Committee Meeting 7 November 2013 - Agenda

Notice of Meeting

WPA Committee Meeting to be held at the Kapiti Pétanque club, Aorangi Road, Paraparaumu. The meeting will start at 7:30 pm


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Confirmation of the minutes from the meeting held on Thursday, 29 August 2013.
  3. Matters arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. Tournament Subcommittee

    Since the last meeting the following tournaments have been played:

    By the start of the WPA Singles tournament 5 players had withdrawn due to illness or other reasons reducing the field to 29 + 3 for day two. A person was found to play on day one so that there wouldn’t be a bye.

    It was wet and due to excessive water on the terrain a break of an hour was called in the hope that the water level would drop and more rounds could be completed. This did happen and with the goodwill of players and the umpire all 5 rounds were able to be finished.

    Rain was forecast for the second day. 8 players withdrew reducing the non-qualifying section from an anticipated field of 21 at the close of entries to 10 on the day. There were a couple of light showers otherwise it was a fine day. The 8 that withdrew missed a great day’s play.

  7. Umpires' Report
  8. General Business
    1. Motion for payment for coaches etc.

      Silverstream Club congratulates Dirk Winnie, Pete Hamilton, Yvonne Futcher and Graeme Morris on their appointments as Coaches and/or Selectors. Without such people being willing to put their time and effort into these important activities Pétanque would be the poorer.

      With the formal introduction of WPA coaches and selectors we believe that the least the Association can do is to recognise them in the same way we recognise the umpires ie they should receive some recompense for their travel in a similar manner to umpires. Silverstream Club requests that the WPA consider the following motion:

      That non playing Coaches and Selectors who are required to attend petanque sessions as a formal part of their activities on behalf of the WPA, be recompensed at the same rate as Umpires. This would also apply to coaches co-opted to assist or cover for the WPA appointed coaches.

      This proposal will not incur excessive costs as there are only three Representative Tournaments a year. Those entitled to a payment would need to advise the Treasurer the extent to which they had participated as a non player.

      While the above is not intended to cover all costs it acknowledges the work they do on behalf of WPA.

      Claire Bradburn
      WPA Representative

    2. WPA Apparel Policy

      Proposal submitted by Graeme Morris

Colleen Horton