Singles, Doubles and Triples tournaments to be held over one day only. Moved by Michael Rocks, seconded by Miles Cowper. Motion defeated by the floor.

The item for discussion previously circulated with the Agenda regarding the $50.00 fee from possible representative players was discussed, and is to be taken no further.

Applications for the position of Regional Selector/Coach

The following were appointed:

Selector/Coach - Dirk Winnie/Peter Hamilton (Joint application)

Selector - Graeme Morris

Selector - Yvonne Futcher

Kevin McFadgen moved that all of these be accepted. Coach positions seconded by Margaret Mordecai and Selector positions by Claire Bradburn. Carried.

WPA Awards for 2012/2013

Certificates were presented to the successful candidates. The list of these is now available on the WPA website.

Meeting closed at 4:45pm.

Colleen Horton