? Pétanque Wellington - Management Committee - Minutes 29 August 2013

WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 29 August 2013
at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Kevin McFadgen

Club Delegates


Kaye Alison (Kapiti), Fay Doyle (Kapiti)


Manawatu Pétanque


Kevin welcomed all to the meeting.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 13 June 2013 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Kevin McFadgen, agreed by all.

Matters Arising

Michael Rocks spoke of the poor response to the paper on Regional Representation and suggested some work is required by the players who are interested in the representative process to sell the benefits to their clubs. At the moment we have appointed Selectors and Coaches but do not have an agreed representative process.




Treasurer's Report

Report submitted by Michael Rocks. Available on forum. Michael reported that there is not much happening as it is early in the year but registrations indicate there is an 8% drop in membership. Kevin McFadgen moved that the report be accepted, seconded by Claire Bradburn.

Tournament Subcommittee

Graeme Morris reported that the Women’s Doubles has a field of 16 teams for 31st August and the Triples has 10 teams for 1st September.

The Tri-Star tournament no longer exists and is to be replaced by the Bataille Regionale. The first quadrangular tournament will be held at St. Kilda Petanque Club in Dunedin on 23rd/24th November 2013. The tournament will be between Wellington, Canterbury, Southern and Bay of Plenty/Hawkes Bay.

Graeme moved that this be accepted, seconded by Claire Bradburn. This was agreed by all.

Graeme also requested that we look into standardising a uniform for representative teams including tracksuits and shirts. Graeme is to investigate and put a paper together.


No umpire’s representative present.

General Business

Chanticleer hosting

The request from Wanganui East Club for some financial assistance for the Chanticleer tournament was granted and the account should be submitted to the Treasurer for payment Moved by Kevin, seconded by Margaret Mordecai.

World Championship Donation

The request from Barbara Johnston, Claire Wilson and Christine Strichen for a donation towards their travel to the World Championships was discussed. Kevin McFadgen put a motion – Should we contribute, seconded by Margaret Mordecai. Carried by all. Claire Bradburn moved that $200 per head be given on the understanding that the women participate in some form of promotion of the game on their return. Seconded by Margaret Mordecai. Carried. Kevin is to write to the women giving the decision and outlining the conditions.

Financial recognition for Coaches and Selectors travel expenses

Paper from Claire Bradburn re compensation for Coaches and Selectors to be re-drafted and distributed to Clubs for discussion prior to the next meeting.

Friendship tournaments

The request from Auckland for some Clubs to participate in Friendship tournaments is to be left to individual clubs to respond.

Future meeting dates

Future meeting dates are as follows: 7 November 2013, 13 February 2014, 10 April 2014, 12 June 2014.

The agenda is to be sent out 3 weeks prior to the meeting. All items of general business need to be accompanied by a paper which can be discussed by Clubs prior to the meeting and a proxy should be appointed for those unable to attend. Please notify the Secretary who your appointed proxy will be.

Facebook Page

Michael Rocks gave a report on a session he attended run by the Upper Hutt City Council Activation Group. He will look further into providing a Facebook page for the WPA. He requested that Clubs provide some photos of any events held.

Tournament Conditions

It is necessary to ensure that wording is correct regarding eligibility and playing condition when entry forms are issued for events. Michael Rocks agreed to provide a draft for Tournament organisers to follow.

Tournament Hosting

The conditions regarding this are to be updated on the website.

Tournament format

Tournament format also needs to be explained on all entry forms.

Chanticleer Cup

A paper was tabled covering rules and playing format for this tournament (291kB). Kevin McFadgen is to negotiate with Auckland Pétanque regarding the tournament rules.

Jacques Cochonnet Rule changes

Two motions were submitted by Masterton Pétanque.

Change to Article 6

The match must take place within the following calendar month of the conclusion of the previous match (except for the months of December and January).

This motion failed to attract a Seconder so the motion lapsed.

Change to Article 6, note 2

The note 2 attached to article 6 be amended to include the WPA Women’s Doubles and Triples tournaments and the National Women’s Triples Championship.

This motion was seconded by Claire Bradburn and was carried by 4–2.

Meeting closed at 10:25 pm.

The draw for the next round of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy was then held

Colleen Horton